Upside Down

2.0 for RTC V0.49
Date published: 
2010, January 27
Date last updated: 
2010, February 25

Upside Down
The 4 Guild Masters, Richard, Zenith, Elektra and Sasuke, get ready to fight against Lord Chaos. Their aim is making him prisoner. Zenith, master of Mages, leaves to find a way to trap their enemy and deprive him of his magic power in the future prison. Elektra’s assignment is finding out Chaos’ secret base, so she heads to the Underground Oracle. Sasuke must acquire information about the Firestaff, a weapon that can defeat Lord Chaos and that was hidden by Junius in a secret place. But King Richard knows this artefact is somewhere in the Tower of Champions, protected by the Great Circle Riddle. With the Junius’ plans of the Tower it could be possible to get the Firestaff. They say that Junius designed the Tower when he lived as a guest in the Kranaff’s mansion, 100 years before. Victor Kranaff was a rich merchant, considered an eccentric and mad man. He loved writing insane comedies whose common thread was the expiation of the sins and the purification of own soul. Sasuke goes with some companions to this house but, after entering, he gets trapped alone. The adventure begins...

Hints and comments: 

The first gravity defying dungeon in the world. This is truly a novel concept for puzzling.
Examine everything, in particular wallitems: they can change because of the gravity or have strange behaviour with the items!
A helpful guide in pdf format is also available.
Finally, see also the forum discussion at

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