Dungeon Master walkthrough by Ian Clark

Note from Christophe: This walkthrough was published by Ian Clark at Since this URL is not valid anymore, I decided to publish the walkthrough here.


This walkthrough does contain spoilers so I would only suggest using it as a last resort. It is broken down into levels so if you are stuck on a certain part, just look for that level only. This is a walkthrough I started writing years ago but never finished. Here it is now in 2005 and finished.

It is probably best that you have a look at the Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia before reading on so you can find out the spells and in-depth details on the creatures and items.

This walkthrough is for PC Dungeon Master. ST, Amiga etc may vary very slightly.

Although I deem this walkthrough one of the most accurate out there, I cannot guarantee it is 100% perfect. Please email me at ian-at-raftersclub-dot-co-dot-uk with any mistakes and I will put them right.

General Hints and Choosing Your Party

Save your game regularly. This walkthrough will not tell you when to save, so it is up to you to determine the best time.

Scrolls, rocks and Zo Kath Ra spells can be used as markers. You might want to mark off areas you have already been. Also, try casting Ya Bro Ros for footprints (although they disappear after a length of time determined by the power symbol).

You can bring your champions back to life by putting their bones in a VI altar. These altars are located several times throughout the dungeon.

There is a limited food supply that can be found in the dungeon. However, certain creatures that produce food are regenerated. Such creatures will be highlighted in the walkthrough. Also, water is only present on certain levels so make sure that you collect all flasks and waterskins you find and fill them up.

It is entirely up to you which party you choose. You don’t have to have four characters if you don’t want. The best strategy for a first-time player is to have two strong characters at the front that can be fighters and ninjas and two characters with high Mana/Wisdom/Vitality at the back that can be wizards and priests. If I was to recommend a party, I would say Linflas, Leif, Mophus and Chani but again, it is up to you.

Each time you attack a creature or a creature attacks you, you gain experience points that eventually lead to you gaining a level. The deeper you are in the dungeon, the more experience you gain. If you attack with weapons such as swords and axes, you will gain fighter levels. If you attack by throwing weapons or with your bear hands, you will gain ninja levels. If you make potions or cast some defence spells, you will gain priest levels and if you attack with spells such as fireballs or poison then you will gain wizard levels. Always attack the creatures properly - never drop them through pits or use doors unless absolutely necessary; you gain no experience through doing so.

Try not to use torches, cast Ful for a magic torch. This
gets you more experience. Save your torches for times when you need the Mana.

Level 1 - Hall Of Champions

After choosing your champions, there is little else to do on this level. If you carry on going rather than go down the stairs, you will find some food. Also, note the location of the VI altar. That will come in handy if any of your champions are killed.

Level 2 - Introduction

On this level you will encounter Mummies and Screamers. Be careful of the mummies because they can inflict a great deal of damage if they surround you. Screamers are quite slow and easy to kill. They also leave behind food.

After going down the stairs, turn right, open the door and kill the Mummy for some treasure. Press the button on the wall for a Falchion sword which will come in handy against future creatures if you have no good weapons already. Also grab the dagger and give it to one of the characters in the rear rank who can throw it at creatures if need be.

Go out of the room, turn left and keep going. You will come to a door that is locked. Simply take the gold key off the floor and put it in the lock to open it. If you keep going, to the north you will find another locked door. There is also another door behind it. You need to find two keys. Go south and grab the topaz key on the floor. Then go east, pull the lever to open the door then pull the second lever to open the pit behind it, grab the gold key. Now head back to the doors you encountered. Don’t bother with the other doors to the south or the pressure pads further south just yet.

Open the first door with the topaz key then the second with the gold key. Grab the emerald key and go to where the two pressure pads are at the far south.

This puzzle is simple. Just step on the first pressure pad to open the door but avoid the second one as it closes it. Carry on down the corridor and you will find a locked door.

Use the emerald key in this door, enter then look around carefully on the floor, you need a solid key and an iron key. They are quite hard to see. Exit this area and go back past where the pressure pads were, head north then east and you will see a wooden door.

Open the first door and kill the screamer. Open the second one and keep going (kill the screamer on the way). Look on the floor for a gold key.

You will find a door near where you found the gold key, attack it with a sword or club and it will break. If your characters are not strong enough, use the gold key but break the door if you can, this gets you an extra gold key for later on. Proceed into the room and you will see some pressure pads.

