Surgical Strike

V2.2 for RTC V0.37
Date published: 
2005, September 28
Date last updated: 
2005, September 28

The Great Wizard Kelzor was hunched over his experiments, deftly manipulating metals, acids, and bases; with a flash of blue light, he backed away triumphantly from his alchemy, a swirling blue mist having formed upon his workbench.

"Eureka! It is done! Summon the king immediately!"

"But Master," protested his assistant. "It is late, and he is undoubtedly asleep..."

"Then wake him up," snapped Kelzor.


"All shall be forgiven when he sees this. I am sure."


The King arrived in the dank workshop with a scowl upon his face, he was not used to being dragged out of bed. "Kelzor... this had better be worth my while..." he mumbled gruffly.

"Oh, your majesty, it is. What I have created here is nothing short of a teleportation mist that can cover miles rather than mere feet... no longer is one confined to one building, one dungeon, one enclosure. This mist can send a man anywhere in the world..."

"Anywhere?" asked the King, raising his eyebrow.

Kelzor nodded.

"Even into the center of the Black Fortress?"

Kelzor nodded again. Now it was clear why the discovery was so valuable.

"The Fortress..." the King mused. "Thousands of my warriors, hundreds of my mages... all have lost their lives on the borderlands, and for what? Only to keep the forces of evil at bay."

Kelzor nodded again. "With this, we can finally strike at their black heart, and rip it from them."

The King smiled. "I will mobilize my finest men! What magnitude of army can we send through this device?"

"Four..." Kelzor started.

The King looked slightly concered. "Four divisions? A bit short, perhaps, but I will use only veterans, and put my finest knights in command..."

"No, begging the King's pardon, I mean, four. Four individuals."

The King's eyes widened. "FOUR? You expect that we can stop this entire evil horde with only FOUR?"

"It is a strike directly into their nerve center, m'lord."

The King shook his head. "To send four of my greatest champions to die on this mission..." he sighed. "Ah, but they may just as well die on the front lines, as we continue to lose this war. Very well, Kelzor. Choose up to four of my finest champions, and equip them with whatever you need from the armory."

Kelzor did not want to have to say what came next, but he knew that the King should know. "It can only send living matter. They can take no provisions."

"Take... no..." The King sighed, shaking his head. "Then they had best be wise in the ways of magic, as well. I am only authorizing this suicide mission because there is no alternative, Kelzor." With that, he stormed off.



This game plays like CSB, wherein you choose your champions first, and then enter the dungeon right in the middle of the action. Unlike CSB, however, the game requires no restart: You choose your champions, and then step through the long-range teleporter to send yourself to the enemy's domain. Be warned, however, once you have stepped through, there is no returning, so choose your champions wisely!


Here's a new dungeon for RTC called "Surgical Strike," so named because it's a strike deep into the heart of enemy territory.
There are a few new monsters (with new graphics) later on in the dungeon, and a couple of new wallitems. Nothing that's a vast departure from the standard DM/CSB look-and-feel, though.


Unzip into \Modules\ of your RTC directory.


Release 2.2
- Now works with RTC 0.37
- Monster generators have been toned down a bit
- Champion abilities are better balanced
- New twists, turns, and subquests
- Some of the less-good puzzles have been made more logical or replaced
- Secret areas are now tallied using secrets system of RTC 0.35+
- New monsters have been added and old f(r)iends get new attack methods
- Lots of new items and spells to find!

Hints and comments: 

Monters poems
Sword and shield it brings to fight,
Unseeing eyes as black as night.

Three different hues but their deadly game,
Is played by all exactly the same.

Worms everywhere...

Just rags and dust, without a soul,
Killing you its only goal.

Though it may bring you easy food,
Beware the keepers of this brood.

Weak of body but strong of jaw,
Beware this one's gaping maw.

Shrieking serpent from beyond the void,
Poison fang you had best avoid.

A terrible beast that knows no fear,
If it's there it will soon be here.

Armored horror strikes without fail,
Death delivered by a yellow tail.

Crafted from a toxic brew,
Their foul stench sickens you.

They appear where heroes roam,
Defenders of Chaos' newest home.

The best of the best of the worst,
In sheer vileness they rank first.

The strongest venom of them all,
Your legs give out and then you fall.

Your precious Mana it will drain,
Replacing it with none but pain.

Like the others it steals what it will,
Yet this one can also kill.

Fear not for they are friend to man,
Helping to unravel Chaos' foul plan.

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