Venture Deeper in the Prison

Guillaume Bastard (a.k.a Sphenx)
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2002, January 7
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2002, January 7

At last, I made a real playable dungeon, based on the original CSB Prison.

It is not completely finished and some parts are inaccessible.
But I couldn't wait any longer to release at least one small dungeon.

One funny thing : list all the monsters you will encounter in level 3 (level 1 is HoC). How many they are? :)

  • Find the hidden passage that leads to the undiscovered mazes under the Prison.
  • Venture the deeper you can and retrieve the Sceptre of Lyf.
  • The monsters are generally rather easy to kill, but you will certainly have more difficulties to find how some doors can be opened.
  • The dungeon is actually not finished and there are some doors that will really not open in this version. I should even add 2 or 3 more levels (because otherwise you'll miss some monsters you may want to encounter). You will notice push buttons and levers will not toggle their graphics as they should do, but they are functional.
  • I should add some texts on walls and scrolls, but I am not able to edit them properly.

Replace your graphics.dat with the one from the archive (supplied by Zyx) and you will play this dungeon with the graphics meant for it. (this adaptation is not perfect)

CustomDungeon-VentureDeeperInThePrison.zip305.77 KB

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