Dragon Tomb

V26-S2 for RTC V0.49
Date published: 
2009, July 9
Date last updated: 
2009, December 21

Dragon Tomb for RTC
Somewhere in the middle of a dark elven forest lays the tomb of Tiamat the dragon and his legendary treasure. Many people like you before have come here for riches and glory however it is not so easy a task. Most have died in the deep labirynths filled with traps, riddles and monsters.


Each part of labirynth have few alternate ways to next level and whole dungeon is divided to stages: every ways lead to some point of next stage, where again begin many choices. Adventure elements around, you meet many dead but also alive adventurers, which like you come here to find dragon treasure. This should give some replayablity and breaking points, to avoid boring or stuck on some riddle or opponent.


In the Hall of Champions each character has the same standard attributes. To get some experience at the beginning select a profession by clicking on statues! Therefore each person could start with any profession, and you could take a small but better party, or a large and less experienced team (this also makes better replayability). Also, there is a new feature which increases stats by profession amulets.

Known bugs: 

This is a demo, and not finished. However it has a great atmosphere and is very promising!

Hints and comments: 

Mix of classic DM2 with new; low and hi res gfx. New wallset, items, scenery and some new monsters. Every items i will drawn myself in low res, so should be large amount of original stuff to find (already its +50 weapons!)

Each item will have description to better manage equipment. Weapons have brand new attack methods and are divided to quality levels and damage methods (sharp, blunt)

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