The Angel's Egg

1.4 for RTC V0.48
Richard Smith (a.k.a. Des)
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2006, April 21
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2008, March 29

It is the year 3000 and Lord Chaos has discovered an ancient and long-sealed labyrinth that protects a secret gateway to Hell. His plan is to free a horde of demons to wreak havoc on earth. No living human may enter this place, but Lord Order has placed some dead heroes from the 20th century as guardians, to be activated only when there is a danger of the portal opening.

This danger has now manifested itself as Lord Chaos has gone to the portal, and is attempting to unlock it. It is believed that it will take him some time to discover how to do this, and in the meantime Lord Order invoked another countermeasure. He summoned a mysterious being called The Octave Doctor from the planet Gong, who is the possessor of the Angel's Egg - a holy artefact of great power which if correctly used has the power to nullify the portal.

The Octave Doctor entered the labyrinth with his entourage of pot-head pixies in order to deliver the artefact and scribe clues to aid the heroes. Alas the mischievous pixies made most of the inscriptions in an ancient and slightly ridiculous language called "Klassikrok", and as a punishment, the Octave Doctor left them all in the dungeon when he returned to Gong.

No more than four of the dead heroes can be animated at any one time, and their goal is to discover the secret of the Angel's Egg, and thus disable the portal. If they succeed, Lord Chaos will not be able to reactivate it for another 1000 years, when the fate of the living world will once again be in the hands of the heroic dead.


This dungeon was originally developed to run under CSBWin but has been ported to run on RTC via DMute, and improved in the process.

The heroes in this adventure start at slightly higher level than in standard DM, and have slightly higher stats. This is to compensate for the non-linear nature of the dungeon which means you may well encounter powerful monsters on the early levels. There are some "training" areas which are essential to visit if you decide to go for reincarnated characters (imported parties are not allowed).

Don't underestimate the importance of coins. There are only a limited number available, use them wisely. They have many uses, including buying your way out of trouble. However you are never stuck if you are skint, the alternative is generally jumping down a pit, though you might not like where you end up.

There are no rune restrictions in this game. I'm not a fan of this, and even if I was it would be very harsh in a chaotic non-linear dungeon like this. There are some decent spell-casters in the Hall of Champions and you need 'em!

Version 1.0
Initial Beta release
Version 1.0.1
Increased party Health points, reduced strength of poison shooters.
Version 1.0.2
Fixed problem with skeleton generator, minor tweaks.
Version 1.0.3
Fixed trigger problems - suicidal golem and lightning bolts.
Version 1.0.4
Adjustment to character stats + fix one trigger.
Version 1.0.5
Minor problems fixed + diffuculty tweaks (harder).
Version 1.0.6
Potential no-win situation remidied.
Version 1.0.7
Character stats altered to solve reincarnation inequites + other tweaks.
Version 1.1
First full release under RTC 0.37.
Version 1.2
Updated for RTC 0.38 - some new weapons and secret URL for maps added
Version 1.3
Updated for RTC 0.43 - no significant changes.
Version 1.4
Updated for RTC 0.48 - dead end added in 1.2 fixed, pixie avalanche fixed
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