The Prison of Dragoth

1.4 for CSBWin v9.6-15 or 1.3 for DM-PC
Benjamin Räuchle (a.k.a Amber or sucinum)
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Date published: 
2001, February 15
Date last updated: 
2004, April 30

"Dragoth, my minion, listen to me!" Lord Chaos spoke and looked down at his minion. "Theron has gathered four adventurers and is up to conquer Mt. Ananias. I dont have finished my (team-)dungeon yet, so i want you to 'invite' them to your castle until i have done." - "But Lord, all my councils have left me. Only Captain Oknard is left to care for them. And I have used up all my ressources to complete my new castle, Skullkeep." - "Out of my eyes, Dragoth! If your Captain fails, you will take care of Theron and his bunch personally!" Lord Chaos teleports Dragoth back to his castle..."If he can only keep Theron busy until I have completed my dungeon..." he thinks as he wanders around in his throne room. "Maybe i should help him a bit..."


Find and kill Dragoth.


My first try of creating a story to a dungeon...
Created with DMUTE by George Gilbert and CSBuild by Paul Stevens. Thanks to Paul Stevens for help with the conversion and thanks to Beowuuf for patching the PC-Version.

Version 1.3 is for DM PC
Version 1.4 requires CSBWin v9.6v15 or newer

Difficulty: Adept

Size: as DM


Replace the Dungeon.dat of CSBWin with the one included.

Version 1.4
Converted the Dungeon to CSBwin
fixed some bugs (like 100)
Version 1.3
Skeleton guardian bug fixed
Version 1.2
Tiny tweaks: purple worms are hexed to look correct, there is a vital turquoise key now placed, and a test teleporter has been removed.
There is a bug in this version with the initial skeleton: the last teleporter in the sequence is 'party activated' and it should be 'monster activated'. With this bug, it's virtually impossible to get out of the prison...
Version 1.1
The totally bugfixed and balanced version
Version 1.0
Initial release
CustomDungeon-ThePrisonOfDragoth.zip34.77 KB

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