Dungeon Master Nexus Manual - English Translation (Work In Progress)

This page contains a work-in-progress translation to English of the Dungeon Master Nexus Manual made by Riemann80 of The Legacy.

Page 1

At the top of mount Anaias. A place where once the archmage Grey Lord performed experiments to obtain greatness. Deep in the underground below Anaias, some kind of activity seems to be raising slowly, but nevertheless definitively.

Because of his mentor Grey Lord's weak physical condition, the priest Theron was on his way in search of fruits of the Sanbarido tree in a nearby forest. "There is no sign at all that the Master will recover completely from his illness." The fruit of the Sanbarido will probably also just bring a temporal ease for him to a certain degree .

Once, Grey Lord conducted an experiment to release a stone called "Power Gem", which yielded an infinite amount of mana to use, from its seal. However, the experiment ended with a failure, and by the backlash, his soul was separated into two spirits, the good Librasulus and the evil Chaos. Although, by Theron's great efforts, the Grey Lord's two souls seemed to be restored back into one,...
"The process is not completed, it seems."
When he intended to pluck the fruit from the tree, a pain ran through his finger.
The Sanbarido fruit's protective shell pierced his finger and crimson blood oozed out.
"Kaaw, kaaw"
When he looked up to the sky, Fulcrum, a raven and friend of Grey Lord, circled several times discomposedly in the sky above Theron and flew in direction of the castle.
"I have got an unpleasant premonition..."
Abandonning the gathering Sanbarido fruits, Theron hurried after Fulcrum. Theron arrived at the castle. While hiding his feeling of anxiety, he opened the castle's gate.
"Grey Lord, my master"
However, on the other side of the gate, Grey Lord did not appear. Sitting down on the throne, Fulcrum came to a hold, seeming sad.
At that moment, Theron had the slight feeling that something was creeping up behind his back.
"Who's there?"
When Theron turned around, all of a sudden an immense pain ran through his boy, and darkness spread before his eyes.
Going through his distant memories, he saw the man's figure.
"Y-you are ...."
Wondering how much time had passed, Theron awoke, and was bewildered what had happened to his body, as it was lying on the floor on its own, looking dead.
--"I must have died ...--
At this moment, a vision of Grey Lord appeared before Theron. As his face, his expression seemingly in agony, appeared, Grey Lord spoke:
"...go ... to ..."
He seized speaking, and at the same time the vision changed to mount Anaias. Breaking up into scattering pieces, the vision disappeared.
"Anaias... Everything will be there, if you go there..."

Page 2

The game's objective.......02
Basic controls.............03
Starting the game..........05
What you should do first...06
3D view screen: elements and operations.......15
  3D view screen: displayed elements..........15
  3D view screen: what you can do on screen...17
Inventory screen: elements and operations.....21
  Inventory screen: displayed elements........21
  Inventory screen: what you can do on screen.22
Fighting monsters....29
Using magic..........31
  Using magic in the 3D view...........31
  Using magic on the inventory screen..31
  Spell symbols.........................33
  Magic scrolls, on mana and the power of magic..36
Some advice for the game.......................36
20 champions......................................39
Dungeon map....................................41
Game's objective
Succeeding Theron, you head towards Mount Anaias to rescue Master Grey Lord from his imprisonment. As Theron has become a spirit, you must become a hero and search for the Master instead of him. In the dungeon, there exists a room called the "Hall of Champions". There are 20 heroes sealed in crystal there. Choose up to four among them. In exchange for their rescue, you will give them the mission to rescue Master Grey Lord.

Page 3

L,R,A,B,C,X,Y,Z ボタン - L,R,A,B,C,X,Y,Z button
方向ボタン (8 方向)- directional button (8 directions)
スタ-トボタン - start button
L,R トリガ- - L,R trigger
モ-ドスイッチ - mode switch
アナログキ- - analogue key/ stick

* Dungeon Master Nexus also supports the Sega Multi-Controller. After switching the Sega Multi-Controller to analogue mode, please turn on the Sega Saturn. Movement in the dungeon and operating the hand cursor can now be processed with the analogue stick.
* When you turn on the Sega Saturn, the Sega Multi-Controller will automatically adjust the analogue stick and trigger buttons. Please make sure not to operate the analogue stick and trigger buttons when the Sega Saturn is turned on. If the analogue stick is not correctly adjusted, the game's handling will be obstructed. If you operated the analogue stick or trigger buttons while turning on the Sega Saturn and have problems with incorect adjustment, please turn off the Sega Saturn, and turn it on again without operating the analogue stick or trigger buttons.
* During the game, please do not operate the mode switch. If you switch it, the software will not run correctly anymore.

