The Tower of Champions

3.3 for RTC 0.49
Date published: 
2009, November 10
Date last updated: 
2010, January 17

The Tower of Champions was designed by Junius, the greatest architect ever born. This building is full of mortal traps, puzzles, treasures and monsters; all the magic mechanisms have a reset every new moon. Its purpose was to choose new members for the 4 guilds; the reached floor corresponded to a particular rank inside the guilds: who got the top would became a master. Unluckily the human ambiton caused a huge tragedy: many adventures found the death trying to reach a better position in their life. So the guild masters decided to stop the tradition and close the tower forever, sealing its gate with 4 keys. After the great war against Lord Chaos, this evil creature was imprisoned by the guild masters at the highest floor of the tower, trapped in a magic barrier. But, while he was waiting for the sentence, a mysterious conspiracy broke up the long story of the guilds. You are a man without memory, probably connected to those past events. You must escape from your cell if you want to know the truth...


Kill Lord Chaos
Open all the 13 treasure rooms
Find the final treasure room
Solve the eight parts of the Circle Riddle and get the firestaff
Collect all the runes
Find the 4 flying treasure chests
Find all the 20 GOR coins and get the magic mirrors
Get the Bow of Flames
Find the Four Leaf Clover
Find Zenith's secret laboratory
Find Valentin's secret room
Find Junius' secret chamber
Extract all the gems
Find the 4 hidden characters
Open the gate of The Nine Worlds




New in 3.3 version:
Removed the damn wall!

New in 3.2 version:
Added a wall in the mages guild that makes impossible to finish the game!
Added a big hint for the timetable puzzle
Changed the timedemon
Fixed a puzzle in "the gems" level

New in 3.1 version:
Add a hint in the stair maze (finding the exit is hard)
When the clock final puzzle is solved, the electrified floor is disabled

New in 3.0 version:
Removed about 1000 useless items
Added mechanisms to start/stop recursive events
Added new hints for the most obscure riddles
Calibrated the monster difficulty
Added some new graphics
Added new sounds
Fixed texts and signs
Fixed some bugs
Removed some probable dead ends

Hints and comments: 

The characters in the hall of champions (also the hidden ones inside the tower) can be put back into the mirrors so you can choose another one. To do this you have to select (as leader) the character you want to leave and touch HIS mirror.
Some treasure chambers and hidden characters can be lost forever if you do not open/find them: it's intentional.

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