The Dark Stronghold of Xarostak

V1.06 for RTC V0.49
Date published: 
2006, October 30
Date last updated: 
2007, January 14

Main door


LORD CHAOS disappeared. Brave heroes spirited him away to a place we cannot know. After he was gone the land was not dark anymore and the people's lives were once again filled with happiness.

But, as always, there are still some friends of the darker things. Some rumours indicate that a couple of unprincipled wizards tried to contact LORD CHAOS at - well, whatever his present location can be named.

Then one day something happened.

The mood in the land became oppressive, the sky was filled with dark clouds, and the people were strained and felt sick all the time. Something changed the world into bad...

News arrived: A citadel exploded some night. There was a conspiratorial meeting of a couple of these wizards who seem capable of everything. Nobody knows what exactly happend that night. But all of them died - except for one: XAROSTAK.

Of all the ambitious Wizards it must be XAROSTAK who survived. Not that he was one of the worst - no, in fact he seemed to be a little bit stupid, fat and equipped with a great passion for silly entertainments. But he was always clever enough to take advantage of everything - even if that meant the death of people. And this behaviour made him rich - now he hires others to carry out his evil intentions.

XAROSTAK has his domicile in a dark stronghold, buried deep in the Mountains of Skuw where he lives, guarded by a mercenary army (and probably by some strange beings, too). Here he carries out his expensive experiments with magical artifacts (and it's said that he has a lot of these things) and he watches his beloved fights of wild creatures against humans, fights that take place in a special arena under the earth. Apparently he very much enjoys seeing the animals win.

And now, in the time after this special wizardmeeting, the dark mood in the land seems centered on his stronghold. Obviously he has a darkening secret hidden in the deepness of the dungeons of his residence.

Are you clever enough to find out what it is? Can you find a way into the dark stronghold and, what may be an even bigger problem, find a way out?

Try to rid the land of the mysterious influence that makes life so bad.



Here is my first Dungeon for RTC.

It uses the traditional graphics in a traditional manner. But my goal was to create a dungeon that seems to be enlivened. Not an empty graveyard but, rather, a stronghold with soldiers and workers in it. That meant that I had to make some new features which are necessary for such a thing. Most of my time was spent drawing bitmaps to decorate my Dungeon - and most of them are
not important for the solution of the game. But I hoped I could enrich the atmosphere and graphics of the original DM.

So what you have now is an open Dungeon where there are no restrictions in wandering around (well . . . surely there must be SOME). Feel free to examine all the rooms, try to find out what they are for, and try to solve the main quest - first of all you have to find out what this is! (Therefore Magic is restricted I suspect finding magic power will be the first aim.) The game as a whole is not too hard and the puzzles are not too strong. The Monsters a bit more difficult.

If you get stuck: I have paid a lot of attention to the hint Oracle. So please ask it before you ask me. In case you are totally stuck even after consulting the Oracle, you can contact me at - search for "thom".

A few words concerning the entrance sequence: The global game-rules make it necessary to choose a Party from these Mirror-Rooms, in the way we all have seen so often. It's not very logical that all the various Dungeons, in which you are to fight against the evil, have a stock of heroes to do the fighting. So I decided to separate the Mirrors-Scene from the rest of the Dungeon. Do not worry about the strange appearence of that sequence - the rest of the game will be more generally familiar.
And like in CHAOS STRIKES BACK you have to choose a party, then to save the game, to restart, to choose "do" from the mainscreen (bottom right), to add your Heros to a new Party and finaly press "enter Dungeon".




I've started Xarostak, have chosen my team but cannot find my way to the main entrance. I go to where I came into the portrait room and there's no way out. I tried saving and reloading. Does the game start this early so that you have to choose the correct type of players for your team?

> You need to restart RTC and using the 'do' menu bottom right, and champion select - like starting CSB


30. Oktober 2006
Xarostak v01
- first release

1. November 2006
Xarostak v02
- cleared a Scroll at Level 1
- corrected Portraits-Images Stats
- corrected Bitmap-Error with Monster "Chef"
- changed bottom of deep abort-pits

7. November 2006
Xarostak v03
- exchanged first Torch
- several small spelling mistakes fixed
- changed doorbehaviour in Level 6
- added wall inscription on Level 5 ("beware of immortal")
- fixed some settings on hellhound
- changed appearence of sign "congratulation"
- add Walltext "Worms only"
- disabled possibility of removing potions in Level 1
- marked entrance to spellbook better

12. November 2006
Xarostak v04
- corrected several torch- and sconce-mistakes :)
- corrected map-icon straw mattress
- deleted a red herring
- slightly redesigned shooting-area Level 1
- several corrections on Level 6 (i.e. deleted dead end in chamber-of-worms)

30. November 2006
Xarostak v05
- compiled for RTC 0.44
- deleted Character TEST

14. januar 2007
Xarostak v06 "revisited"
- much much overwork in general
- spread out some winks and signs for the goal
- deleted many red herrings - items, areas, messages

Hints and comments: 

for Graphik-Support to
Ralf Hinrichsen -

for Translation-Support to
Paul Stevens

and in general
of course to George Gilbert
and to all the helpul creatures at

and last but not least to my patient girlfriend Heike

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