Operations on all screens:
L or R button : Change leader
Start button: pause the game

Operations in 3D view:
Up or down: advance or retreat
Left or right: turn left or turn right

Page 4

Left-Up or Right-Up : advance while turning left or right
Left-Down or Right-Down : retreat while turning left or right

Up-Up (press two times in a row) : dash mode on (while in dash mode, a winged shoe will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen)

Down-Down (press two times in a row) : dash mode off

Left-Left or Right-Right (press two times in a row) : turn around quickly left or right

Left+X or Right+X (push direction while holding X): move sideways left or right

Up+Z or Down+Z (push direction while holding Z): Look up or down

A : attack
B : go to inventory screen
C : cast magic
Y : open spell menu
Z : hand cursor on (a hand cursor is displayed on screen)

Hand cursor operations (Z button activates hand cursor)
directional buttons (8 directions) : move cursor in all directions
A : look/use/operate/grasp etc.
B : hand cursor off (if you are holding something, it will be dropped)
C : put away in backpack
direction+X : move hand cursor at high speed
Y : move hand cursor automatically to positions of items or switches
Z : hand cursor off (same as with B)

Operations on inventory screen (open inventory screen with B button)
directional buttons (8 directions) : select icons from ring menu
A : confirm
B : cancel selection / return to 3D view
C : return to 3D view
Y : switch to window with attribute values (hunger/weapons used/attribute values/ level of special skills)

Operations in the spell menu (press Y to enter spell menu)
directional buttons (8 directions) : select icons from ring menu
A : confirm
B : leave spell menu
C : cast magic
X : cancel input
Y : leave spell menu
Z : activate hand cursor

Page 5

Before starting the game

Please connect a controller to port 1 of the Sega Saturn. Put in the Dungeon Master Nexus disc and turn the power on, then the game will start up.

Concerning the backup RAM

Before starting, the game will check for the required amount of free space in the backup RAM to save data. If a problem occurred, it will be indicated on the screen. In this case, please follow the instructions on screen regarding data storage. If there is not enough space for data strorage when the game has started, it will not be possible to save your current game at all. In order to save your data, 321 blocks will be needed. (see also page 25).

Starting the game

When the game starts, the opening movie will be shown and then the title screen will appear. If you push the start button during the intro, the movie will be aborted and the title screen will be displayed. If you push start on the title screen, you will get a menu where you can start the game or enter the option screen.

New Game: Select in order to start from the very beginning.

Continue: Choose to resume a previously saved game. After choosing either the data saved in the internal backup RAM or on a cartridge, select the saved game you want to continue.

Configuration: You can change the game's settings here.

Page 6

Choose with the directional buttons and confirm the selections of an option or exit with either A or C.

Music: Switch the background music during the game on and off.

Sound: Choose background music, sound effects and such to be played in either mono or stereo.

Game Level: Choose the game's level of difficulty
Normal: This is the usual level of difficulty
Easy: The game's difficulty is lowered by changing the monsters' strength and such, in order to accommodate to beginners.

What you should do first

What you should do first will be explained step by step here.

Choosing 4 heroes

If you select New Game from the start menu, you will, taking the role of Theron, the game's protagonist, be guided to the dungeons's entrance. The first thing Theron should do is, according to his own mission, to choose 4 heroes who will carry out their rigorous duty.

1.Going forth in the dungeon
Use the directional buttons to advance in the dungeon (see map on page 42).
On his way, Theron will encounter a message from his Master, Grey Lord, and when he advances deeper into the dungeon after that, he will be able to discover the heroes who are sealed away in crystal.

In case you feel that the speed at which you are moving is too slow: when you press up on the directional pad two times in a row, dash mode will be activated and the speed of moving increases. Normal speed will be restored when pushing down on the directional pad two times in a row.

Page 7

2.Viewing a hero's stats

First, place yourself in front of the crystal, in which the hero is sealed in, and press Z.
Then, a screen will be displayed if switch to the hand cursor, point it to the hero's face and press A.

Here, the hero's values and levels of physical strength, abilities, special skills and such can be seen. The window in the lower left corner can be switched between viewing the levels of the special skills and the ability values by using the Y or C button. Below the window for the physical values the hero's personal belongings are shown, while on the right-handside the armour the hero is wearing is displayed.

Concerning a hero's abilities
Physical abilities

Each hero's physical abilities are represented by the values for the following three categories.

Health(H): Corporeal strength. If this value becomes 0, the hero will die.
Stamina(S): Represents the durability. If the value drops below half of the maximum, all abilities will decline.
Mana(M): Represents the energy used for casting magic.

A hero has got various abilities.
As it is possible that the ability values increase due to the experience gained in the course of the adventure, the left of the two numbers shows the current value, while the right number is the maximum value. The maximum value changes with the level of the special abilities.

Strength: If this value is high, the strength of attack when using weapons increases. Also, more heavy armour and such can be worn.

Dexterity: If this value is high, the handling of weapons and other things will be more skillful. Also, dodging enemy attacks will become easier. A hero with high values for the ninja ability excells in this ability.

Page 8

Wisdom: With a high value, learning spells will be faster, as well as mana restoration.
Vitality: With a high value, recovering from injuries will be faster, and getting injuried will be harder.
Anti-Magic: This value represents the resistance against magical attacks.
Anti-Fire: This value represents the resistance against fire.

