Conan and the Mountain of Tor Al'Kiir

Daniel Durgan
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1999, August 8
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1999, August 8

Story: Based on Conan The Triumphant by Robert Jordan

The great granite mound called Tor Al'kiir crouched like a malevolent toad in the night, wearing a crown of toppled walls and ruined columns, memories of failed attempts by a score of Ohirean dynasties to build there. Man had long since forgotten the origin of the mountain's name, but they knew it for a place of ill luck and evil, and laughed at the formerkings who had not had the sense. Yet their laughter was tinged with unease for there was about the mountain that made it a place to avoid even in thought.

In the fabled kingdom of Ophir, Conan and his Free-Company of mercenaries enter the service of the voluptuous dark eyed Lady Synelle, unaware that she is, in secret, high priestess of Al'Kiir, the sharp-horned, multi-fanged demon god whose worship is almost forgotten in the kingdom. Better for humankind if it were totally forgotten!

For Al'Kiir's rites centre upon the sacrifice of beautiful women, such as Conan's fiery acquaintance, the luscious bandit queen Karela the Red Hawk. And Al'Kiir also demands the eternal enslavement of perfect warriors...


You are Conan, the Captain of the Free-Company. With you is Karela The Red Hawk, Machaon the Koth part of Conan's Free-Company and Boros the drunk Magician. You have been betrayed by Al'Kiir's servant Lady Synelle. She has had most of your Free-Company killed off, by the powers given to her by her god Al'Kiir. Wanting to take revenge on her and to protect yourself from harm, you must stop her power.
This can only mean one thing.... killing her god!!! And there is only one thing that can stop the god, the thing which sealed the god in the mountain, it is the Staff Of Avanrakash.

So to play the game, you must enter the mountain of Al'Kiir, select your characters. Find the Staff Of Avanrakash and kill Al'Kiir with it.


To Play the game you must choose the following characters, reincarnate them, and change their names to their new name:
Halk The Barbarian -> Conan Of The Freecompany
Sonja the Red -> Karela The Red Hawk
Zed -> Machaon The Koth
Elija -> Boros The Magician
All other characters, apart from the above, have been removed.

Known bugs: 

Glitches and random lockups on certain PCs.

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