Parlous Dungeon

Christopher (a.k.a Fueaint)
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Date published: 
2002, May 30
Date last updated: 
2002, May 30

Not really


Upgrade the Firestaff and use it to Banish Lord Chaos.


Attainable levels: 13
Dungeon difficulty: Artisan
Monster difficulty: Adept
Puzzle difficulty: Craftsman
Hero average level: Artisan

The dungeon is a saved game (dmsave.dat file), you can't start from scratch.
This dungeon has four new champions which I have created. They may not be used without my permission on any new dungeons that will be distributed to others.
This was my first attempt to create a new dungeon. I am not good at this at all (can't even get launchers to work).
I had difficulty getting Textmute to work on this dungeon so most texts are unoriginal and not what I wanted.
Some parts of this dungeon are not original.
Not all doors are meant to be opened.
Not all paths are meant to be taken.
Not all teleporters are meant to be used.
Some warning signs can, and should be ignored. Some should not.
Because this dungeon has some monster death traps, I strongly urge people not to cheat with Dmute because it will ruin the normal flow of the dungeon and you may end with multiple items you are not supposed to have.


Copy the Dmsave.dat over your old save file.
Start game and click on Resume.

Known bugs: 

Worm number bug.
Abyss Pits from Chaos level freeze the game instead of killing all the Champions (might be fixed).

CustomDungeon-ParlousDungeon.zip28.9 KB

Reviews of this custom dungeon

Titlesort icon Custom dungeon reviewed Reviewer Gameplay Originality Difficulty Puzzles Size Replayability Craft Game Ending Atmosphere Overall
Review: Parlous Dungeon v1 (DM PC) Parlous Dungeon Michael Hutton (a.ka. Beowuuf) 7 8 8 7 8 7 7 7 8 8
Review: Parlous Dungeon v1 (DM PC) Parlous Dungeon Christopher (a.k.a Fueaint) 7 6 6 5 8 10 6 5 7 6

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