All heroes have the special abilities of fighter, wizard, ninja and priest. All special abilities have one of 16 levels, ranging from 0 to 15, and each level has its own name.

Fighter: Excels in handling huge weapons, and, in general, also in physical strength more than in other matter.
Ninja: Excels in using weapons which requie precision and is very skillful with his hands.
Priest: A specialist in healing. He can restore physical strength by magic and perform various other healings.
Wizard: Excels at handling magic for combat.

  • 0. -
  • 1. Neophyte
  • 2. Novice
  • 3. Apprentice
  • 4. Journeyman
  • 5. Craftsman
  • 6. Artisan
  • 7. Adept
  • 8. Expert
  • 9. Symbol - Lo Master
  • 10. Symbol - Um Master
  • 11. Symbol - On Master
  • 12. Symbol - Ee Master
  • 13. Symbol - Pal Master
  • 14. Symbol - Mon Master
  • 15. Arch Master

3. Heroes' resurrection and reincarnation
Here you can either resurrect or reincarnate the heroes you have selected to join your party. Choose the lower right corner of the menu with the direction buttons, and confirm your selection with A.

In case of resurrection, the hero is brought back to life with level and special abilities unaltered.

Page 9

After reincarnation, the hero will be newly reborn, and all levels will be reset entirely. Because of this, you have to enter a new name if you choose reincarnation. Although all levels are set to zero on reincarnation, the ability values will be slightly increased in comparison to resurrection. Whatever you choose, the way the hero grows up will not change hereafter.

Entering a name
When you move the cursor on a letter and press A, this letter is entered one time. You can enter up to 5 letters. When you are done, choose 終了("end" or "close"). In case you're looking for another hero, you can either press B or select the cancel button on-screen and press A. As you thereupon will return to the 3D view, explore the dungeon again and look for another hero.
As a once resurrected hero cannot be removed from your ranks, choose your heroes carefully.

When selecting your heroes, it is recommendable to choose two characters who are good fighters and ninjas, and two who are good as wizard and priest.

When monsters appear, only the heroes stationed in the front row can attack them directly (and yet only the character being allocated to leader). Therefore, it is recommended to place warriors and ninjas in the front row, and priests and wizards in the back row.

4. Okay, let's go!

Make sure you have selected the maximum of four characters to build your party when exploring the first floor of the dungeon, and then it's time to get started. The entrance to the dungeon is marked point A on the map of the first floor on page 42. In case you do not know your location, you should look up the magic map.

Page 10

Switch to the inventory screen by pressing B. Select magic map from the ring menu in the lower right corner, and confirm with button A.
On the map, the environment around the place where you are is displayed. You can validate your position here.
To stop the map being displayed, select magic map on the inventory screen a second time.
In case you are playing on normal difficulty, displaying the magic map will consume mana. When the magic map is not displayed, you probably have selected a hero without any mana left. You should change to a hero with enough mana then. Switch between heroes with either L or R button.

Regarding the leader: among the members of your party, the leader is the one responsible for all immediate actions such as fighting monsters, invoking magic, picking up things etc.

5. Picking up things

Take a look at the apple fallen down before the door earlier. When you are close enough to the apple, press the Z button. The hand cursor will appear on screen. Place the cursor on the apple. When the hand cursor has a different shape then, this indicates that the apple can be picked up. You can pick up the apple up by pressing A now.
In case the hand cursor's shape does not change, the apple is out of reach. If that's the case, turn the hand cursor off (either Z again or B), go towards the apple, and try the same thing a second time after that. You can only pick up things at your feet. Try to keep a sense for your grabbing distance.
There is a practical function that when items on the 3D view screen are in range to be taken or touched, even without using the directional buttons, you can, by only pressing Y, move the hand cursor automatically to the place where the item is located. Again, when you hold X while using the directional buttons, the hand pointer will move at high speed.

Page 11

6. Storing things

Next, place the taken apple into the hero's hand.
With the displayed apple over the boxes of the heroes at the upper part of the screen, you can, by targeting the hero's hands and pressing A, put the apple into a hero's hand (and also decide in which hand to place it).
Furthermore, if you place the cursor with the apple taken over the graphical bars in one of the heroes' boxes and press A, the apple is stored in the backpack.
Also, if you're holding an item, by placing the hand cursor and pressing C, you can store an item you have put into a hand before into the backpack automatically. When you advance further, there is also a loaf of bread and a leather bag lying around. You should test out to pick these up.
If you want to have information on an item you have picked up, press B to enter the inventory screen. Information on the last item picked up can be seen in the lower left part of the screen.
Concerning the backpack
Think of the backpack of a large carrying bag that contains everything carried by your party members. There is a limit to the weight you can carry, though. If the limit to the overall weight is crossed, the moving speed of the party will be slower than normal.
For taking out stored items and equipping them, see "Looking up and managing the inventory screen" on page 23, "Equipment" and otherwise "Other items".

