Review: Return of Chaos v1.00 (DM PC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
Return of Chaos
Gameplay comments: 

Straight dungeon approach with 3 ways to solve leading to a single final path. Not too heavy to follow, pleasant to play.

Originality comments: 

Although probably not too hard to build this dungeon had some fun riddles in it. For example, the teleporter room area in level 1 took me by surprise, I also liked the variation of the Matrix and the hidden objects to be gained at the end of the three starting ways if you happened to solve that “riddle” (I did only by chance).

Difficulty comments: 

I would have rated 7 and liked it more – but I think you overdid a little at the end. The “Prepare to meet your doom are” was all right with me (why are there an overall of 8 Ra keys by the way, did I miss something?), then it got a little heavy because training was nigh impossible in this dungeon. On the other hand, it was certainly solvable as well as survivable and I had good fun while playing it.

Puzzles comments: 

No new stuff from my point of view but nice variations and themes out of the “known” riddle database of DM/CSB. The teleporter area in level 1 was my favourite, the small tip on the hat via CSB with the mummies was also a nice touch. For a quick dungeon pretty solid work.

Size comments: 

I enjoy shorter dungeons since I don’t always want to play for days to get near the end. A little more would have enriched this one though – after completing the three initial ways I could have done with a little more tension towards the end and not more or less suddenly stumbling into Chaos.

Replayability comments: 

A little too short to play again soon.

Craft comments: 

Solid work, little flaws (see comments below for details), as far as I can tell traps and actuators worked fine and as intended. After finishing I had a look in CSBuild and was wondering how you managed the lightning bolts in level 10 – I could find no source of them… but they worked, I can assure you ;)

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

On the one hand too short (as said above), a little more preparation before the final fight would have been all right, on the other hand I appreciate that you did not throw all kinds of different creatures onto the party just because they had not been used yet.

Atmosphere comments: 

Good gameplay-feeling, some nice/nasty surprises, difficulty was sometimes a bit jumpy in progress, I always had fun playing and never got stuck.

Best part: 

Teleporting area (level 1), Matrix variation, “bonus riddle” at the end of the three ways, facing Chaos alone without demons, black flames or dragons.

Worst part: 

“Beware my twisted humor” was pretty deadly, fireball area in level 3 was hard since you cannot train and my characters (though only two) were still weak. Two riddles were rendered worthless by doors that should not have buttons (see below).


The “Time is of the essence” area in level 1 should be accessible only after getting the green gem if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, the door leading into it has a pushbutton as well, so my party started out with the diamond edge, Power Towers, Dex Helm and Vorpal blade. Very comfortable but I believe that was not the idea. The teleported apple (CSBwin analysis after the game) did close the doors to those four precious items but after triggering the pressure plate (audible !) they reopened. Although I did mind being quick I doubt I would have gotten all if they would have closed again after a while. The way it was designed I had no trouble getting all because if I did not trigger the plate again the doors stayed open. Maybe this has something to do with converting the dungeon to CSBwin format – I don’t know how you intended this area to work.
Analogue with the ruby key hole/respective door in level 4. But in this case the key was nearby already as I found out after the riddle with the pushbuttons. In this case I deliberately ignored the pushbutton on the door since I suspected it might be similar to the green gem ;)
I liked the direct, small approach even leaving out some monsters because there was no need for them – otherwise it would have been too much. Had a good time playing this and being able to finish a dungeon in only a few hours is certainly nice for a change. Thank you!

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