Dungeon Master II - Legendary

1 for RTC V0.49
Date published: 
2009, July 7
Date last updated: 
2009, July 9

Did you enjoy Dungeon Master II? Do you think it would have been more fun if it was a little more difficult?

That's basically what this "custom dungeon" is. There are lots of modifications to increase the difficulty of good old DM2 played in the RTC engine. All credit for the actual dungeon goes to George Gilbert and FTL.

  • Torham is no longer forced - your party starts empty, and he's in a mirror. His stuff is still around, though.
  • No more crazy money from rapid-spawning Axemen, Fairy Caps, etc. - you'll need to conserve your cash.
  • No freebie Morningstar at the beginning - you'll still find a decent weapon, but you'll need to level a bit to use it's good attack modes.
  • Nabbing the Clan Key pieces won't be so easy this time - be prepared!
  • You'll find some new monsters floating around. I used only ones that I thought fit decently with the graphics theme of DM2.
  • Finally, Lightning Bolts can be useful...
  • Fury swords have more... longevity
  • The Numenstaff now does it's Triple Fireball of Death attack - or at least pretty darn close.
  • Excsymyr's Melee hits twice as hard, as in original DM2.
  • Vorax and Blue Steele rebalanced also - these 3 now form a sort of "top tier trinity" of weapons.
  • More arrows early on from shops.
  • Many, many other minor changes.
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