7. Reading

There is something written on the wall. Let's read it. After you have come close enough to the wall, just like the case for picking things up, call up the hand cursor with the Z button, place it over the letters on the wall with the directional buttons, and press A. This way, you can read the inscription.

Page 12

The inscription on the wall before the altar reads "Vi altar of rebirth". When you place the bones of dead heroes here, you can revive them.

8. Rooms

As there will be no torches, when you advance further, you should always pick one up. Further ahead, the stairs leading down to level 2 become visible. Before you descend down the stairs, enter the room on the right-hand side. To enter the room, press the button on the wall to open the door.
Since there are advices, information on entering the dungeon and short explanations on magic on the walls inside the room, it is certainly recommendable to read them.

At this point, you should save your game.
Regarding saving, please look up "Save & Load" on page 25.

Well, let's go down to level 2. When you descend the stairs you discovered some time ago, after the "Now Loading" message has disappeared, the screen will become dark when the loading is finished. When you enter the undergound, it will be completely dark as no light reaches there. At this point you should use the torch you picked up some time ago.
Press B to enter the inventory screen. Select "equipment" from the ring menu in the lower right corner, then select equipment for the right hand in the next ring menu.

Page 13

In the box at the center of the screen, the torch is listed. Select it with the directional buttons. When you do so, it is moved to the right-hand side of the hero displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.
In case the hero is already holding something in his right hand, it will be exchanged with the torch, but you can alternatively change the leader with either L or R to switch to a hero with an empty right hand, confirm with A and then place the torch in his hand.
This way, the dungeon will be lightened. Return to the 3D view with C.

10. On the use of magic

Torches will burn out completely over time. When you do not have any torches left, you should use magic (light magic).
You should choose the hero with the highest level of the special ability "Wizard", then press Y in the 3D view to open the magic menu. Select [...] with the directional buttons and confirm with A. After that, choose [...] the same way.

In case the leader hasn't got any mana left, take a rest by using the rest button. The mana will be restored. Then continue to invoke the spell. This way, the spell for the "magic torch" is prepared. Next, press C, then the spell is chosen and will be actually invoked. When your environment lightens up, the casting was successful.

Page 14

In case an invocation has failed, there is an icon shown in the center of the magic menu, which says that magic has not been skillfully invoked. It means the leader's experience in magic is rather low. Trying several times might yield to success.
Concerning magic, please see page 30.

11. Let's fight monsters

Descending down the stairs, there is a monster called mummy inside the room on the righthand side. Let's fight it.
You should pick up the cudgel lying in front of the door, and put it into the left hand ("action hand") of a hero in the front row. Make a hero from the front row the leader, push the button on the wall and open the door. Turn off the hand cursor and walk right in front of the monster. With this, the leader will attack when A is pressed.

Depending on the weapon you are holding, it will take time to pass before you are able to strike again. If you want to continue to attack, you should make another person from the front row the leader and then strike.
It is also important not to receive hits from the enemy. When the enemy is about to strike, don't wait and run away. If health drops to 0 by the damage received, the hero is will die.
Concerning ways to attack, you cannot only attack with weapons, but you can also, for example, shut the door on the mummy to deal damage. However, as you do not receive experience points when defeating a monster with a door, you shouldn't do it except in case of an emergency.

For "how to fight monsters", please check page 29.

Concerning the "action hand"
At the upper side of the screen, there is a box displayed for each hero. Among the left and right hand, the one on the right (left hand) is the "action hand", and the one on the left (right hand) is the "ready hand". You can hold things in either of them, but in order to attack, the action hand is used.

Lower right image caption: (top) Ready hand, (bottom) Action hand

Page 15

Consequently, in case of using weapons, it will have an effect if you hold nothing in the action hand. Also, since you can't attack if you are holding anything else than a weapon in the action hand, pay attention to this.
Items held in the action hand are displayed both in the hand on the right in each hero's box and in each hero's attack indicator. However, you cannot use slings and bows, if you are not holding stones and arrows, respectively, in the ready hand at the same time (in case you have a stock of stones or arrows, each time you use one, another one will be taken from the backpack automatically and put into the ready hand). As for lightening the dungeon with a torch or producing medicine with a flask, it does not matter in which hand you hold it.

It's up to you to play the game to this point and do the things described above. Apart from this, there is still much to know about playing the game from this point, and it's written down in this manual. You should read from start to finish at least once.

Alright, from here on use your courage and intellect to complete this adventure successfully.

3D view screen: elements and operations

3D view screen: displayed elements

The environment inside the dungeon is shown in 3D. This here is common screen for the 3D view.

1: Hero's name
2: Status bars (from left: health, stamina, mana)
3: Protection indicators
4: Left hand (action hand)
5: Right hand (ready hand)
6: Leader's sign
7: Map of formation
This map displays the party's formation from above. The members' colors correspond to the color of their status bars.