Each time you step on a pressure pad, it toggles one of the exit doors. The correct way to do it is to step on the first pad to open the first door. Then step forward, the first door will close, step forward again and the second door will open, step back to open the first door again, then forward which will close the second door, step forward then back again to open it. You will then see that both doors are open and you can make an exit.

Grab the gold key in the west section of this room then go south to the exit, killing any Screamers on the way for experience and food. Put the key in the lock and keep on going until you reach a pressure pad.

The pressure pad you see will open the door providing there is constantly an object on it, grab the nearby boulder or use an item you
no longer need and drop it onto the pad. Carry on and take out the mummy you encounter in the next room.

It will read “Step Inside Take a Ride” on the wall. Step into the teleporter (blue force field) and grab the gold key in the room you end up in. To go back to the previous room, simply enter the other teleporter. Use the key in the nearby lock and proceed.

Keep on going and you will see a pressure pad and a pit nearby. Put and object on the pressure pad to keep the pit closed. After the pit head south then east, you will know if you are going the right way if you see a locked door (ignore it for now), keep going and you will find a locked door with
a screamer behind, this is the door you want.

Look to the north and you will find an iron key on the floor, use it to open the door, kill the screamer and grab the Key of B. This will open the first locked door you passed. Go ahead and do so.

Keep going until you get to a large hall, kill any creatures and make sure you grab the flasks, you will almost certainly need them. Look for a green button with a pressure pad to the right of it. Press the green button but avoid the pad. Go through the door, the next door is simply opened by pulling the levers at each end of the corridor.

Go through the door and you will see another locked door to the left. Leave it alone for now and go the other way, you will see a teleporter. Follow the instructions on the wall and leave an object on the floor where the blue teleporter is. This will close the pit, you will get your object
back along with another gold key. Go back to the locked door and open it.

Inside you will encounter some mummies, be careful they do not corner you. If they cause a lot of damage, leave the room (the mummies are held in there by invisible teleporters so if you leave the room you are safe) and come back once healed. You need to grab the copper coin on the floor in this room. Keep on going until you get to a door that says “None Shall Pass”.

Attack this door with your weapons and it will break, this only works if your stamina and strength are high, the strength needs to be at least 39.
Keep going, grab the chest with the potions in. Enter the teleporter and you will find yourself on the other side of it. Kill any screamers you encounter and head west until you get to a door and a fountain.

Insert the copper coin in the fountain, the door will open for you. Ignore the door on the left for now, keep going and turn left, grab the treasure and pull the lever, now head back to that door you just ignored and it will be open. Grab the treasure, pull the lever in here then head back to the room you were just in for further treasure.

Kill the rest of the creatures in the area (watch out for a super-hard screamer) and you will see a door with a button, open it and explore the rooms inside. Look for a shield on the floor then go south and collect a chest full of goodies, the stairs down are just round the corner.

Before leaving the level make sure you have plenty of food and water as there isn’t much on the level below.

Level 3 - Choose Your Door, Choose Your Fate

Watch out for some new creatures on this level. The Trolins can inflict great damage if they surround you so try to attack from a distance and the Rock Piles can poison you, attack them with poison clouds.

Head down the corridor and you will see a button on the left wall, press it and head into the secret passage. You will see a teleporter that flashes on and off, look at it then quickly run through when it is off. If you get caught by it, you will end up back at the start of the passage, just try again until you get it. Grab the compass as it is a great help on later levels.

Once you have done this, go back on the original corridor and turn left, head north until you reach a large hall containing six doors. It is up to you which order you complete them in. The order listed below is what I consider to be the best order.

