The Tomb of the Firestaff

Paul Hayes (a.k.a PaulH)
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2002, August 19
Date last updated: 
2002, September 12

Get the Firestaff, add the PowerGem and fuse Chaos.


Difficulty: Progressive

It is recommended to use the associated custom Graphics.dat file. Some puzzles will be easier because some items have been renamed:
Orange Gem -> Firestone
Sapphire key -> Key of Satan
Corbamite -> Aerogel

In addition, please only use DMute as a last resort: Imagine this was the first time you had played DM!
I hope you enjoy it, the serious stuff kicks in at the Cavern and later...

This is my first attempt at a dungeon using the editors and was designed mainly for my friends and family who have played a couple of times before, but fancied a go at something similar but not exactly the same.
When designing a dungeon you have to take many factors into account: the people who read the forums are obviously masters and find the original dungeon very easy. I have tried to make this appeal to all by making it progressively harder as you play: and I have left a lot of the original scrolls in so a near newcomer would be able to have a bash at it.
I have taken the original dungeon as a template and based my creation on that. As I said earlier, this is my first attempt so for me was also an exercise in using the editors, I didn't want to do too much, I wanted to learn. Further creations will be much more original. I make no excuses for leaving a few of the original puzzles in: I believe it was better to have something there than nothing, as this gives the impression of a larger dungeon. But some have been subtly altered...
In my opinion it is a very large dungeon and the bottom levels are almost completely new and difficult. You will need good characters to battle through them! But a newcomer should have a good team by then as they would have taken longer earlier on! In fact you can see how my knowledge has increased as you go down as things get more adventurous, and I have many new ideas for a new dungeon. I do not have a story as yet but will post one!

Known bugs: 

Hopefully none, but I did have one or two bizarre lock ups.

Fixed a graphics bug in Chaos lair
Initial release
CustomDungeon-TheTombOfTheFirestaff.zip304.1 KB

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