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2002, August 5
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2002, August 5

Evil sorceror from Outer World has invaded the True World. Captured Daar the Beastmaster and closed him in mirror. Ancient One decided to destroy evil sorceror. He started to seek for four heroes. And he found them...
Tao: he is Beastmaster friend, and wants to free him.
Curpire: Beastmaster guard her animals, so she needs him.
Red Eye: She is true evil, but evil sorceror wants to destroy this world... Red Eye too of course, so she fights for her life
Kira: she loves Daar...
Evil sorceror can be destroyed only with ancient artifact - The Firestaff+
Ancient One promises to free Sharak from his Eagle being... but he can be never trusted.


Difficulty: Medium
Base: I used some levels from original DM

I didn't want to make a very looooooooong and very haaaaaaaaard dungeon. I wanted only to make something, what gives much of fun... did I make it? The answer belongs to you.
I'm very sorry that I used names from Beastmaster the movie, and I hope that I won't get to jail for that :)
And one another thing... there is a secret level, opened by silver coin, you must discover it as it contains the firestaff.

Known bugs: 

Sometimes blue or yellow graphic appears in dungeon
Bringing Firestaff to the start location will give nothing
When item is on pressure pad, pressure pad appears only when you pick it up... this is the major bug... but you can never find it :)
Amalgam with Power Gem don't turn to Empty when Firestaff is used on.
I turned deepness of Firestaff level to 255, but nothing has changed (no more exp gaining and monsters take so much life as in previous levels)
Graphic glitches at 10,28,3 and 9,15,3
Pits in 20,32,5 and 22,32,5 lead to nowhere.
There is an inaccesible part at the west of the Arena level.

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Reviews of this custom dungeon

Titlesort icon Custom dungeon reviewed Reviewer Gameplay Originality Difficulty Puzzles Size Replayability Craft Game Ending Atmosphere Overall
Review: Beastmaster (DM PC) Beastmaster Christopher (a.k.a Fueaint) 7 8 4 4 5 7 6 5 5
Review: Beastmaster (DM PC) Beastmaster Benjamin Prieu (a.k.a Zyx) 6 5 4 4 6 4 6 5 4 5
Review: Beastmaster (DM PC) Beastmaster Michael Hutton (a.ka. Beowuuf) 7 7 6 7 6 7 7 8 8
Review: Beastmaster (DM PC) Beastmaster PicturesInTheDark 5 5 6 7 4 6 7 6 5

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