Sukumvit's Labyrinth II

2.0d for RTC V0.48
Date published: 
2004, December 6
Date last updated: 
2008, April 18

Main screen

Fang, capital of Chiang May province, a beautiful and calm city, but too small for its governor, the evil Baron Sukumvit.
To provide trade and attract foreigners, he created a new competition : the Trial of Champions.
Fifteen years ago, he invented the darkest and most dangerous dungeon ever. During five years, all people who tried to find the way out never came back.
But ten years ago, a mysterious adventurer won the first Trial of Champions and got very rich.
Then, a new dungeon was created... Again five years later, a courageous slave won the second Trial and got freedom.
This year, the 1st of May 623, a new dungeon has just been constructed : darker and harder than the previous ones.


Four champions are taking the plunge :
- Izel, Child of Urumqi, a young but endowed priest and wizard. (low stats character for specialists)
- Lippo, Prince of Tamriel, an elf archer and fighter. (character recommended for beginners)
- Shubon, King of Heimdal, a strong and skilful dwarf.
- Herk, the Brutal, a powerful and furious berserker.

Choose one of them and find the way out !

One Hero


* Characteristics :
- 6 levels + 1 champion level
- Linear style (mostly)
- Restricted runes
- Monsters from both DM and CSB + EOB
- New portraits bitmaps
- No Hint Oracle but a hint file
- Monsters are slightly different because of RTC engine : for example, dragons don't run away from poison clouds.

* Greetings to :
- George Gilbert for creating the wonderful RTC engine and editor.
- Ian Livingstone who made me dreaming during my childhood and inspired me a lot : some names, puzzles are from "Deathtrap Dungeon" and "Trial of Champions".
- and DM forums people of course :)


- download RTC v0.44 at
( )
- copy file "sukumvit2a.RTC" in your Modules directory.
- run RTC then choose "SUKUMVIT'S LABYRINTH II" from the menu.

Known bugs: 

Please report bugs on the Custom Dungeons forum at :


v2.0d on Apr 18 2008 :
- fixed power runes bug

v2.0c on Apr 15 2008 :
- fixed character Izel to be more playable
- fixed some design bugs (munchers area, added "landmarks")

v2.0b on Mar 29 2007 :
- all waterskins are now botas, so that they work with DM2 fountains
- moved to another place the creature which invoked darkness spell without seeing the party
- changed music trigger for final battle
- new monster and new weapon
- few new bitmaps (wallitems)
- new events (Lexus interventions)

v2.0a on Feb 22 2007 :
- modified title screen
- changed characters default actions

v2.0 RTC 0.44 on Feb 21 2007 :
- DM2 wallset (STONE) and many new items from DM2.
- new musics and ambient sounds
- new monsters (DEMONS)
- removed number of party members limitation : difficulty was too high

v1.6 RTC 0.40 on Jul 03 2006 :
- lots of corrections to make the dungeon work in 0.40
- power runes are now contained in the spellbook
- added dm2 bag and money box to carry more objects
- limited party to 2 people max because in DeathTrap Dungeon gamebook, you find only one companion... ;)
- updated hints.txt

v1.5 RTC 0.34 on Jun 26 2005 :
- added eob monsters : beholder
- new -frightening- sounds : kobold, beholder, dragon, lexus...
- gave up with wallsets at the moment : too much work !

v1.4 (unreleased) RTC 0.34 :
- added eob monsters : kenku, kobold
- modified dragon, cloned small rats
- new wallset : stairs down, some decorations

v1.3 (unreleased) RTC 0.34 :
- firestaff lock corrected
- imported eob magicians bitmaps for masters of the trial, instead of vexirks
- started new wallset : walls, floor and roof, doors, keyholes

v1.2 : compiled with RTC v0.32 on Jan 17 2005
- new bitmap replacements : lord grey, green button, outside wallitem
- added some new puzzles and redesigned some areas

v1.1 : compiled with RTC v0.30 on Jan 5 2005 (unstable version)
- added a few new bitmaps done in a hurry for testing : gold ring, ruby and coloured mon vexirk
- made a few changes to some difficult parts

v1.0 : first release on Dec 6 2004 for RTC v0.28 (no more compatible with RTC 0.30)

Hints and comments: 


First steps
Here is perhaps what will be your first steps. So, hints can be useful, aren't they?

