The Core

Toni Ylisirniö
Date published: 
2004, February 7
Date last updated: 
2004, February 7

About a year or so back I was working on a very complex new PC DM dungeon. However I never finished the project before succumbing to loss of time and interest. It's not very likely that I'll ever finish it, so I decided to release it as is, since it has (IMHO) some very nice architecture, some clever ideas and other things I'm sure are of interest to someone (assuming there are still people involved in the DM editing scene Wink).

The dungeon is complex set of non-linear intertwining and intersecting paths much like Chaos Strikes Back. (Well, that was the idea). The dungeon is built around a central core (featured prominently in many levels) and has some special interest locations, such as the Graveyard on levels 7 and 8. There is a central room on level 6 which was supposed to be the starting hub for all the paths. Idea was to open the blocks in the room to gather the keys and open the gate south of the room to reach the climax (leads to a large empty hall on level 8 now Smile)

The paths go up and down, often both ways during single path. There were also several planned 'crossings' where the paths join, cross or share areas and 'balconies' where you could see parts of the other paths without being able to cross to them.

That's about as much as I can still remember and quickly glimpse from the Dungeon.DAT file. Have fun!

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