Chaos Strikes Back Level 07


Map Key
Chaos Strikes Back for Amiga Map - 07 Chaos Strikes Back for Atari ST Map - 07
Note: The small map at the right is for the Atari ST version (as well as Chaos Strikes Back for Windows and Linux). In this version, there is no movable wall at (27,07) and an Iron Key will open the Lock at (30,10).


01 (21,18) Poison Dart (3)
02 (26,15) Rock (3)
03 (25,16) Dagger (10)
04 (28,10) Cloak Of Night
05 (29,08) Crossbow
06 (28,14) Iron Key
07 (15,06) Magical Box (Green)
08 (23,20) Horn Of Fear
09 (29,20) Rock
10 (14,34) Chest [Dragon Steak, Shank, Bread (2), Cheese (2), Corn, Apple], Boots Of Speed, Compass, Chest [Gem Of Ages, Magical Box (Green) (3), Magical Box (Blue)], Chest [Gor Coin (5)], Helm Of Ra, Dragon Shield, Ee Potion
11 (21,22) Biter
12 (19,20) Yew Staff (Charges=15)
13 (09,17) Shank
14 (13,07) Gunna, Kirtle
15 (09,30) Some randomly placed items can be here. Read the notes below for details. These items are lost.


I01 (21,19) "Ros"
I02 (22,20) "Neta"
I03 (21,21) "Ku"
I04 (20,20) "Dain"
I05 (25,14) "Give up pull the lever"


L01 (17,24) Skeleton Key
L02 (22,16) Skeleton Key


A. Random placement of items
Some items are not always at the same place each time you play Chaos Strikes Back. Although the items are randomly placed, the items themselves are predefined, as well as their possible final locations. There are 22 sets of items (14 are possessed by Gigglers at the beginning) to randomly place at 24 locations. The possible destinations are noted on the maps, here they are:

  • The eight sets of items carried by the eight Gigglers at (07,05,26) to (07,05,33) can be sent to (00,33,33), (00,38,31), (05,03,16), (09,14,32), (08,20,31), (07,09,07), (07,21,33) and (06,19,04). Note that Gigglers teleported to level 00 will die instantly because they are not allowed on this level. In any game, the party can find exactly one set of items at each location.
  • The six sets of items carried by the six Gigglers at (07,05,16) to (07,06,19) can be sent to (00,23,17), (04,22,25), (02,31,23), (04,17,27), (01,09,21), (02,31,23), (03,16,30) and (06,16,26). Note that two or three of these locations will remain empty as there are only six sets of items, and two sets of items may be sent to (02,31,23) as there are two teleporters to that location. In any game, the party can find these six sets of items at five to eight of the possible locations.
  • The eight sets of items stored in the item launcher at (07,14,34) can be sent to (02,12,08), (03,25,19), (05,17,10), (08,30,12), (07,09,30), (00,43,40), (09,09,37) and (02,14,20). Note that there is one of these sets of items that the party will not be able to get.

Detailed explanation:
The random movements of the eight Gigglers at (07,05,26) to (07,05,33) control the random placement of items. The first column of teleporters at (07,09,26) to (07,09,33) is here to accelerate the process. After some time, each of these eight Gigglers will end on one tile at (07,12,26) to (07,12,33). When a Giggler walks on one of these tiles, the following three actions take place (note that each tile can only be triggered once):

  1. It opens one of the pits at (07,05,16) to (07,06,19). If a Giggler was above the pit, it falls to level 08 where it dies (Although Gigglers are allowed on level 08, they die of their fall because they only have one health point). The items they carried are then teleported to their final destination. Other Gigglers in the area cannot fall in the same pit because Gigglers are not suicidal.
  2. It will enable one teleporter at (07,14,27) to (07,14,33) (except when walking on (07,12,26) because the teleporter at (07,14,26) is always enabled). Then the missile launcher at (07,14,34) will fire one set of items that will enter the active teleporter. The teleporter disappears as it is only temporary. Note that one teleporter will send a set of items to the Giggler room at (07,09,30), so these items will be virtually removed from the dungeon as the party cannot go there.
  3. It will briefly enable a teleporter on the same tile that will take the Giggler elsewhere. The teleporter disappears so that no other Giggler can enter it. Gigglers sent to level 00 will instantly die and drop their items. Otherwise they will survive (until you meet them of course).

Note that the items are not positionned at the very beginning of the game, but only when Gigglers have moved enough. They start moving randomly on their own when the game starts. You may have to check some destinations twice as the items may not have been teleported yet the first time you check them.


