Return of Chaos

Toni Ylisirniö
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2000, August 27
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2000, August 27

Theron paced around in the room. His master, Grey Lord, had collapsed while in his study and was now lying on the bed. Theron had done all he could to remedy his master's condition, yet it was all in vain.

Then all the sudden Grey Lord opened his eyes. "Theron" his words were a mere whispers, "Theron, He is... strugling again". Theron hasted beside Grey Lord, "Who is Master, who?"

"Lord Chaos. He has deviced a way... to free himself". The words came with great hardship from the lips of the old man." A gateway to the ethereal plane... Into our minds, Theron. In my absent moments He has been able to mutate the original Dungeon. A great device has been built to the very core of Mt. Anaias.

"Theron, enter the Dungeon. The Hall of Champions is still intact. The heroes still frozen in the mirrors. But go quickly, for He is growing stronger each passing moment. Guide the heroes once again and restore balance!

"You must find a way into His labratory. The gate is sealed with a orange gem, hidden into the depths of the Dungeon. Enter the chambers which reside the Astral Gate, activate it. You can then reach Chaos on the ethreal plane.

"The place is a madness, shaped by our minds. Yours, mine and His! Will the Firestaff back to existance! Fuse Him with my other half so I may sustain Him once more.

Theron bowed to his master and started to rise. "I will Master. I will." He began long incantations which would transport his mind to the foot of Mt. Anaias. Allow him to guide the spirits of the heroes and restore balance into the world.

"Go with haste, for time is growing short!" With those words Grey Lord slipped back to unconsiouness, fighting in an inner struggle with Chaos and Order. Desperate to hold the two parts together...


Get rid of Lord Chaos.


Programs used: DMute 1.3


To Play the Game: Copy the RETURN.DAT file over your DUNGEON.DAT in \DM\DATA\ folder. Don't forget to backup your original DUNGEON.DAT! Start the game as normal.

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