Dungeon Matter

Date published: 
2012, July 14
Date last updated: 
2012, July 14

Load Caos made the dungeon to kill people.
And he said that if you beat me you can gain everything as you hope.
Many adventurer challenged it.
But no one have came back.


Special feature of Dungeons Matter:

  • Orthodox evolution of the old style.
  • Location of the game is inside the mountain.
  • As many as 18 floor will await you. 8)
  • You must break through floor and go up stairs to advance.
  • All the floor have clearly theme.
  • Elaborate artistic dungeon construction.
  • Battle situations are elaborated.
  • Easy to understand what is happening by switch.
  • The challenging puzzles.
  • The item meets all your needs. :o
  • You don't have to read English text to play this quest.
  • The difficulty of the early stage is not so high.
  • But conversely,the part of latter half become really hard.
Hints and comments: 

You have no problem that you consume the key or coin where can use.
Chest is often set trap nearby.

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