Page 16

8 Dash mode sign
This symbol appears when in Dash mode (fast moving).

9 Hand cursor box
Shows the item grasped with the hand cursor

10 Strike indicator
Shows the time needed to prepare an attack

11 Hand cursor (switch on by pressing Z)

12 Dungeon screen

Hero's personal data
1 Name
2 Status bars (from left: health, stamina, mana)
3 Defense indicators
4 Left hand (action hand)
5 Right hand (ready hand)
6 Sign of the leader

1: Name The Hero's name

2 Status bars
Three bars display, from left to right, health, stamina and mana. When the character is wounded, health will decrease. When health is 0, the hero will die. When stamina drops down below half, the amount of equipment you can carry is decreased. When you use magic, mana will decrease.

3 Defense indicator
It is possible to protect members of your party with magic, potions and such. The current status of protection is shown by the indicator's color.
Red: Blaze shield (protection against fire and heat, like for example fireballs)
Blue: Strike shield (protection from strikes by monsters)
Purple: Spell shield (protection from attack spells)

4 Left hand (action hand)
The hand shown on the right is the hero's left hand.
The hero's left hand is the action hand (hand of attack). It is the hand for holding weapons and other things to attack with.

As for the objects to attack with, it is necessary to get well-accustomed with each unique ability there is.

5 Right hand (ready hand)
The hand shown on the left as one faces is the hero's right hand.
The hero's right hand is the ready hand (backup hand). For example, you can hold an arrow or a crossbow bolt in this hand. In case you want to attack with using a bow or crossbow, you cannot use it if you are not holding an arrow/bolt in the right hand.

6 Sign of the leader
This sign indicates that this hero is the leader.

Page 17

Inside the dungeon, you can move around, move fast (dash), turn around, turn around abruptly, retreat, and look around horizontally and vertically. For a description of the control pad operations, see "Basic operations of the control pad" on page 3.

Switching the leader

With L or R you can switch the leader immediately, regardless on which screen you are.
If you look at either the right side of each hero box on the top of the screen, the rank formation or the strike indicator on the bottom of the screen, you can see who is the leader. The leader is the one who picks up things, attacks monsters, invokes magic, and performs several other immediate actions.

Using the hand cursor

When you face things in the dungeon, you can perform various actions by using the hand cursor. For using the hand pointer, you first must get close to the target object. Then press the Z button. If you did so, the hand cursor is activated. Place the hand cursor over the target with the directional buttons and press the A button. This will cause some kind of action. However, if you are too far away form the target, nothing will happen. In this case, move close enough and activate the hand cursor again.
When the hand cursor is placed over an object which permits some kind of action, its shape wil change. When a target which allows some kind of action to be activated with the hand cursor appears in the 3D view, the hand cursor will move automatically over the target if you press the Y button. Thus, while the 3D view is visible, when using the Y button, the hand cursor will not move to the things which are too far away from your position.

To turn off the hand cursor, press either B or Z button.

Operating things / reading lithographs

Using the hand cursor, you can read lithographs and operate buttons, levers and other things in the dungeon. When you come across such things, get close enough and activate the hand cursor by pressing Z. If you place the cursor on the target object and press A, you can read or operate it, respectively.

Page 18

Grabbing / storing / examining / reading things

Activate the hand cursor. If you move the cursor over an item, you can grab it by pressing the A button. Just like in the case of examining things, you cannot grab an item if it's too far away.

If you are currently holding an item and press either Z again or B, the hand cursor will be deactivated with the item still grabbed.
The item currently grabbed is displayed in the little box on the lower side of the formation map (which again is in the upper right corner of the screen). This is a handy feature for picked up items which will be used directly (for example, when you pick up a key and then directly go to and open a door nearby with it). However, once you enter the inventory screen, the item currently grabbed will be stored in the backpack automatically.

Again, if you place the hand cursor over an item and press C, it will simultaneously be grabbed and stored in the backpack.
When you press B to open the inventory screen immediately after putting an item in the backpack, detailed information on the item you just stored will be displayed in a window in the lower left-hand side of the screen. And in case you gathered a scroll, you can read it here. The display will be changed if you perform any action on the the inventory screen.

Page 19

However, if you have put several items into the backpack in a row, the information on the item stored last will be shown. Return from the inventory screen to the 3D view by pressing B.

Holding things in hand

You can place an object taken in a hero's hand without putting it into the backpack. When you have grabbed an item, place it over a hero's hand in one of the boxes on the upper side of the the screen and press A. You can also swap an item in a hero's hand with an item in another hero's hand.
Furthermore, you can put an item into the backpack by placing it over a hero's status columns and pressing A.

Dropping and throwing things

Grab an item with the hand cursor and point it at the air in front of you and press A. If the cursor's position is high, the item will be thrown (if you throw a weapon, this will also be an attack). If the cursor's position is low, the item will be put down.