  1. The Matrix: Keep your eye on your compass. There are teleporters in this room that will change your direction. Once you enter the room, turn left and stop where you see an arrow on the floor. Turn right and head west down the hall, watch out for 2 teleporters (one at each junction). You will need to turn round so you are heading west again. You will come to the end where you will see a button on the wall. Press this button then head south, grab the gold key and leave the room the same way you came in. In the south east corner is an illusionary wall, behind which is some more goodies.
  2. Time is of the Essence: Enter the room and you will see a button and an inscription on the wall saying “Hit and Run”, notice that you will come to a dead end if you keep going. Hit the button then run down the corridor as fast as you can and go north through the passageway before it closes. You will come to another button and a pit, have an object in your hand ready (a dagger, dart or rock would do fine), press the button then quickly turn and throw your item across the pit into the teleporter. The pit is then closed. Proceed and you will encounter another button and pit, press the button and quickly step back twice before the pit opens again, you will then see another button which resets everything. Kill the blue creatures and grab the gold key. Simply exit the room the way you came in, the pits will have closed and the passageway opened again.
  3. Chambers of the Guardian: Enter and slay any creatures you encounter. Watch out for the Rockpile, use poison clouds and try and attack it when it rises to attack you. You will see a set of doors and buttons, press the buttons in the following sequence: 7, 4, 1, 6, 3, 5, 2 and you will see that the chest has appeared in the main corridor. Take the Mirror of Dawn out of the chest and use it on the eye switch, kill the mummies and grab the gold key.
  4. Creature Cavern: Simply kill the creatures, enter the eastern door and kill the rest of the creatures then grab the gold key.
  5. Room of the Gem: Upon entering the room, you will see a pit on the left and a gem hole on the right with a door further up. Put an item on the floor to hold the pit closed then proceed across it. Press the button to open the door. You will notice the pit has opened again and your object is now on the same side as you. Throw it across again to secure your escape. Follow the path round until you are going south, then take the first turn east. Keep going grabbing any objects you want on the way and killing all creatures. Look for a button and press it to open a secret passage containing the gem you need to get the gold key. Go right back to the start where you saw the gem hole and door, put the gem in the hole and go inside the room collecting the gold key.
  6. The Vault: Before entering, take the chest from the main hall, put both the coins from it into the coin slot upon entry. Kill all creatures and proceed to the pit, it will say “Cast your influence, cast your might” on the wall. Cast Zo across the pit to open the door then throw an object which will land on the pressure pad and close the pit. Carry on and take the silver coin from the alcove, replace it with another object to hold the door open then use it to open the next door. There are quite a lot of creatures in the next room so be careful. Kill them all, look for a chest and coin slot in the northern area. Use the copper coin from the chest in the slot to open the wall, then press the button, go back down the corridor and head east into the new secret passage that has opened, grab the gold key.

You should now have a total of (at least) six gold keys. Go back to the first corridor on the level and head east, use a gold key in each of the doors. You will pass an altar on the way containing a RA Key; grab it! It is very important and needed to complete the game.

You will see a set of stairs going down to the next level and another door. Open the door and slay the creatures, press the button then go out of the room then east, slay the creatures in the secret passageway and grab the sword.

Before going down the stairs, check you have enough water. Food is not really an issue on the next level but there are no fountains so it is crucial you have enough water.

Level 4 - Worm Level

You need to be careful when fighting the worms on this level. They can inflict great amounts of damage and poison. Also be aware that you will suddenly run into a giant wasp that is very fast and poisonous; keep a spell ready at all times. You will also encounter a ghost which is killed by
casting Des Ew.

Enter and kill the rock pile. Go north then east to where you will see some screamers and more rock piles, kill them and grab the gold coins they drop (you need them later). Go back round and head west to a door blocking your way.

Grab the axe (good weapon) and break the door down as you have done previously. The next section is a little tricky, look for a button on the south wall, press it then quickly sidestep to the west using your keyboard before the door shuts. Watch out for the wasp in this area!

Look out for a slime outlet on a southern wall, a gold key is hidden in it. Grab it for later. Keep going, head south then north, look for an illusionary wall on the west for some more goodies. Take out any worms you see. Go east and look for a wooden door then another wooden door beyond it.

After passing the second door, head north then east, look in the room for a Teowand. Go back west then north, you will see a coin slot. If you put a coin in it, it activates a teleporter to the south that stops monsters following you. Watch out for the ghost in the area.

Keep going north then go east and south to find a shield. Go north again and you will come to a wall saying “Shortcut”. It is up to you if you use it, you will need a gold key. I would recommend going the long way for more experience and goodies. The path is fairly straightforward, just kill any worms you see. You will end up at a room containing a Rapier.

Take the door to the south and go south, there is an illusionary wall on the way containing some more goodies. Kill all rock piles and worms and keep going (you can‘t go wrong) until you reach a room with an iron grate containing some screamers, each time you come back to this room after killing the screamers, there will be more screamers. It is handy to train your champions but don’t bother just yet because you don’t have access to nearby water. Look for an illusionary wall north of this room containing more goodies.

Keep going until you come to a pit where it says “This is my prisoner, let him suffer”, making sure you grab the bow on the way (it is essential later on). Throw something across the pit to kill the prisoner then you will notice the walls around him disappear, this will also release a load of worms which you can either hack through the door further down and go in and attack them or you can fry them at point blank range with fireballs and poison spells. Either way, the stairs down to the next level are just beyond here. Grab the Horn of Fear and go down.

