Grags Dungeon

DM Java
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2005, February 9
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2005, February 9

No real objective... It was my first attempt to create and learn the whole system... But it's ten levels of furious hard hitting action :P some puzzles, and lots of hack and slash. I will be creating another one at some point... Just as soon as I've actually played my own, currently stuck on level 3 :P hehehe how odd that I get stuck here... anyway... it's quite good, pretty much the same as most other dungeons but I've weighted the players abilities and skills against the monsters and weapons ;) so it makes for interesting playing.

I think my next one will have a story line in it as I've now pretty much got the hang of creating the whole thing... So look out in future for another installment. Let me know what you think!

By the way, beware level 9 ;) it's a right beeatch ;)

There are some graphical elements from EOB there too... Plus some other bits and bobs I got from other sites... So for those of you serious about playing... I'd advise you to get as many addons and graphical packs.

CustomDungeon-GragsDungeon.zip34.94 KB

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