Mildew and Vinegar

Benjamin Prieu (a.k.a Zyx)
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Date published: 
2000, November 16
Date last updated: 
2003, June 19

Lady Darclyte, Theron's wife, was thinking about what could possibly be doing her husband in the cellar for so long. It had been 2 weeks since he went down for a Sar Wine, the best wine of the country, and she was beginning to worry a bit...
-Knock! Knock!
To the door she went, but there was nobody. Was it another joke of Chaos? Chaos was thinking all the time in having fun. She remembered that time when Chaos was having a disguised party in a rent dancing club with some friends and then Order screw it up with four annoying guys who chopped all the guests into little pieces. Order just lacked of sense of humour. Then Theron had them both severely reprimanded, the four bloodthirsty mercenaries diplomatically rid of, and all was good again.
- Err, mam? Over here. Down.
As she lowered her gaze she noticed the four naked bums. Dwarves or hobbits, for sure, she thought. The hairy one looked like a rat! And the other like a singer of the 60's! Poor clowns...
- No, I don't want anything and No, I don't believe in Balance. Now leave please.
- Err, your husband called us, mam. We're the cleaning team.
- You? Are you joking? You can hardly support your own weight! My husband knows lots of heroes, I'm sure you're the last he would call!
- Actually, that's exactly what happened... All the others champions were on more important missions. We need the job, please, give us a chance...
- Ah well, ok. Just don't step in the puddles or you'll have to clean it yourselves.
- Great! And what about our , err, pay?
- If you want to get paid you'll have to talk about it with my husband, not me! Now, we have an infection down there in the cellar. Mildew... principally. I left some vinager somewhere, Ful vinager, the one against mildews and fungi, you know it?
- Err, of course, we're professional. mam.
- Well just clean up the mess. Should be easy. And be careful, Order is locked up somewhere; he's punished for he's been a bad boy. Just avoid him, he's not allowed to talk to anybody for a week.
- Err, okay, consider it done! Say, could you give us some clothes and light, mam?
- And food too!, moaned Tiggy's stomach. (Yes, Tiggy's UNIQUE ability was speaking with his stomach!)
- I don't have anything right now, but hey! I remember we own a dispenser of some sort down there.
Take those coins (we may consider this as an advance, right?) and buy you something decent with it.
Watch out, it's a little... broken. And, well, could you check if Theron is alright? Chaos was very angry at him and he went in the cellar for a hide and seek game, telling Theron he wouldn't eat anything until he finds him!
- Squeak! (Tiggy's stomach screaming in horror)


Get the vinager and get rid of the mildew
Secondary aim: Find Theron and free him. Resurrect him if needed.
Ultimate aim: Play the dungeon and find a better storyboard!


I just ran out of wall objects, monsters and pressure pads (and ideas...) so I can't finish it.

Levels 6 to 9 were aimed to be much more complex! (It was aimed to be as difficult as CSB.)

The Dmuters should be interested by the trapcraft.

Anyway I included a story at the end of the text for those who just want to play it.

Known bugs: 

Don't resurrect Leyla, it was just an experiment, it will crash.

If you resurrect Theron, make sure your 1st character doesn't carry anything important.

For those who are experiencing the stairlock bug, there is a teleporter near Tiggy which will carry you to the last level. Make your first save there and the bug should not bother you.

Dungeon.dat must NOT be in Read-only.

If you find bugs, I would appreciate feedback.
Sometimes you'll run into invisible monsters, or your spells won't work: it's not a bug!
Well... it is, but a controled one. Half-controled. Anyway, don't freeze in panic.

Version 1.15 (2003-06-19)
Fixed the system error 71 bug.
The guardian will now always be invisible.
Fixed a problem due to overpopulating. The dungeon should be a little easier.
Fixed a malfunctioning generator of food.
Version 1.14 (2003-06-17)
Balanced the "training zone". Now you can only train once with the mildews.
Lord Order cannot escape from his punishment room.
Version 1.13 (2000-11-16)
Greatly enhanced version, using almost all the actuators/doors/objects available with Dmute.
Version 1.1
Learned some twisted wicked tricks.
Version 1.0
My first dungeon!
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