CSBwin tool - SpliceCSB


SpliceCSB is a command line tool created by Paul Stevens to splice several CSBwin recordings into a single log file.
CSBwin can record the game while you play and will produce a new log file each time you save and restart the game.
SpliceCSB allows you to join these log files in order to produce a single recording so that you can watch the whole game easily.

SpliceCSB starts by reading with the last log file produced. It looks to see where the log file started. It started from a saved game, of course. Then it examines all the other log files to find the one that created that saved game. Then it repeats this process.


Put SpliceCSB.exe and your last log file in the same folder.
Put the other log files in the same folder or in any subfolders named 'Logs00' to 'Logs99'. You can store up to 100 log files in each folder.
Using several folders is useful when you have several log files with the same name.
In Windows Explorer, drag your last log file on SpliceCSB.exe.


Download the latest version from Paul Stevens' web site
Version 2.4 is the latest available at the time of this writing (SpliceCSB24.exe).