Theron's Quest conversion

0.02/0.01 for RTC 0.44
Date published: 
2006, December 21
Date last updated: 
2006, December 21

Theron's Quest conversion for RTC, as close as possible to the original.
The game is complete and there is even an Easter egg at the end just for fun. ENJOY!

Ak-Tu-Ba dungeon
"Ak-Tu-Ba" dungeon

The City of Formicia dungeon
"The City of Formicia" dungeon

Village of Thieves dungeon
"Village of Thieves" dungeon

Tower of Drator dungeon
"Tower of Drator" dungeon

Den of Shadodan dungeon
"Den of Shadodan" dungeon

The Tomb of Sarmon dungeon
"The Tomb of Sarmon" dungeon

Demon's Gate dungeon
"Demon's Gate" dungeon



1) Enthusiasts who want to be able to say that they have completed every dungeon master game created.

2) Beginners will find Theron's Quest a great introduction to the world of Dungeon Master. It is full of creatures and puzzles, but nothing too complicated or difficult.

3) Anyone who just wants to have fun!


I have to give credit where credit is due:
GG - For putting up with my complaints and hopefully more so that this project can be complete.
thom - I dumped my level selector design (using black doors, blue haze, and teleporters) after seeing thom's demo and I decided to use his (much better) design for the level selector.
Sphenx - I relied on the original conversion by Sphenx to complete some puzzles (brilliant!).

Known bugs: 

1) In the original, the message "GO AWAY AND RESURRECT THERON" is displayed when you try to quit the game when Theron is dead. I had to change this a little because I couldn't find a way to only specify Theron as a dead character. As is, it will display the message "GO AWAY AND RESURRECT ALL PARTY MEMBERS" and will not allow you to quit the mission without resurrecting everyone. I like it better this way anyways.

2) The default behavior of Theron's Quest was to remove all party members after completing each quest and to start Theron out with his default equipment and stats each quest. Since there was no way of doing this with RTC currently, I got rid of this feature. You keep all equipment and characters throughout the game. If this feature is added in a future version of RTC, I will include it.

3) On the first level of "THE TOMB OF SARMON" where you enter, there is an object teleporter there. It is supposed to be 2 spaces south of its location. RTC must respond faster than the original did because when you place the teleporter there, the object you throw flies so fast that the door doesn't have time to open. This doesn't change anything about the puzzle, only the location of the teleporter.

Hints and comments: 


1) "The monsters are really weak!" Yes, this was how the original game was. Theron and his gang were global superpowers compared to the creatures that you encounter.

2) "Where are all the decorations?" Theron's Quest was not built to be pretty. The game lacks the slime on the walls / floor, the random hooks / manacles, the holes in the wall, and all other decorations. I am considering an "Enhanced Theron's Quest for RTC" to resolve both of these... but I'll wait and see how the community feels first.

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