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2003, February 26
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2003, February 26

Forty-five years ago I built a 3-dimensional maze out of balsa wood and plastic. You put a BB in the top and by tilting it the right way you could get it to the bottom.
Using CSBuild and the CSBwin runtime engine I have made an electronic version of that maze. It is only 7x7x7 but it is very difficult. No tricks or shaking was needed... simply tilting it the correct directions. (pressing forward/backward, left/right, and up/down in the electronic version).
In order to recreate it I had to map it from the original wood and plastic puzzle. And I could not see where the BB was inside and had to tell by feeling it roll around. I could tell pretty much how big an area it was in and I could feel it drop through the floor. And I had some memory of the overall design, but not the details.
Seeing it in a first-person perspective from the inside is not very much help. That is one reason I put in quite a few markers --like "Chicago"-- to help you orient yourself.


Find the Gold Key and open the door.


This was not intended to be a 'released' sort of dungeon. It was a kind of demonstration. But several people have liked it.
Screamers are there so that you could spend eternity in the dungeon without starving to death.
It is possible to reach the Rabbit's foot.

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