Level 5 - The Poisoned Lair

Be careful of the slime creatures, they can poison you from a distance. Attack them with fireballs and poison. Attack the Couatls (snakes) in a similar fashion, poison is very effective against them so have a few poison bolts ready (Des Ven).

Head south. The second passage to the east will lead you to some stairs, press the button at the top of the stairs for a shortcut back to where the screamer room is. You now have an unlimited supply of food and water so it might be worth training your characters. Go back and take the first eastern passage to the Treasure Stores.

Again, it is up to you which order you tackle the four doors. I will list them in the order I deem the best. Use your compass to determine which one I am talking about.

  • South Door: Go to the south, make sure you grab the gem behind the door. Then go back where you came but head east. You will need to press the buttons in this room in sequence. Go as far south as possible and hit the button on the west wall. Take 3 steps north then look to the west for a new button, press it. Now look to the east part of the room for the final button, this opens a passage to the west with some more goodies inside.
  • East Door: Proceed down this hall and it will appear as if you are going forever. Turn around and look in the south-western corner for a button. Press it and go as far north as possible then head east. Slay all the Couatls and make sure you explore the eastern-most passage as you are opening a secret passage. Go back the way you came and grab the Illuminet from the new passage.
  • West Door: You will see a room full of teleporters. To begin with, enter the one to the north. Grab the Mirror of Dawn. Enter the eastern teleporter the west one, the south one, north one then the east one. You will find yourself in a new owner. Use the lever to close the pit, hack the doors to the store rooms and clear out the items.
  • North Door: You will see a room containing pits, each time you step on a square, invisible pads toggle pits open and closed. If you step on a square and it opens pits, step back on it to close them. It is easier than it looks, really. The north-eastern room holds some goodies, clear it out then head for the north west room. Upon entry go south and look for an illusionary wall on the east then one beyond it on the south. Keep going (watch out for the teleporter that changes your direction) and look for a set of stairs down, kill the skeletons and grab all the potions. Now press the button at the top of the stairs. Head south then west and you will find yourself back near the start of the level.

There is nothing else on this level so head down the stairs at the end of the first corridor to the Riddle Room.

NB: Once you have the blue gem (along with the Mirror of Dawn, bow and gold coin you should already have) you have all the items you need to proceed to level 6, the rest of the rooms hold treasure only.

Level 6 - The Riddle Room

Be careful with the skeletons because just like mummies, they can inflict great damage if they surround you. The beholders are capable of casting Zo spells and can, therefore, open doors with buttons. Be wary of them
at all times.

The riddle room is solved as follows, simply place the item required in the alcove, you can take it away again if you want it:
“Hard as Rocks…” - Blue Gem
“I am all, I am none” - Mirror of Dawn
“A golden head and tail…” - Gold Coin
“I arch yet have no back” - Bow

Exit and grab the key from the alcove on the way. Tackle the doors in the order you wish.

  • South Door: Head to the west of the pit and pull the lever to activate the teleporter, put an item in the teleporter to open the door. Grab the iron key. To retrieve your item, enter the teleporter then press the switch to close the pit.
  • Grave of King Filius: You need to press two of the buttons, these are the ones on to the left (north) of where you enter the room, these open a secret passage. Grab the key.
  • Grave of King Milius: Put a coin in the crack then grab the key from the secret passage.

Use the iron keys to open the passage. If you head south (“I don’t like to be ignored”) you can find some goodies. Look for a button on the northern wall, head south through the secret passage and look for another button, hit it and head back north to grab the goodies in the secret passage. You will also see a hexagonal pad, get a monster to stand on it then go through the south-eastern passage. Grab the goodies and if you get trapped just hit the button on the wall to be released.

Head to the “I Hate Cowards” section and open the door with one of your iron keys. You will see a closed door which can be opened with an iron key for some more goodies. Hit the wall ring opposite it to expose a secret passage. Go down this passage and head north. Look for a button on the wall that will reveal another secret passage holding a Vorpal Blade, this is a good weapon later in the game when you encounter non-material creatures. Make your way back the way you came and head north.

You will come to a teleporter and a door. You need to get to the other side to get the solid key you need to proceed. You can either cast a Zo spell to open the door or hit the button, it is all about timing, if you end up being teleported back to the start, try again. There is another teleporter on the other side of the door, just avoid it, grab the solid key and head back.

