Review: Reactor (RTC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
Gameplay comments: 

Good balance between riddles, monsters and the various ways you have to go to get to the end of the dungeon.

Originality comments: 

Never got bored for a minute. Knights at the top, even a golem and a dragon were fun; Bio lab, the giggler with the gem and the mana well show a well-organized plan.

Difficulty comments: 

And as Christophe, I'm very glad about that. It's fun beating a dungeon like CSB, but sometimes you don't need 57 demons and 18 dragons, you just want a nicely balanced one. This is it.

Puzzles comments: 

Not too many or too heavy (with the exception of "death from above" I could figure them out, for which I bashed my head on the wall for a while ;)) - but original. Looking forward to future creations, more riddles would be appreciated.

Size comments: 

I am not a fan of too big dungeons where everything is stuffed in; here you have a fine unity between monsters and a medium-sized dungeon that is perfectly belanced.

Replayability comments: 

Because of the size some time between replaying seems likely, but this dungeon makes you an addict for it's various original parts.

Craft comments: 

Well done. Except for a memory bug (that may or may not come from either the dungeon or RTC or my computer) I could find no bugs. Dungeon concept was thoroughly thought through, good mixture, good realisation.

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

I liked the idea a lot (better than killing Chaos all the time), although it took me a while to find the Focus. Neat, short, story-fitting end.

Atmosphere comments: 

After dying twice when trying to reincarnate Gothmog (my favourite character along with Chani) I was having doubts about the difficulty. Getting careful. When I met the first knight I nearly choked, although I guessed he was a weak one. Still, I stayed careful and the game kept me alert. That's how it's got to be.

Overall comments: 

Enjoyed it very much, although I did not play too many extra dungeons besides the "classic" DM series, this was definitely a highlight. (And I'm playing since '91).

Best part: 

Being too dumb to figure out the Bio Lab at first and accidently placing a dragon steak there - that was a hot dance with my starting party *phew*. I enjoyed the giggler with the Ruby key a lot - the idea was very nice. Getting worried about food at the start (nearly dying actually) and then coming to the first worms was a nice irony, too. And thank heavens I figured out the first of the two (?) fake pits by accident - otherwise I really would have died for lack of food...

Worst part: 

After coming around the worm level (with them and the zytaz reappearing) for the fifteenth time searching for that sapphire key they got on my nerves a bit. Pity I found no way to the room where the water elementals fell to (I suspect there is no way to get there judging from my directional conclusions), I'd have liked to battle all the ones that fell through the grates ;)


Story: 6. A bit longer would have been appreciated, but the setup was clear and original.

As I said before, a great mixture of set-up, monster strength, originality and realisation make this a top dungeon for my taste - keep going!

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