Benjamin Prieu (a.k.a Zyx)
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2001, March 7
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2001, March 7

Prince of the mighty Balrogs, you have been banished from your mortal shape.
It would take eons to build a new body, but some servants of yours, The Prophet and the Lion of Yaitopya, encountered a being of great strength whose flesh is powerful enough to contain your spirit: a Legendary Heroe who went down to Hell to save some insignificant spouse.
They managed to trap him in the Secret Hall of Lost Souls after thousands of promises, threats, spells and other tricks.
Now leave your remains, Gothmog, and take possession of the new shape awaiting for you.
You have four lives ;-)


Chapter I: Find a way out of Hell
Chapter II: Find a body for your soul
Chapter III: Learn the ways of the flesh
Chapter IV: Prove yourself worthy
Chapter V: Take possession of the world (not implemented...)


This is a quite short dungeon with several riddles
You'll find some spoilers in the Book of Revelation: You'll need to have completed the Chapter to access the Book.
The password is the name (without any "THE") of the next Chapter (in uppercase).
Example: the first chapter is THE WANDERINGS, the password for chapter 0 would be WANDERINGS.

Known bugs: 

The Stairway to Heaven looks weird from the side.
Sometimes, in the Hell area, a random teleporter leads you near the end of the game.

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Reviews of this custom dungeon

Title Custom dungeon reviewed Reviewer Gameplaysort icon Originality Difficulty Puzzles Size Replayability Craft Game Ending Atmosphere Overall
Review: Enfers v0.1 (DM PC) Enfers Michael Hutton (a.ka. Beowuuf) 7 9 7 8 5 4 8 7 7

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