Use the solid key in the door to the west. You will come to a puzzle called “Test Your Strength”, have your strongest character throw a dagger or something down the hall, if you get the object back, you will need to try again. If not, you will notice that the door at the other end has opened and revealed some more goodies for you.

You will find some more goodies further west but you want to take the passage to the north. Go west and you will come to a junction where you can go south or keep going west. Look on the north wall for a button that reveals a shortcut back to level 5 should you need it. If you go west then north at this junction you will find a teleporter that will teleport you to later in this level. Don’t bother with it, it only teleports you a little bit further. Instead head south.

If you go west then north, you will find a room full of beholders. Take the second west turning, head south then take the first turning to the east then the north, you will find a room with another Vorpal Blade in (grab it). Watch out for skeletons in this area.

After grabbing the Vorpal Blade, head south then take the first east. Pull the lever and quickly head north and through the east door. If the door shuts before you make it, just pull the lever and try again. Watch out for the wasp in this room. There are some more items in here for you should you want them. Head back out of this room then go south and east. You will know if you are going the right way if you see a door to the north containing a beholder and some treasure. You will arrive at the stars down and a VI Altar.

Level 7 - Tomb of the Firestaff (first time)

You do not have the keys to progress very far on thislevel. Use the RA Key from level 3 to open the first door if you like but you can’t progress any further until you have the keys from further down in the dungeon.

Level 8 - The Arena

This level is not as tricky as it first appears. Just watch out for the ghosts (have your Vorpal Blades ready and some Des Ew spells) and gigglers (they steal your items). Mummies and Skeletons should be dealt with by using magic and weapons.

You need to collect two keys from this level. Go to the north-eastern section of the room and look for a solid key on the floor then head for the north-west (where the fireballs are coming from). Push the buttons on the northern walls to stop the fireballs teleporting round the level then go right up to the holes and grab the chest containing the Skeleton key. You now have everything you need to exit the level and if you wish to do so now, skip to the last paragraph. If not, read on for details on how to gain some more treasure.

If you head south of the entrance to the level, you will see a hexagonal pad that closes a pit to the east. Step on it, cross the pit then look for a button on the eastern wall. This opens a passage near where the pit was. There is also a passage in the western area of the room opened by a switch on the wall. Again, you will need to close the pit first.

In the north-east area there is a big switch on the wall that reveals a secret passage containing a Staff of Manar. South of here is another button that will open a passage to the east containing a some Ful bombs and a Mace.

In the south-east, there is a passage opened by a small switch behind a fireball teleporter. Press the switch and head down the passage, you will find a long corridor heading west, keep going and stop when you stand on the third pressure pad. Turn around and head north into the secret passage, kill all creatures (this stops the fireballs altogether in the main level) and grab the items, the Delta is a good sword. Look for a further passage through the door and to the north.

To leave this level, look for a locked door in the western area, use your solid key to open it. Before going down the stairs, use your skeleton key in the skeleton lock. This opens the “Skeleton Stairs” that you will need to use later in the game. Go down the stairs to level 9.

Level 9 - Rat Level

You will encounter some rats in this level that are quite tough but a good source of food. Note also the water supply. You will also encounter Vexirks that can cast spells at you, do not let them corner or surround you. There are also Rusters that are quite easy to deal with.

Look for a wall to the south saying “When is rock not rock?”. The wall just left of this is an illusion so walk through then head east for some goodies, look out for a switch in this room that reveals some more objects in a secret passage near the exit. Head west now.

Once you are back on the main passage, walk slowly and watch your compass, it will change to east; you have been turned round and are now heading back the way you came. Simply turn round on that spot and carry on going west then north, there are some items in a secret passage operated by a button to the far north and the exit is to the east.

Once you have left the previous room, head north and you will see a closed door to your left, this is not the one you want just yet, you want the one further north; it will have a chest on the floor behind it. Pull the lever to open a pit and drop the chest down to a chamber on the next level. Now go through that door you just passed and you will see a set of stairs going down, go down and grab the chest, take the gem out.

The scroll will say “Put the gem back”, what this means is the gem needs to go back where the chest originally was. Go back there and close the pit with the lever. Now go east and look for a set of stairs going up. You will find yourself on a corridor on the level above. Look for a small switch to reveal some skeletons and treasure but you should throw the gem down the northern pit, then go back to level 9 to find the door blocking your progress has opened or simply jump down the pit yourself (that’s what we all did back then…) and you will be on the other side of the door which you can then open with a button if you want to go back.

