Kid Dungeon (Original)

RTC v0.24 or CSBWin 9.5 or PC v3.4
DM Amiga
Matthew Hill (a.k.a. Gambit)
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Date published: 
2003, March 13
Date last updated: 
2003, May 12

This is the Kid dungeon that was hidden in the Apple IIgs version of Dungeon Master. I used various tools to extract the DAT files from the IMG files found on this site, then I used ChristopheF's conversion and compression scripts to create versions of the Dungeon for different platforms.

This has been tested with PC version 3.4 and CSBwin Version 9.5.


Simply rename the relevant DAT file to DUNGEON.DAT and copy to the relevant location of your desired platform:

PC Version
In your DM directory is a folder called DATA. Rename kiddungeon_PC.dat to DUNGEON.DAT and overwrite the file. Make sure you backup first!
CSB Win Version
In your CSB Win folder is a subfolder called DUNGEON MASTER-ATARI. Rename kiddungeon_ST&Amiga.dat to DUNGEON.DAT and overwrite the file. Make sure you backup first!
Atari ST and Amiga Disk image files (for use with Emulators)
You will need disk image file management utilities to insert the DAT file into the image file. For Amiga ADFs this is ADFOpus. For ST files, I haven't explored this; you're on your own!
RTC Version
This version is a faithful copy of the original for RTC version 0.24. I originally built this dungeon after mapping it by hand. Once I extracted the actual dungeon and was able to view it using CSBuild, I tweaked my RTC dungeon slightly to reflect things I had only been able to guess. Un-rar the .RTC file into your RTC/MODULES folder. When you run RTC, select "Kid Dungeon" from the list to play it.
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