01 (23,13) Rock Pile (4)
02 (23,11) Rock Pile (2)
03 (23,10) Rock Pile
04 (24,09) Rock Pile (3)
05 (25,08) Rock Pile (3)
06 (26,07) Rock Pile (2)
07 (28,07) Deth Knight (4) [Onyx Key]
08 (29,07) Rock Pile (4)
09 (29,08) Deth Knight (2) [Gold Key]
10 (30,18) Giggler Generator (1)
11 (25,25) Oitu Generator (1)
12 (26,25) Screamer (2)
13 (29,26) Screamer
14 (26,27) Screamer (4)
15 (28,28) Screamer (3)
16 (29,29) Screamer Generator (1-4)
17 (16,28) Muncher Generator (1)
18 (16,33) Muncher Generator (2)
19 (17,34) Muncher Generator (2)
20 (15,24) Oitu
21 (16,24) Oitu
22 (17,24) Oitu
23 (15,25) Oitu
24 (16,25) Oitu
25 (17,25) Oitu
26 (19,14) Oitu Generator (1)
27 (14,19) Oitu Generator (1)
28 (09,14) Oitu Generator (1)
29 (14,09) Oitu Generator (1)
30 (05,16) Giggler [Diamond Edge, Water (Charges=3), Plate Of Ra]
31 (06,16) Giggler [Ku Potion, Dragon Plate, Topaz Key]
32 (06,17) Giggler [Side Splitter, Poleyn Of Ra, Greave Of Ra]
33 (05,18) Giggler [Dragon Helm, Dragon Poleyn, Dragon Greave]
34 (05,19) Giggler [Gold Key, Flamitt (Charges=15), Storm (Charges=15)]
35 (06,19) Giggler [Wand, Magical Box (Green), Ra Blade (Charges=15)]
36 (05,26) Giggler [Eye Of Time (Charges=15)]
37 (05,27) Giggler [Lock Picks]
38 (05,28) Giggler [Skeleton Key]
39 (05,29) Giggler [Stormring (Charges=15), Onyx Key]
40 (05,30) Giggler [Magical Box (Green), Key Of B]
41 (05,31) Giggler [Sapphire Key, Rabbit's Foot]
42 (05,32) Giggler [Gold Key, Ven Potion, Water (Charges=1)]
43 (05,33) Giggler [Magical Box (Blue), Ful Bomb]
44 (09,07) A randomly placed Giggler possessing items can be here. Read the notes above for details.
45 (21,33) A randomly placed Giggler possessing items can be here. Read the notes above for details.

Hint Oracle

H001 - ZO WHAT
The Oitus come at the party from all sides. Moving from the intersection will allow the Oitus to come in behind the party.
By casting ZO spells at three of the doors you can prevent the party from being trapped.
When the attacking Oitu is killed, the party can explore that pathway.
I know that the Oitus here cultivate Screamers for themselves.
If you harvest their Screamers, the Oitus will come for you. How hungry are you?
Do not kill the Screamers.
This is just another corridor.
Champions: Here's one clue only, no more no less. Once you learn it, there will be nothing to guess.
To throw an object through the teleporters, release it the instant the teleporter blocks its path. Do not fear: all the objects can be recovered.
H008 - GIVE UP
Champions: Here's one clue only, no more no less. Once you learn it, there will be nothing to guess.
If you are out of objects and cannot find more, the lever will provide a combat path to the other side of the puzzle. There, you will find all the objects you have thrown.
There may or may not be treasure here, but there is only one way out.
Read the text on the walls before stepping up to an Altar of VI. The word is the name of a symbol that describes the Way. All four Ways must be completed for victory.
This lock takes an Iron Key. There are several Iron Keys scattered throughout the dungeon.
Champions: Here's one clue only, no more no less. Once you learn it, there will be nothing to guess.
The pit in the corner of the room has an endless supply of Munchers. Choose spells that are effective against them, and run through the room.
There is an effective weapon against the Deth Knights on this level, if you can get them to stand in the right place.
Open the lower pit if you do not wish to fight the Deth Knights downstairs.
Relax and collect your treasures.
The ghoul's head warns that great evil is focused on that spot. It is important to investigate the area around the warning thoroughly, so any traps or byways may be found.
If two ghoul's heads face each other, do not step between them.
It would appear Chaos has an uncharacteristically well developed sense of fair play.
I have seen the ghoul's head marking every teleporter that was evil.
There is no ghoul's head, so I believe it to be safe.
The Ninja is elusive, and uses many range weapons to kill from the shadows. The Ninja finds the path of least resistance.
Science and Magic are the domain of the Wizard. Natural forces both useful and destructive are used by the Wizard. The magic-user is essential for the disruption of non-material and vapor beings.
By strength and blade the Fighter hews all opposition. A well timed charge can catch many enemies off guard. Many will cower when the Fighter sets upon them with a war cry and flashing steel.
To be a Priest requires discipline and patience. Combat is a last resort. This is especially true for intelligent adversaries, as much can be gained in negotiation. The Priest should become adept at protection and healing for the good of the party.
You are in an area where the Giggler is at home. Be careful when chasing or fireballing Gigglers here, for the dangers outweigh anything they might have stolen.
This passage connects both ends of the Ninja throwing test.
A treasureless, puzzleless room. Watch for monsters and pits.
H108 - OITUS
Magic and projectiles will have no effect until the party can advance into the room.
The Oitus have no treasure.
Lost objects and champions will be found when the room is cleared.
The Skeleton Key is needed to operate this lock.
A Giggler possesses the Skeleton Key.
Champions: Here's one clue only, no more no less. Once you learn it, there will be nothing to guess.
I sense an imaginary wall near the party.
There are Gigglers about.
The Junction of the Ways is found on this level. To return to the Junction, you must have the object taken from the Altar of VI that is correct for that Way.
Learn well the shapes and forms dread Chaos makes; Regard the toll of pain and death each monster takes.
GIGGLER: Laughing thief, all leg and arm, steals but does no other harm.
SCREAMER: Brown-rooted, many-mouthed thing that screams, the shrieking blossoms of Chaos' dreams.
ROCK PILE: Chance upon naught but a pile of rubble. Red tentacles grab, teeth flash--trouble!
MUNCHER: Three mouths in place of head and claws. Heros fall from its poisoned jaws.
DETH KNIGHT: Sword and sabre, armored wraith. Chaos' bodyguard keeps him safe.
OITU: Spawn from hell these spiders be, golden-widowed misery.