You will come to a room full of pads and a wall that says “What is under foot is soon overhead”. You need to hold these pads down with items to stop the fireballs hitting your party. Be quick about it. Once you have weighed them all down, head north then all the way to the west, grabbing the rope on the way.

Grab the corbamite at the far west then press the button to reveal a secret passage, kill the Vexirk, grab his skeleton key then go back to the fireball puzzle but head south. You can then go east then north for an open door containing a rat generator (a handy source of food) or go further south then west and look for a wall saying “Lighter than a feather”, put the Corbamite in the alcove then go through the door.

Take the southern exit from this room and head south, put your skeleton key in the lock to unlock the Skeleton stairs, you can go straight back up to level 8 now should you need anything. Go back north and through the door on your left, grab the RA Key, it is important then leave the level.

Level 10 - The Snake

This level contains skeletons and beholders which you have already met many of. Watch out also for the gigglers but the main problem on this level are the scorpions; try not to get too close to them, attack them from a distance because they can inflict great damage and poison.

Upon entry, you will see a wall on the north saying “Beware my twisted humour. The deceiver, the Snake”, you need to travel the next hallway in a snake-like fashion. Head south first, then north, then south again and finally north then take the exit to the east, kill the skeletons and grab the Key of B off the floor.

You can then choose the door you take. If you choose the one to the left, you encounter two scorpions (be warned…), if you choose the one to the right, you encounter beholders. Either way, the monsters will drop a Key of B, grab it and head to the east to find the exit door.

You will come to a wall saying “Zoooom”, once you step on the first pressure pad, you will be teleported around the room at speed. You can’t come to any harm whilst going round so look at your compass and work out the directions in which you are travelling. You will see a teleporter to the east which should be avoided (it will send you back to the start of the level) but if you step off the pressure pads on the square next to it, you get some extra items. To leave this puzzle, simply step off at the south.

Head west and you will come to a door with a button, open it and go into the room but do not press the red button inside or it will release the creatures. All creatures in this room are held in place by invisible teleporters so do away with each of them by using fireballs and throwing weapons. If you head west, you can find a bow by pressing the button on the wall. Leave the room by heading south, head east then look for a door with a button to the north.

Grab the armour from this room if you wish, look for a secret button on the southern wall revealing more goodies. Leave the room and head east again, stop when you get to a larger room.

Look on the northern walls, you will find a small switch, press it then head south-east, you will see a skeleton and a scroll behind a secret passage, look on the east wall for a button, press it and go back to where the original button was, you will notice that there is now a new secret passage containing some armour, grab it. The west wall is an illusion that hides some Boots of Speed (very handy).

After clearing out the treasure, go north for two open doors, enter and have a look to the east, this is where the skeleton lock on this level is but you can’t open it just yet. Go further north and you will come to two more open doors, take the one further west.

Upon entering this new room, look east and you will see a button on the wall, press it and slay the beholders, grab the skeleton key (now you can unlock the Skeleton Stairs at any time you wish) and enter the passageway for another button, press it then go the north-east part of the room, you will find the Hardcleave axe, grab it as it is useful against the knights you will encounter later.

Leave this passageway and head west along the northern corridor, you will see a room to the west containing a magnifying glass (required for a later puzzle - grab it!). If you press the red button in this room, you will be teleported back to earlier in the level. You can teleport from there back to this location. Not really much use but if you missed anything earlier on then it’s quite handy. Leave this room, head east, then south then east again for the exit.

Level 11 - Clockwise Level

On this level, you will encounter blue ogres that you met on level 3, wasps, more gigglers and water elementals that should be dealt with by using your Vorpal Blades and casting Des Ew.

The first puzzle is very annoying indeed. Go west then south and you will see a wall saying “Turn back”, do so, go north then east and you will come to a wall saying “clockwise”, stop here and go west for the iron key. Go back to the “clockwise” text and look to the south, take one step forward and stop, now turn around and you should see a door with a keyhole, put the iron key in this keyhole. Grab the chest and remove the solid key, you are now going to use it to unlock the way to the rest of the level. Go back out of the door, head south then take one step west and turn back, follow the path round and you will see a gold lock on the wall, use the solid key in it (watch out for wasps) and turn back. Head east, south, west then north and you will see that there is now no lock in the place the lock was. Turn east now and you will see the “Clockwise” sign, again turn south and take one step forward, turn around again and you will be back at the door where the chest was, only you will find that there is a new passageway. Phew!

