The Tomb of King Hissssa

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2003, March 5
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2003, March 5

I'm Old Grey Lord.
Great King Hissssa is dead. After his victorious fusing of Black Chaos, he has been chosen to be the King of Viborg. But today, he has died. After this last adventure, I came away from Viborg, with my apprentice Boris, to the town of Baldor. To forget all those crazy things. Beowulf and Karybde followed us. But Hissssa stayed and became a King.
But he has died. Before losing him, he told me and his former mates to come back, and to dig the mountain a great palace for his (and our) glory. Perhaps I was stupid, but I accepted.
I digged the mountain, helped by the strength of Karybde, the skill of Boris, and the will of Beowulf.
But there has been an earthquake. King Hissssa had an old foe, King Dragon, who lived under the mountain. He invoked an earthquake. The palace was heavy and well designed. Only a rock fell from a wall. On King Hissssa's head. Now he's dead.
And King Dragon invaded us, with his army of monsters. He stole all my keys, he locked me up in the deep of the palace. He definitely mirrored my friends and some other heroes on the top of the palace.

You're the only one who could help us, Theron.

Please, free us, and defeat King Dragon.



Made with DMBuilder v0.85c, thanks to Sphenx for creating it, and to Beowuuf and everybody who helped me during January.
Length: 15 levels (+ Hall of Champions)
I have not had the time to write a real tale, but decided to give this dungeon to you who could (perhaps) enjoy the gameplay...

IMPORTANT : the file DONTREAD.TXT contains some facts that you can read, but not necessarily. That could make you less enjoy with the gameplay and the discovering. It's your own choice to read it or not.

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