The Tower Of Chaos

Paul Hayes (a.k.a PaulH)
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2003, March 15
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2009, May 29

The world had been a quiet and peaceful place for many years since the heroes of old had restored harmony, and the Grey Lord and Librasulus ruled the land. But the Grey Lord was growing old and had decided to take on an apprentice to pass down his knowledge to keep the world a balanced place. The apprentice listened with great wonder to his Master of the power of the mighty staff and its ability to divide the world into two. The temptation was too much... one cold and stormy night the apprentice turned on his Master and forced him to rebuild the staff. The apprentice captured the Lord and held him prisoner in an old deserted tower. He took the staff and with its power drained all that was good and all that was bad from the lord and to his horror it created two powerful beings, Lord Order and Chaos.
Lord Chaos laughed an evil laugh and killed the foolish apprentice instantly. "I shall spread terror and destruction once again" cackled the Dark Lord and took the exhausted Grey Lord to the bottom of the tower with the staff.
Lord Order was not amused, he wanted the staff himself so he sent a huge and powerful Dragon down to retrieve it. However the Dragon had other ideas... he ate the Grey Lord and the Staff and became even more powerful! Order and Chaos then built a fort to keep people out and the Dragon in while they decided how to retrieve the one thing they both craved.

Librasulus sends you forth into the tower to kill the Dragon and rescue the Grey Lord and to restore balance again to the universe! You can choose up to four champions of old. You will end up in the town somewhere after choosing as you enter the void, though you may see a vision of evil on the way.
Good luck!


Originally made with DMute, converted to CSBWin.

This took me a lot longer than anticipated! The dungeon is fairly linear in structure though certain areas can be completed before others depending on your team strength. I would say it was 60% DM, 30% DM2 and 10% CSB in nature. There will be variation game to game due to the 'random item' mechanism in the game. So where that nice sword you have been waiting for ends up, who knows? Obviously this mechanism doesn't apply to the important bits!

Thanks to: George Gilbert, for the wonderful DMute, Paul Stevens for being, well, Paul Stevens, my Dad, ChristopherF, Beowuuf, Sphenx, PITD, Rain, Amber and the rest of the forum contributors and anybody who gives this a go.


Extract files, and click the Sword to launch. All files included to play.

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