Traps and Monsters

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2005, September 12
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2005, September 20

Your movement is sluggish. You feel as if your legs each weighed a ton. Your eyelids are sealed shut. You push yourself forward, groping for something. You feel your heart jump as you immediately bump into a wall of...a hard crusty substance. You look for a way around, only to find yourself in a tiny cell, with walls only a few feet apart. You feel claustrophobia creeping into your throat. In desperation you throw yourself at a wall, which crumbles! You rub your eyes and find that you can see again. You stand up, brush yourself off, and look around.

You find yourself in a well lit dungeon. How long you have been here is beyond your knowledge. You search the randomly twisting corridors and find that you weren't the only one trapped in cages of the red, coral-like material. Through holes in the encasings you can see the faces of many powerful wizards, whom you could never hope to match up to. You need to free some of these great men and women to help you escape from the dungeon. There could be any number of traps and monsters lurking in this evil place. You shove with all your might against the wall of a cell...


This dungeon is meant to be played with a team of four characters. Two characters are necessary for some things to make sense, and some parts will be very difficult with only one character. For extra difficulty, try reincarnating (untested). And remember to save often.

This is my first attempt at dungeon-making. I've learned a lot in the dungeon-building process and hope to be able to make larger, better dungeons in the future . . . maybe with some DSAs I actually understand next time. Rate me in the forums; I want to know all the mistakes I made so that I can fix them.

Version 2.2 (2005-09-20)
Allowed worms on level 2 so that they still exist if they fall down a pit in level 1.
Changed teleporter target for invisible pit to avoid a dead end.
Version 2.1 (2005-09-14)
Fixed door-closing problem in "Back Attack".
Version 2.0 (2005-09-13)
Shrunk "Laughing Gas" area.
Changed mechanisms in "Ages".
Made "1234, 5678" area more difficult.
Other changes that I can't remember
Version 1.0 (2005-09-12)
Initial release
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