Review: The Tomb of King Hissssa (DM PC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
The Tomb of King Hissssa
Gameplay comments: 

A bit repetative after awhile, not much thinking involved, just repetative fighting (especially with dragons). Although the last level (not going to spoil the surprise) was a lot of fun, thank god I had all those eye of times or I never would have made it. Also, see the "Firestaff" section.

Originality comments: 

A unique dungeon, one of the few that surpassed the DMute editor and allowed for a bigger dungeon etc. The tedious items that needed to be carried around the levels got old. The colors I found unique, using them to show different types of creatures.

Difficulty comments: 

No mind-boggling puzzles, and with the bonus's of the training area, the extra heros, and the firestaff, it became more of a "diablo" type hack and slash (i.e. I was invincible) See the "Firestaff" section.

Puzzles comments: 

Exactly what you planned your dungeon to be, so I'll be honest, there were no interesting puzzles.

Size comments: 

Hands down, a BIG dungeon, nearly filling every single square of every level possible in Dungeon master. The level advancement seemed proper for how this dungeon is layed out (I reincarnated all my characters and still managed to have a Mon master wizard). It definately has a lot of monsters and items.

Craft comments: 

Nothing fancy in terms of how crafty the dungeon is, also I noticed as I edited the dungeon with DMBuild after I beat it that a few objects that were supposed to be in the dungeon weren't (specifically on the level with the diamond edge, I noticed that the elven clothes weren't in the actual game but were in the dungeon somehow).

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

There were more actuators in the end-game pad then in the whole rest of the dungeon so I thought I had to give ya credit there (hehehe). It was a decent ending, but nothing fancy. I'd be more interested in less hack-and-slash endings myself. See the "Firestaff" section.

Atmosphere comments: 

Too much of a Diablo II type resemblence (Hack and slash).

Overall comments: 

A fun dungeon to play, even if it is a lot based on character leveling. But unfortunately no playback value whatsoever (because there were no secrets or non-required areas to go through. It was extremely linear, but I enjoy less linear dungeons.

Best part: 

The "Shops", I thought that was very creative, too bad you didn't keep that idea going throughout the dungeon.

Worst part: 

Having a multitude of keys, coins, and misc. Items to carry throughout the dungeon. An extreme excess of food/water (basically taking the whole aspect of hunger out of the game =[).


The "Firestaff": Your dungeon, to say the least, was ruined by the firestaff. I don't know if everyone knows how powerful the firestaff is or not, but it basically is meant to be gained after the dungeon is nearly completed. The FUSE aspect of firestaff literally removes all super-natural beings from being any sort of threat for the rest of the game, because it automatically kills them in under 2 seconds (Its a dispel firing uzi). Not only that but my strategy of "Invoke, give it to the next character, Invoke, Repeat as necessary" killed every single monster after I got the firestaff (except the knights/stone golems). Once I got the firestaff it became an annihilation (just short of obliteration I must say). Everything died without a problem. And the fact that my guys had close to 999 hp/stamina meant that I could tank my way through everything but dragons. Invoking can cause a Mon fireball at times with 0 mana use =[

All in all, it was fun and interesting, but not my taste, I much prefer puzzle solving *=]

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