The Two Lovers

3 for RTC 0.45
Dave "boyflea" Gumble
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2006, December 6
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2007, April 9

The Two Lovers
Lord Seth, a foul dragon who once served Lord Chaos, is threatening to break free of his prison.
The prison has a dwindling stock of guardians, the good-natured Brown Vexirk.


For years, many many heroes have tried to bring down Lord Seth once and for all.
The prison dungeon is full of their scattered bones.


Soo and Tristan lay trapped in Lord Seth's prison.
The spark of life can grant one of them the power to overcome Lord Seth.

The Choice

Can you find a way to unite the lovers, save the guardians and defeat Lord Seth?


Too hard to do it alone? Try to find others to help you on your quest!

Good luck!


This is a RTC Dungeon and has been played on v0.45 of the RTC system.
This has been my first attempt at creating a Dungeon, so bear with the creaky start - it gets better. :)
Also, this is a fairly simple dungeon, as you'd expect.
Still it was fun to create.
It has been vastly stabilised since the 0.44 version and has been modified to work with imported characters as well now.
12 secrets to find and a dragon to slay - who could ask for more?


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