If you head south from here, you will see a wooden door containing an alcove and a load of poison holes. Bash the door open (this will stop it trapping you in there) and prepare some VI potions. Head down the hallway and grab the Diamond Edge off the shelf, this will activate poison. Either run as fast as you can out of the room or throw the Diamond Edge down the hall, this will prevent further poison.

Now head north, grabbing the Fury from the west room on the way then east, keep going until you cannot go any further east then head south, you have secretly opened a passageway on your way through and should see a tiny switch on the wall, press it and grab the skeleton key from the new passage it forms. Now head back west then south and you will come to a wooden door with metal bars on it.

Go through this door and kill any monsters that you see. Look around on the floor for the Cross Key, grab it and choose a door. The west door contains hordes of Trolins (blue meanies), the south door contains Water Elementals and the east door contains wasps. It makes no difference which one you choose because you end up at the same place. Make your way through your chosen door and battle your way through, grabbing any coins you see along the way, you will eventually come to a door that opens with a pressure pad. Go through this door and head south then west for a door with a button, go through this door.

If you look to the west, you will see a button on a southern wall, hit it then go south for a secret passage containing some cool armour. Head east and you will come to two iron doors with buttons, proceed into the room and carry on heading east, take the first turning to the north.

Before carrying on to get the Ruby key, look at the wall to the north, it is an illusion so step through it, from here step through the east wall then the north one and look to the east for some more Boots of Speed (grab them). Make your way back to the main passageway and go through the door, you will see the skeleton lock for this level on the left and an eye switch on the right.

Unlock the skeleton lock. The writing on the wall says “Enlarge My View” so press the magnifier from the previous level against the eye (hope you kept it!). Follow the newly revealed passage to the east and you will be transported to the Ruby Key, grab it and you will be transported back. Now get out of here back onto the main corridor and go east, you will see the stairs down to the north but carry on going.

You are now in a room where you can swap the copper coins for bonus items. I will start with the one in the north-west corner (party facing north) and work round clockwise (hey!) and tell you what each one contains:

  1. (North wall, on the left): two more copper coins, probably best to open this one first.
  2. (North wall, on the right): Cross Key
  3. (East wall, on the left): Chest full of food
  4. (East wall, on the right): Green Magic Box
  5. (South wall): Ven Potion
  6. (West wall, on the left): Ful Bomb
  7. (West wall, on the right): Ful Bomb and green Magical Box

After getting the items you want, go down the stairs.

Level 12 - Oitus and Armour

You encounter some new creatures here, the knights are best defeated using weapons (not magic), the Oitus are best defeated using fireballs and poison and for the Materialisers, use your Vorpal Blades and Des Ew spells.

Enter and head south, you will see a pressure pad on the floor. I am going to refer to anything to the right (west) of this point at “Section A” and anything to the left (east) of this point as “Section B”. Note that each time you step on the pad, it toggles a row of pits in the large room open and closed, these pits are hard to see so best keep them closed at all times.

Head for section A, go past the locked door (you will open that later), go west then south and look for a large switch on a northern wall, press it and head to the large room at the start of section B.

In the centre of this room is a small room containing the Topaz Key, grab it and go back to section A to unlock the door you passed earlier. Inside, kill the knight and grab the Emerald key off him, go out of this room, head west then north, there is a button on an east wall that will open a west passage containing the Snake Staff (cool weapon). Go north from here and unlock the emerald door.

Grab the RA Key from beyond the emerald door then head north and look in the room to the east, push the green button on the northern wall and head back to section B and into the large room again (sorry!).

Take the south-eastern exit and go north, you will see two doors leading east, one with a button and one without, inbetween these doors, on the east wall, is a button that connects the two rooms beyond them. Hit it then go through the door with the button, head north then east. You can go south to collect the Darc Armour but you want to go north.

Go through the wooden door and you can go east, there is a secret passage here that is opened by stepping on the next to the last square three times. Go north after entering the door and you will eventually come to the door containing the skeleton key and some other goodies. Now make your way back to the part in section A where you pressed the green button (sorry!).

Head north-east from here, along the way you will find some corn, an apple and a morning star. You will eventually get on a path heading east, stop about two thirds of the way down this path and look for a button in a southern passage, this opens a shortcut back to where you just came from should you need it. From here go east then south and you will eventually come to three doors, one to a wall saying “Cowards will be hunted down and killed”.

