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2.0 for RTC V0.49
Date published: 
2008, June 13
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2008, June 13


The evil wizard XAROSTAK and his dark machinations disappeared. In the last adventure it was possible for you to get into his domicile, the dark stronghold, buried deep in the mountains, guarded by a mercenary army (and by some strange beings, too). There, where he carried out his dangerous experiments with magical artifacts and where he watched his beloved fights of wild creatures against humans, fights that took place in a special arena under the earth - there you where able to destroy his evil secrets and escape from his dungeon.
After he was gone, the land was not dark anymore and the people's lives were once again filled with lightness.

You were idolized, sorrounded by cheers and applause.

But then news arrived: XAROSTAK has also a mansion on his countryside. And in the prison of this peaceful-seeming house, the principal of the Council of Wisdom seems to be taken captive. Obviously there are still some servants of XAROSTAK in the building. But as they have lost their master, it cannot be long until they will dissappear and their prisoner will be forgotten and his life will end soon.

Who else than a strong and brave hero can be asked to solve this?

Do you want to enter his mansion and free the prisoner?


Are you ready for that long journey?

Can you find a way into the domicil?

Can you solve that tiny problem?



Here is my secound Dungeon for RTC.

It uses traditional graphics with restricted coulors. But as there just a few parts are taking place in the ususal dungeon, I had to add many new graphics and features.

The Levels are not linear or nonlinear. To be more precise: it is an open place where you should feel free to walk around, examine all the rooms, find out what secrets they are hiding and try to solve the main quest. Your first aim will be to find out how to get into the building...

As you see the whole is not only inspired by DUNGEON MASTER but contains also ideas and motives of other games. But don't be worried: you will be more familiar with it than you probably might think right now.

If you get stuck: I have paid a lot of attention to the Hint Oracle. So please ask it. And mind that there is a bibliotheca in this game - maybe you can get some informations there.


A few words concerning the entrance sequence: The global game-rules makes it necessary to choose a Party from these Mirror-Rooms which we all have seen so often. It's not very logical that all the various Dungeons, in which you are going to fight against the evil, have a stock of heroes to do the fighting. So I decided to separate the Mirrors-Scene from the rest of the Dungeon and place it into some kind of intermediate empire. Don't be frightened by the strange appearence of that opening-sequence.


Trantor has made video review of this dungeon:

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for Graphik-Support to
Ralf Hinrichsen -

for Beta-Testing and Translation-Support to

and in general
of course to George Gilbert
and to all the helpful creatures at

and last but not least to my patient girlfriend Heike

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