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2002, October 17
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2003, January 24

Our mana is running out.

Many thought mana to be an limitless resource, something that, once spent, returns to the stream of the universe to be captured and used again. This is, unfortunately, only half of the truth. There are two brands of mana, energized and spent. Much like our own red blood, which turns blue when it is spent and must be re-infused with the forces of life, mana too must be revitalized before it can be used again.

The ancients knew this. They built a great structure called simply "The Reactor," a vast magical machine that used corbum ore's mana-attracting properties to capture mana in a vast pit known as the Mana Well, focused it through magical gems of vast power to re-energize it, and sent it skyward in a brilliant beam. This marvelous machine functioned uninterrupted for centuries. However, during the time of Chaos, dark forces roamed the lands, and overcame the defense mechanisms designed into the Reactor. They shut it down, stole its parts and scattered them throughout its labrynthine interior, and turned the compex into their own personal stronghold.

So, the call now goes out for brave champions to enter the Reactor and overcome the vile creatures that now inhabit the maze of its corridors, as well its own defense systems. The price of failure is the death of magic... forever.


The dungeon has a sort of DM2 flair to it, I think, but the machinations are based more around magic. The story (or attempt at one anyway) is in the readme.

Known bugs: 

There are a few minor graphics bugs, but they're RTC's fault, not mine. ;)

Wooden doors should now be able to be taken down, and massive fireballs will take out stronger doors.
This new version of Reactor has a workaround for a bug in the bio lab (which is a bug in RTC v0.23, I think). You might not want to shovel food too quickly into the altar, or strange things may happen.
This version run on RTC v0.23.
A bug fixed (or, more properly, the bug in RTC successfully worked around) regarding the door to the master switch, which is triggered by a counter. It is supposed to be triggered when the corbum and the two gems are in place.
Initial Release, runs on RTC v0.21.
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Reviews of this custom dungeon

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Review: Reactor (RTC) Reactor PicturesInTheDark 7 8 5 6 8 6 7 6 7 7
Review: Reactor (RTC) Reactor Paul Hayes (a.k.a PaulH) 8 8 6 7 7 8 9 5 8 7
Review: Reactor (RTC) Reactor Christopher (a.k.a Fueaint) 9 9 7 7 8 9 8 5 8 8

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