Review: Poison (DM PC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
Gameplay comments: 

A bit tough to let the knights in so early or to make a couatl trap room, but on the other hand the fun was there after the first heart attack. Solid work, characters are strong enough to survive with tactics.

Originality comments: 

Not very mind-blowing, but a solid try with good set-up. Lacks uniqueness, but I guess those are the hardest-to-build- parts; anyway: had fun with the couatls (and they with me first) and the spiders later on.

Difficulty comments: 

And I'm very glad about that. I prefer nicely balanced dungeons to overly tough ones. Better explore and enjoy than fight for every inch.

Puzzles comments: 

Not too many or too heavy, although I had a short breakdown after figuring out that I had to knock my party's heads on every wall to find the armour parts and some other stuff. Keys and other items were shuffled very well and made it good fun to search but not too hard to find.

Size comments: 

Actually when I first came back up from the spiders knowing that the lever would trigger the door above I was a bit disappointed to look at the dragon, but then it was great fun - and that's all I need. So on second thought I felt you chose the length well, although a bit more would not have hurt (me).

Replayability comments: 

I liked various parts pretty well so I'll do it again - in a while, so as to forget one or two tricks until then. Good length and difficulty for one single evening or night.

Craft comments: 

Very solid. I could not find a bug, although I long thought the trap door in front of the knights was one.

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

I admit that I have no idea how to trigger the end myself, but at least a message after killing the dragon would have been nice. Also, I re-ran through the whole dungeon to find the plate of lyte (since I understood to find the complete set of armour) and only when I was pretty sure every party member had a thoroughly bloody head I looked it up in DMute and was disappointed to find it missing.

Atmosphere comments: 

The Couatls were outstanding, also the giggler room and the worm trap... overall not much to fear, but I still had a satisfying sensation of the need to be careful in the dungeon.

Overall comments: 

I enjoyed the dungeon, although I did not quite feel "at home" sometimes. The levels were well made though and I was regretting to go in the end... keep it up!

Best part: 

Couatl room. Definitely the biggest surprise. Worm trap (that was close!). Killing the knights on the stairs after finally managing to close the pit - they suffered for that hole in the floor ;) Giggler room/vault was fun! Dragon was a nice fight since he was near the stairs right away and I never could use the nice room in the hall behind him.

Worst part: 

Too many false walls for my taste (although some were hinted at!), but since I do not have sound when knocking on the walls it was tiresome sometimes. Also the above mentioned Plate of Lyte annoyed me for it's nonexistence. Maybe finding lost character a bit earlier would have been more fun - at that time he was no use for the (too advanced) party.


Neat dungeon with room for a bit more length and some riddles. It was good fun to play, since I never got stuck too long (except before the knights) and it kept me hooked - all that you can wish for as a player. Congratulations on that dungeon & thank you for posting it!

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