Review: The Grave of King Millias (DM PC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
The Grave of King Millias
Gameplay comments: 

Straight dungeon approach with a straight line of play. Without the training area this might have been pretty painful.

Originality comments: 

Major parallels to the original DM (some parts were simply used from the original), but riddles and paths got more unique after the immediate start. Fun to play.

Difficulty comments: 

Some parts were pretty hard with two characters, especially during the starting levels (skeletons especially bugged me), since I tried to take on all opponents to gain levels but died a few times during that. A little less would have been quite sufficient I daresay. A plus is (as always with me) awarded for the training area - if you ask me, every dungeon should have one. And it came very handy this time...

Puzzles comments: 

Not stunningly difficult or numerous but at least unique and in a coherent style. I'd have wished for a little more and tougher riddles, but it worked fine all the same.

Size comments: 

Good length - without visiting the training area there would be problems for realistic survival chances though. For the review I found it tricky to distinguish between the parts of the dungeon you used and those you just deserted from the original - cleaning up would have been nice ;o)

Replayability comments: 

Very linear so probably not to be re-played by me any time soon.

Craft comments: 

Logical and throughout the game atmospherical dungeon, could find no flaws except for one or two problems (stairs and pits going nowhere I think) I cleaned after converting the dungeon.

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

Exactly the same as in the original, although you thankfully removed one or two "critical" Black Flames so I could approach and finish off Chaos directly without heeding the demons. That's Journeyman instead of Apprentice for the little "goodie".

Atmosphere comments: 

Since I died a few times at the start I was getting careful, but that's how it should be. Dungeon kept me hooked until the end, only with the firestaff finally turned to full power I relaxed...

Best part: 

Firestaff level, dragon level (see comments below).

Worst part: 

Skeletons in the starting levels a little too hard for a small party, the level letting you go one of two ways could have done with both for it was pretty short.


Comments: When I reached level 6 (HoC not counted) and had to fight the first two golems, I was pretty glad I had been to the training area for a while. And upon reaching the wall text "Tomb of the firestaff" and then seeing the object of desire just lying in the niche I just knew it would be a trap... so I prepared as well as I could and took it - the first golem guardian was slain surving pretty narrow and I was all the way back to the dead end, so I decided to sleep and gain some powers back - worked pretty nicely except being woken by a hit on the heads of my party by the club of the second one. THIS fight one of my two party members only survived by 2 points, although I had good weapons and some magical boxes left. Nice heartbeat afterwards.

The dragon level was a little hard, too. With a party of four it might have been easier but three dragons, no place to hide and not nearly enough magic to kill even one off made it a hot dance. More by chance I killed the one with the key first, so at least I could upgrade the firestaff before facing the other two ... and they got what they asked for.


Improvement to "Tower of Chaos" from my point of view, more riddles and at least some twists in the way would be my suggestions if any are needed.

Thank you for your efforts in designing the dungeons.

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