Overview is an updated version of ADGE by kentaro-k.21.
The original program (developed using Visual Basic 6) was converted to Visual Basic .Net.
The dependencies on Forms 2.0 was removed and this new version is now compatible with Windows Vista (it also runs on Windows XP).


The first time you use, you need to run the publish\setup.exe program. It will install the prerequisite software that needs using ClickOnce. Then you have to terminate started by ClickOnce.
For subsequent uses, you need to run Run publish\Application Files\ADGE_0_4_8_46\ADGE.exe.


Tool~ADGEnet~PC~Version_20090308~Software.rar Tool~ADGEnet~PC~Version_20090308~Software.rar
This archive contains the program.
Tool~ADGEnet~PC~Version_20090308~Source.rar Tool~ADGEnet~PC~Version_20090308~Source.rar
This archive contains the source code (Visual Basic .Net 2008 Express).


Version (March 8, 2009)

  • fix: EndOfStreamException causes when reading item 562 on lzw compressed form. fixed by reseting file position after lzw decompression.

Version (December 18, 2008)

  • imp: Palette modifier to display items in action area (Bytes20194Editor) implemented.
  • imp: Ingame Palettes Editor Main implemented ([Ingame Palettes Editor Main] in [Editors] menu).
  • imp: Ingame Palettes Editor Sub implemented ([Ingame Palettes Editor Sub] in [Editors] menu).
  • fix: Edit Palette in Wall Decoration Graphic Info Editor will now work.
  • fix: Edit Palette in Floor Item Graphic Info will now work.
  • imp: item562 offset 1278-1533; "ingame palettes editor" will affect editors' palettes, except on Main Title's palette.

Version (December 8, 2008)

  • fix: Import in Graphic Editor will now import selected file. older ver used relative path access, and it caused failure on certain environment.
  • fix: Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.dll is now included again.

Version (December 7, 2008)

  • fix: the item "0000 [Interface - Dialog Box] .bmp" in Import/Export Manager now can be detected if you have it on your work directory.
  • fix: Import all and Import selected cmds in Import/Export Manager now import images with correct palette. import function in older version is malfunction. in old ver, trying export all and import all cmds mess up most images due to wrong palette selection in the import process.
  • fix: Export cmd in Graphic Editor now export image with correct palette nevertheless recently opened Graphic Editor window. older version exports the active Graphic Editor's image with recently opened Graphic Editor's palette!
  • fix: double-clicking one of "items with this combo" in Combo Editor now displays correct item. older version showed "077 FINE ROBE" if you try to show "177 MAGNIFIER".
  • fix: widen controls' width in Monster Editor.
  • fix: white rectangle in Clickable Button Editor now appears.
  • imp: Clickable Button Editor now loads button definition(name, desc, samplepic) from external source. check "_csbbuttons.xml" file.

Version (December 4, 2008)

  • fix: massive exporter now exports contents into correct work folder.
  • fix: massive exporter for raw data now exports contents in correct file size.
  • fix: resolved some possibly potential problems. (1) eliminate almost "As Object" declarations from source code. (2) eliminate illegal CDbl(...) code bits which cause System.InvalidCastException on Import/export operations.
  • fix: Import cmd in Hex Editor now shows 4 digits prefix number.
  • fix: Import and Export cmds in Graphic Editor now shows correct 4 digits prefix number. older version showed decremented item number by 1. this version shows correct item number displayed in Main window.
  • fix: Import cmd in Graphic Editor now doesn't keep lock for your bitmap file. you can edit bitmap file after import cmd.
  • fix: "Export As IMG1..." cmd in Main Window now exports bitmap with correct color palette.
  • fix: "Export all" and "Export selected" cmds in Import/Export Manager now exports bitmap with correct color palette.
  • imp: "Export all" and "Export selected" cmds in Import/Export Manager now instructs how to resolve it if any of items cannot be exported due to PathTooLongException problem.
  • imp: itemList in Main window now accepts keyboard input such as Up, Down, Space, and Enter keys.

Version (July 20, 2008)

  • fix: modify wear location by clicking placeholder icon is now ok. (for misc, weapon, armor and food editors)
  • fix: attack editor can show selected combo correctly.
  • imp: attach small icon for selected item in the list.
  • fix: imported corrected descriptions at MonsterEditor and MonsterGraphicInfoEditor editors, posted by Adamo and Zoom! see also ADGE.
  • fyi: eliminated all the compile warnings.
  • imp: list item can be selected by selecting item (rather than clicking by mouse.)
  • fix: monster graphic info editor fixed bad monster color.
  • fix: creature graphic info, floor item graphic info, door decoration graphic info, button graphic info, floor decoration graphic info, wall decoration graphic info editors now can move (x,y) position by drag and drop operation.
  • fix: missile graphic info editor fixed graphic preview.
  • fix: button graphic info editor fixed displaying not mirrored image.


  • First release