Review: Tower of Champions (RTC)

Custom dungeon reviewed: 
The Tower of Champions
Gameplay comments: 

The progression of the story, the new graphics, the size, the exploring and of course the great usage of the engine and mechanics all adds up to superb gameplay. There is always something to do or find!

Originality comments: 

While you can never be 100% original given the nature of the game, there are many new concepts here.

Difficulty comments: 

Definitely for an experienced player, but was designed in such away that a novice would eventually get into it after difficult start. Some parts I found a bit vague and not so logical, but overall the challenge was good.

Puzzles comments: 

Some very creative new puzzles here, not just the physical type but story related too. The usage of mechanics allowed a different angle with teleporter and pit puzzles, and offered a fresh outlook on our favourite types.

Size comments: 

Very large! Made maximum use of the available items, so much so revisions were needed to stop the engine crashing!

Replayability comments: 

Lots of things still to find so interest will remain high - though probably will not start from anew, but instead use the last save to go through the dungeon ad complete the tasks.

Craft comments: 

Has done to RTC what Zyx did to CSBWin - has bent all the rules to conjure up a rich and diverse game. A new world would be a better description of what has been achieved here.

Game Ending: 
Game Ending comments: 

I thought Chaos was far too easy, and was confused about taking the prize to the correct place. The last sequence was good, and led nicely into the sequel, but wasn't really sure what I had learned. However the change in graphics after the death of Chaos was superb.

Atmosphere comments: 

The new wallsets created some very atmposheric moments, in particular the night-time graphics, the high caves and densely packed furnishings outdoors. Good use of text and scrolls enhanced the feel, you really did feel immersed in the game.

Overall comments: 

OVERALL: 9.5 - Has risen the bar for all dungeon makers. Quite simply the best RTC game there is, and probably ever will be.

Best part: 

The symmetry rooms were a novel, and well executed idea. Pit area was hard, but again, superbly done. Secret areas make for a great reason to keep playing.

Worst part: 

Has been a few niggles, but with something this size, not suprising! Possible dead ends in places. Weapons sometimes would miss many times, but that is more the engine I guess.


Fights: 7
Some interesting duals are were to be had, the two wizards in the mirror section being the highlight. Not that many monsters overall, but the game does focus more upon the story and riddle solving that brute force.

This will be updated and added to on replaying and finding more secrets. As it stands I finished in 14hr 40 mins, 32000 steps and completed 30% of 36 secrets.

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