Drinking water

When you come across drinking fountains in the dungeon, you can make your heroes drink some water. To drink some water, place the hand cursor over it and press A. By changing the leader with L or R and repeating the same action, you can make all heroes drink.

Page 20

Scooping up water

If you have an empty flask or an empty leather bag, you can scoop up water at a fountain. First, grab the flask or bag with the hand cursor. Taking out items from the backpack is explained in "Viewing and using the inventory" and "Other items" on page 27. Next, place the container you have grabbed over the water. You can now scoop water by pressing A. You can drink water you have filled into a container at any time. For details see page 28, "Viewing and using the inventory" and "Eating/ drinking".

Reviving heroes who have died (Vi altar of resurrection)

At several places in the dungeon, there are Vi altars of resurrection. If you have gathered the bones of a dead hero, you can bring him back to life. First, grab the hero's bones with the hand cursor and place them on the altar. If you do so, the hero will be brought back to life.
Taking out items from the backpack is explained in "Viewing and using the inventory" and "Other items" on page 27.
"Fighting monsters" will be explained in detail on page 29, "Using magic" on page 30.

Page 21

Inventory screen: elements and operations

If you press the B button in 3D view, the inventory screen will open. In the inventory screen, you can validate various information on all heroes, select items from the backpack and perform various actions using the ring menu.

Elements of the inventory screen

1) The heroes' individual data, see also p.16
2) Formation map, see also p.15
3) The leader's name
The name of the current leader
4) Inventory command
The name of the icon selected from the inventory ring menu
5) Total weight of things carried
The total weight of all things currently stored in the backpack
6) Weight limit
Maximum loading capacity of the backpack
7) Stats of all heroes
You see the values of strength also here, in a more more accurate way than the colums on the upper part of the screen display them.
8) Window for attribute values
By switching with the Y button, you can view the current leader's food level, weapon in use and attack level, attribute values or levels of special abilities. In case you have entered the inventory screen from the 3D view right after storing items in the backpack, detailed information on the item stored last will be displayed here.
9) Inventory ring menu
By using the 8 directional buttons, you can select between the 8 commands of the inventory screen. These are equipment, change formation, display map, save & load, rest, other items, eat/drink and magic.

Page 22

Regard the backpack as one giant storage bag for all heroes. Also, the weight of things which can stored in the backpack is limited. If the overall weight limit is exceeded, the party's speed of movement will become slower.

Possible actions in the inventory screen
-Change the leader
This can be done with the L or the R button. Change of the leader is also possible on any other screen.

-View a hero's stats
1 Food level
2 Attack level
3 Attribute values
4 Levels of special abilities

1 Food level
You can see the hero's food level here. The red column shows the level of solid food, the blue column the level of water. A hero who is short on food or water will exhaust his stamina and physical strength and will eventually die.
2 Attack level
The weapon currently held and the hero's level of attack can be seen here. (see also page 29)
3 Attribute values
The current values of the hero's attributes can be seen here. (see also page 7)
4 Levels of special abilities
The hero's current levels for the special abilities can be seen here. (see also page 8)

If you press Y in the inventory screen, the window for the attribute values in the lower left corner will switch, and you can validate food level, attack level, attribute values and levels of special abilities.
By switching the leader with either L or R, you can get information on all of the heroes.

If you enter the inventory screen from the 3D view right after storing items in the backpack, detailed information on the item stored last will be displayed there.

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The Auto Attack setting
Press X to turn Auto Attack mode on or off. After the first strike the corresponding hero will not be able to strike again for a short while. The practical feature when Auto Attack is on in this case is that on pressing A for attack, one of the other heroes will strike automatically, if he is able to attack.

Next, the operations of the ring menu will be explained.

1 Equipment
2 Change formation
3 Show map
4 To the save & load menu
5 Rest
6 Other items
7 Eat / drink
8 Magic

Select with the directional buttons and confirm with A.

When you choose the equipment icon, the screen for equipping weapons & and armor will be opened.

1 Head
2 Upper half of body
3 Left hand (action hand)
4 Lower half of body
5 Cancel (go back to the previous menu)
6 Feet
7 Right hand (ready hand)
8 Neck

Here, select the part of the body to equip with weapons / armor with the directional buttons in the ring menu in the lower right part of the screen, and confirm with A.
If you do so, items from the backpack which can be equipped to this part of the body will be displayed.

In case you selected the left hand:
For example, you select the left hand (action hand). In this case, an overview of the item held in this hand will be shown. Use the directional buttons to select an item. You can do several things now:

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1) If you select an item and press A, the hand cursor will grab the item. Then move it to the left hand. If you press A there, the hero will equip it. Again, you can cancel by pressing B.
If you press C, you will return to 3D view with the hand cursor grabbing the item.
Also, if you move an item over the garbage can and press A, the item will be thrown away in the dungeon.
You can exit the screen with the B button.

2) If you select and item and press C, you will return to 3D view with the hand cursor grabbing the item.

