Technical Documentation - File Formats - SONGLIST.DAT

This page documents the structure of the SONGLIST.DAT file found in Dungeon Master II for PC

This file is used to associate a song to each map of the dungeon.

There are 29 possible songs stored at the end of the GRAPHICS.DAT file. The byte values found in SONGLIST.DAT range from 0 to 1Ch (28).
So each byte in SONGLIST.DAT is used as an index in the GRAPHICS.DAT file. For example, in order to find which music to play for map #9, you need to read the 9th byte in SONGLIST.DAT (offset 8) and then add 5595 to its value. This will give you the index of the item containing the music to play.

The size of the SONGLIST.DAT file is 63 bytes, and there are 46 'real' values inside, the others at the end are FFh bytes.

As there are only 44 maps in the released dungeon.dat, only the first 44 bytes of the SONGLIST.DAT file are used.
The additional bytes are probably left from development versions and are probably ignored by the game engine. Note that some versions of Dungeon Master II have more maps in the dungeon, like Dungeon Master II for PC-9801 where there are 54 maps defined in the dungeon.

Thanks to Sphenx for his information on the format of this file.