Dungeon Master and its sequels are computer role playing games developed or licensed by FTL Games —Faster Than Light— (Software Heaven). Back in 1987, Dungeon Master revolutionized the genre as it was the first real time computer role playing game with a pseudo 3D view and mouse control. The series includes the following games:
Dungeon Master Chaos Strikes Back Dungeon Master II Theron's Quest Dungeon Master Nexus

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Most material on this web site (including games, graphics, manuals, ...) is copyrighted © to FTL Games / Software Heaven, Inc. The talented "Dungeon Masters" who first made the dream come true on Atari ST are Doug Bell (Director), Dennis Walker (Assistant director), Mike Newton (2nd unit director), Andy Jaros (Graphics), and Wayne Holder (Producer). You can find more detailed credits in the screenshots and manuals of each game.

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Read the instructions to play some game versions directly in your web browser, or any game version with emulators running on Windows.
If you don't want to use emulation, nowadays the easiest way to play Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back on your computer is to download and use one of these clones:


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Dungeon Master Links published in French magazine 'PC Jeux ', Issue #64 April 2003, Page 96
Dungeon Master Links published in French magazine 'PC Jeux ', Issue #64 April 2003, Page 96
[Source: Abandonware Magazines]


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