3) To put an item you already hold in the left hand into the backpack, first press A over an empty slot. After that, move the empty hand cursor to the left hand, then by pressing A you grab the item from it. If you press B then, the item will be put back into the backpack. If you press C while grasping an item, you return to the 3D view with the item still grabbed with the hand cursor.
You can exit the screen with the B button.

In case you selected a different part than the left hand, the operations are the same.

Operations on other buttons:
Y button: change the attribute value window
L/R button: change leader (change the hero to equip)
X button: switch Auto Attack on and off

Change formation

On selecting the change formation icon, a window will open. Please choose either one of the patterns A, B, and C, or the custom change icon from the ring menu in the lower right corner. You can cancel with B.

1) Change pattern A (vanguard and rear guard change places)
2) Change pattern B (left vanguard and left rear guard change places)
3) Change pattern C (right vanguard and right rear guard change places)
4) Custom change (rearrange by yourself)
5) Cancel (Return to the previous menu)

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If you chose "custom change", use the directional buttons to place the hand cursor over the hero to move and press A to confirm. Next, move the hero to the destined position and press A again. This way, two heroes will change places. When you have finished altering the formation, either press B or select the cancel icon from the ring menu below and press A.

Displaying the map

If you select the map icon from the ring menu, the magic map will be turned on, and a ground plan of the dungeon will appear. If you then press either B or C, you will return to the 3D view with the map still being displayed. To turn off the map, select the map in the inventory menu again. However, as displaying the map consumes mana, it will disappear if the hero's mana is used up. (when you are in easy mode, mana is not required, and usually the map can be displayed).

When you move in the dungeon while the map is being displayed, it is recommended to frequently change the leader and to assign someone who is highly skilled as wizard or priest (someone with a high amount of mana).

Save & load
Here you can save and load.

1) Save
2) Load
3) Cancel (return to the previous menu)

First, select loading or saving from the ring menu in the lower right corner with the directional buttons, then press A to confirm.

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1) Internal RAM
2) Cartridge RAM

You can save one game in the internal RAM, and up to four games on cartridge, so think where to save your game. The backup RAM will be checked for free space, and the cursor moves only to selectable slots. Please confirm the slot for saving and loading.

Also, please do not carelessly turn off the power of the Sega Saturn while saving. If the power is cut while saving, the save data might be become broken. Take care not to make mistakes at saving and loading.

When saving, the error message ("Game data is too large, unable to save") can appear. This is caused when the number of food items in the dungeon has increased abnormally. In this case, pick up food lying on the floor and eat it, as this decreases the number of food items, and try again to save.

As the heroes are living beings, they will eventually get tired when they perform actions, and their health, stamina and mana values will gradually decline. When fatigue becomes vehement, taking a rest is the first way to recover. There are two ways for taking a rest: you can either make the whole party rest, or you can place one hero on guard duty.

1) Put up a guard
2) Sleep
3) Cancel (return to the previous menu)

Putting up guards: If you selected the guard icon, you can choose a hero for guard duty with the directional buttons and confirm by pressing A. A hero on guard duty does not take a rest, and a small 3D view will be displayed in order to detect monsters coming near.

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Rest all: You can make the whole party rest all at once, but the mini 3D view will not be displayed and you will not see what happens around you.

In order to cancel the rest, press either B or C button.

Other items
If you choose this icon, you can pick all items other than weapons and armor from the backpack and put them into a hero's hand.

Firstly, select the item to hold with the directional buttons.

Detailed information and explanation on the item now selected will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Also, if you select a scroll, the scroll's contents will be displayed, and you can read it. In case it is a scroll regarding magic, the spell read this way will be added to the magic list (see page 32).

1) By selecting an item and press A, the hand cursor will grab the item and will place it in hand. Next, by choosing the left or right hand, A button will confirm and B button will cancel. If you press C, you will return to 3D view with the hand cursor still grabbing the item. Also, if you move the item over the trashcan and press A, it will be dropped into the dungeon.
To leave the screen, press B button.

2) If you select an item with the directional buttons and press C, you will return to 3D view with the hand cursor still grabbing the item.

3) To store an item already being held in hand in the backpack, press A on a free space. If you do so, as the hand cursor will move to the left hand then, the item will be grabbed by pressing A. With this, the item will be stored in the backpack if you press B. If you press C, you will return to 3D view with the hand cursor still grabbing the item.
To leave the screen, press B button.

Commands on other buttons
L/R button: change leader

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Eat/ drink

Living, human-like heroes will eventually get hungry and thirsty.
If you choose this icon, food and items containing water will be displayed.

Here you can now choose between different actions in the ring menu in the lower right corner.

1 Take
There are two possible things you can do:

Let the item being held in a hero's hand:
Select the item, confirm with A, choose the hand where you want to place the item, and press A again.

Holding an item in the 3D view:
Select the item with the directional buttons, then press C.

