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2002, August 24
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2002, August 24

Same as Diablo. After a long journey you return to your village. But nothing is the same, much people just escaped from town. Villagers say that strange things happen in the old church where once King Leoric lived. Cain the elder of the village says that an evil demon has awakened. The demon is known as Diablo. Only you can save the village.


Kill Diablo (Demon) and use Firestaff on Burnt Amalgam.


It's a completely new Dungeon based on Diablo from Blizzard, the best game for multiplayer.
Difficulty: 6/10
You can choose only one character.
There are almost no puzzles in this dungeon. Diablo from Blizzard is "go and kill" game.
Of course no PK'ing is available, but if someone got trainer, well, characters can be cheated, but it destroys fun from playing.
There is a Rabbit Foot somewhere in caves (levels 7 - 9, Tristram = 0). It must be used somewhere in Tristram... without it the game will be almost impossible to finish.
It's not needed to complete all levels, but finishing them will give you experience for killing monsters and items.
One last thing, Diablo got 2700 life and is killable by normal weapons.

Known bugs: 

Maybe you may occur a problem with stairs on levels 7 (down) 8 (up), leading to strange places, but i think that it's fixed. Doors in Arkaine Valor's level (i think that it's 5, where you get boots of speed, Dex helm etc.) should be RA doors. They're normal iron doors (this bug also can be fixed :))

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Reviews of this custom dungeon

Title Custom dungeon reviewed Reviewer Gameplay Originality Difficulty Puzzles Size Replayability Craftsort icon Game Ending Atmosphere Overall
Review: Diablo dungeon (DM PC) Diablo dungeon Michael Hutton (a.ka. Beowuuf) 5 7 5 3 8 7 6 7 5
Review: Diablo dungeon (DM PC) Diablo dungeon Christopher (a.k.a Fueaint) 5 4 5 6 5 4 4 5 4

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