This dungeon is not designed for newbies. It is rather linear at the beginning but becomes very chaotic as long as you progress.
There are only 6-level but be warned that :
- you will have to survive without spells for a certain time
- this dungeon is fighter-oriented : you -could- play it without mana at all, except for one puzzle in Dragon's Lair.
- i completed the game in 1h30 approximately with one archmaster test character (999 health) and more than 10 hours with Lippo...

You can choose to read or not read what follows and ask me for help in the forums if you prefer.

----------------------------------------------------- SPOILER -------------------------------------------------------

The dungeon is divided into 3 ways : Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, but you will discover many connections between them.
Each way has a 'Master of the Trial' to defeat. You must find the key to reach him.
First Master guards Emerald, Second Master guards Ruby and Third Master, the strongest, is located into Sapphire.
Each way has a precious stone to be found. These 3 stones will be necessary for the end of the game.

Click on everything you find : gratings, cracks, wall rings, hooks.

You will resurrect/reincarnate stronger champions as long as you go deeper in the dungeon : the strongest champion is Onur.
Skeleton keys are needed to free new champions.

Gold rings are essential and difficult to find, i.e. you must look for tiny switches, fake walls, gratings, etc.
Money : collect lots of coins and find the supermarket.

You are alone, not experienced, with no runes : expect for hard fights and lots of sleeping times.
Do Not Enter room : if you cannot bash the door, you will be able to reach the room later with a skeleton key.
At the compass point you can choose between 2 paths : north path is harder for fighting but there are more puzzles
in south. In the north path, walk very slowly in the poison darts corridor. In the south path, avoid kobolds from
stealing your torch or you will have to fight them in the dark. After completing one of the paths, you will be able
to visit the other one from the prison level or the latrines.

You will meet him several times, mostly at the beginning of your adventure. Follow his instructions to open his jail.
Then, you will be on your own, looking for the runes he concealed into the dungeon.

Kenkus are not very strong but they can wound you, fight them one by one.
You don't need to kill the knight in the connection room, simply avoid being hit by him.
You will meet him again when coming from Ruby, then kill him at this moment.
Living doors : south first, then east.
Screamers and worms area : one of the Red Worms holds a gold key.

They love corbamite.
This is the place where you can take a rest and put the objects you won't need to explore Ruby and Sapphire.
Leave your rings, money, etc... You can choose the path you want, but Sapphire is harder than Ruby.

Be very careful, lots of gazers. The Eye lock will be opened with a magnifier.
Magenta Worms area : there's a very important message from Lexus.
In the fireballs room, find the Kobold who activates the shooter, he holds an iron key. One pit is fake.
Corridor of Dead Ends : you must find a tiny button and you must walk on a plate.
Chambers of the guardians : open the north door in last. There's also a very important hidden key.
Greater Oitu's room : check the wall rings.
Armoury : the Winged Key is located in Sapphire.
2nd Master room : don't walk on the plate before having killed all the clones.

Don't enter here unless you haven't found a Vorpal Blade or the Des and Ew runes.
Water elementals area : take care of fake walls and hidden pits.
Blue Hazes room : find the green button, go down the pit. Be careful, Materializers proliferate.
Under the Blue hazes room : you must cross the blue hazes wall. The lever opens a pit on the upper level.
Revenge of Living doors : when you step on plate, wait for the doors to open, there's a delay. Try to reach south-east corner.
3rd Master room : kill the Hell Hounds, get the Dragon plate and go to the Swamp Slimes area. You will meet the Master later.
Dragon's Lair : open the portcullis with a Zo spell first.

Demons and Flames area : there's a fake wall to find.
Gold Rings Combinations rooms : use gold rings to make your path to the exit.
Gem room : find the right combination to get to the Blood Key.
Second Demons area : kill the High Master by hand if you can (!!!) but the best way is to reach the Firestaff first !

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