Make sure you have full health and some VI potions and spells ready, step forward onto the pressure pad and open the doors one at a time killing the Oitus that emerge from them, stay on the same spot because if you step off, it opens all three doors and releases Oitus after you. Once you have wiped them out, look inside the room for some more goodies including the Boots of Speed. The chances are that unless you are very quick, more Ouitus will generate and come after you.

Go back the way you came and head west into a room containing some Materialisers, kill them and look for the exit (and open door to the south then east), go through it and press the red button to open the next door and reveal the moving pits.

Look at the way the pits move, carefully make your way across them, if you fall down just try again, there is a teleporter on the level below that sends you back up. After the pits, grab the Master Key from the alcove. You can go south for the skeleton lock but don’t unlock it, instead go north for the exit to level 13.

Level 13 - Chaos Level (first time)

Head west and look for the skeleton lock (don‘t bother with the main part of the level). Use one of the skeleton keys in it and head back up. You will emerge at the end of level 8 (The Arena), make your way up the stairs to level 7.

Level 7 - Tomb of the Firestaff (second time)

Use your 3 RA keys to open the doors to this level. You will see doors with turquoise locks to the north but don’t touch them for now, you don’t have the key. Go to the door that says “Danger, enter with caution” and open it with your Ruby Key.

There are lots of goodies for you inside this door, help yourself. Make your way east and look for a button on the north wall, it is about three quarters of the way down, it opens the western passage that you will use later. Go through the end door.

Grab the Turquoise key from under the ashes in the southern alcove then hit the small button to open a room full of scrolls. Amongst them is the final RA Key, grab it and go back to outside the “Danger” room.

Going from west to east, here is what the Turquoise doors contain:

  • Door 1: Storm (sword that casts lightning), Flamebain (armour to protect against fire).
  • Door 2: Crown of Nerra, Green Magic Box.
  • Door 3: Dragon Spit (useless staff, originally meant to have spellcasting abilities), Boots of Speed.
  • Door 4: Spectre of Lyf (good staff), Illuminet, Gem of Ages. It is up to you which door you choose. You only have one key.

Head south and you can get The Inquisitor (great sword) after killing the two golems but the door you want is the one with the RA lock. Open it and follow the corridor to the centre of the room. Use your Master Key in the lock (either side), grab the Firestaff, either kill the golems or run away, it really doesn’t matter at this point in the game.

Head back to the “Danger” room and go through the secret passage on the west that you opened earlier, head south and about a third of the way down is a button on the east wall. Hit it then head back north to grab the Winged Key in the secret passage.

Go south again then east, slaying the golem on the way and you will be at the end of the level.

Level 8 - The Arena

Hit the green button to reveal the Skeleton staircase. Either head down the Skeleton staircase or the one you have just came down, either way you end up in near enough the same place. If you follow the new set of stairs, you need to press a red button at the bottom then head south-west for the rest of the Skeleton stairs. Either way, you want to end up in a room with a Winged lock.

Level 14 - Dragon Level

Put the Winged Key into the lock to reveal a new passageway, go east and pull the lever to reveal the main part of the level. Step out of the passageway taking two steps to the south, then one to the east, you will see some ashes on the floor which you need to move to get the square key.

You will no doubt run into the dragon, use fireballs and poison clouds but it is not necessary to kill the dragon to win the game. It does provide some good food if you are short. Use the square key to open the door to the far east. There are loads of gems and coins about but they are of very little use unless one of your characters dies, they open the altar in the next room. Proceed into the next room.

You will see the Amalgam on the northern wall. Cast Zo Kath Ra and put the plasma into the Amalgam then put The Firestaff in. You then receive the upgraded Firestaff which must be used to fuse Lord Chaos. Now head up the western stairs to level 13.

Level 13 - Chaos Level (second time)

Use magic to kill the demons on this level. It would be a good idea to cast Fireshield. Also kill the Fire Pots with your Vorpal Blades, Des Ew or Fuse them with The Firestaff. Now look for Lord Chaos. Note that there is a boundary in place meaning no creatures can follow you back to the stairs leading back to level 14.

To finish off Lord Chaos, you must contain him in Fluxcages then cast Fuse. The north-eastern room is a pretty good place to do this. Do not cast Fluxcage on the square that Chaos is on, just on all squares around him. He has the ability to teleport away unless completely contained in Fluxcages/walls. If he disappears when you cast Fuse, he has teleported away, go and look elsewhere for him. You will know when you have done it right when fire starts to appear from Lord Chaos, you will then see the fusion of Lord Chaos and Lord Order and you have won the game, congratulations! Now have a go at CSB...

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