Anyone know the story with FTL?

What ever happened to the developers? What's the whole story on FTL? How come they were, no pun intended, light years ahead of the competition? In the Amiga days, you had FTL and Psygnosis. Those were far and away the best game companies. I'm very interested in finding out what happened to the development team.
Anyone have any ideas?

- Rob

Re: Anyone know the story with FTL?

I think FTL finally closed it's doors a couple of years ago - their website ( is no more. Wayne pursued the Java technology when it first arrived, and as he owned the company, I think he wanted to follow that rather than develop any more commercial games. He even recently wrote a book with one of the other FTL guys, Doug Bell - called 'Java games programming for Dummies'. I understand that he's still active in the Java world, but does not appear to have a valid email address any more.

I agree that FTL was one of the most advanced games companies in the 80's. It's one reason why I'm building my own website about the history and development of Dungeon Master. It probably won't be ready until Christmas though due to time constraints.

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