Ornate Test Dungeon

Guillaume Bastard (a.k.a Sphenx)
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2001, December 7
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2001, December 7

A new demonstration that reveals some unused limits in DM (maybe because of original ST memory limitations?).
Whatever. This time, you will see that there can be up to 7 door ornates in the same level.
The dungeon is based on the Chaos Strikes Back Prison dungeon, but with a few changes.

If you still want to play a little with this dungeon, go to the 3*3 room, close the entrance door and open all the others.

Again you cannot see the dungeon.dat with DMute because I did not use DMute (which cannot change the ornate list for any level, so I had to do it myself).

Don't forget to rename the file to dungeon.dat...

Known bugs: 

Bugs: none found.

CustomDungeon-OrnateTestDungeon.zip2.54 KB

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