2 Eat selected item
The leader will eat the selected item only.

3 Eat until max for all
All party members will eat until they are full.

4 Eat until max
The hero assigned as leader will eat and drink until he's full.

5 Cancel
Return to the previous menu.

Use magic
For detailed explanation on using magic, see page 30.

Page 29

Fighting monsters

Attacks with bare hands or a weapon can be performed in the 3D view by pressing A. A single weapon has up to three attack levels.

Take a Falchion, for example. When you are holding it, there are three levels and methods of attack, namely:
L1: Swing
L2: Parry
L3: Hack down

After you performed one attack, there is always some time to pass until you can strike at level 1, then level 2 and finally level 3 again. At the lower right part of the screen is a strike indicator, where you can see which methods of attack are currently available. If you look at this gauge when you perform an attack with A, you can check the required time for preparation (with respect to the level of attack). After you have attacked once, the hero cannot attack until the attack indicator has reached level 1. During this time, you can try to make another hero the leader and attack with this hero.

To find out the ways to attack with the current weapon, enter the inventory screen. If you press Y, the abilities window will change, and the specific attack levels (in case of the falchion, Swing/Parry/Hack down) can be checked. As hero's special abilities with the same weapon improve, the selected level of attack will increase. For equipping and swapping weapons, see page 23 in "Inventory screen: elements and operations" under "Equipment".

Some advice regarding attacks:
- Attacks can only be performed by the hero who is the leader. Also, as direct attacks can only be peformed by heroes in the front row, heroes in the back row can only attack with projectile weapons like daggers and Shurikens, or with magic.

- If you do not hold a weapon in the action hand, it will have no effect. It doesn't matter if you are holding a weapon in the other hand, you will still attack with bare hands. However, when you use a bow or a crossbow, you need to hold an arrow in the ready hand (if you did, a new arrow will be pulled automatically from the backpack every time you fire an arrow).

Page 30

About Auto Attack mode

Once a hero has performed an attack, he cannot strike again for a little while. Auto Attack is a useful feature as if it is activated in this case, and the button A is pressed, other heroes who are able to attack will strike automatically.
You can switch Auto Attack on and off by pressing X on the inventory screen.

About the monster gauge
At the beginning of the game, you can set if the monster gauge will be displayed under "configuration" in the menu screen. If monster gauge is turned on, an enemy's health gauge will be displayed in battle. Thus you see how much damage approximately a hero has inflicted upon an enemy, and about how much health the enemy still has.

However, if a hero has attacked, but did not inflict any damage (because the opponent's defense could not be overcome and such), or when monsters are in a place protected from magical attacks etc., inflicted damage will not be displayed.

For magical attacks, see next paragraph.

Using magic

Invoking a magic spell is performed by combining a set of magical symbols. A spell will drain some magical energy, called "mana", from the body, and invoke various magical effects. All members of the party can memorize spells, but in order to invoke them, experience must be gained. A beginner has only a small amount of mana and can thus invoke only low-level spells. By gaining more and more training, he will gradually become able to use high-level spells.
In order to use magic, first select symbols from 2 to 4 categories. After deciding what kind of spell will be invoked, the effect takes place.

Page 31

Using magic in the 3D view

1) Press Y and the spell ring menu will open. In case you want to change the leader, press L or R to change (if you want a different person to invoke the spell).

2) Select the power symbol in the first ring menu. The [<<] left to the [<-] is the weakest symbol, and the symbols get more powerful in clockwise order from there. Choose a symbol with the directional buttons and confirm with A. Once you have confirmed, the next ring menu will open. At the same time, the selected symbol will appear in the box below the ring menu.
If you want to correct/replace a chosen power symbol, press the [<-] icon, and you will return to the previous menu.

3) In the second level ring menu, you choose the elemental symbol. You can invoke the shortest possible spells here. To invoke a spell at this level, press the C button.

4) In the third level ring menu, you choose the form symbol. To invoke a spell at this level, press the C button.

5) In the fourth level ring menu, you choose the class/alignment symbol. To invoke a spell at this level, press the C button.

Further, if you want to repeat a spell you have invoked just before, press the [!] in the symbol menu.
To make a healing potion, the leader, who invokes the spell, must hold an empty flask in his hand.

Using magic on the inventory screen

If you select the magic icon on the inventory screen, the magic ring menu will open.

Page 32

1) Take
2) List of clerical magic
3) Invoke magic
4) List of wizard's magic
5) Drink
6) Cancel

Here, choose any of the icons.

1) Take
If you choose this icon, you can place any magic-related item in the hero's hand. The actions for equipping weapons and armor are the same. Select with the directional buttons from the item overview and confirm with A.
Next, press A when over the hand section of the hero.
Otherwise cancel with B to leave this screen.

2) List of clerical magic
A list of all read scrolls and all magic a priest can use is played here.
How to read magic scrolls, see page 27 under [Other items] in chapter [Inventory screen: elements and operations].

3) Invoke magic
Select magical symbols and produce a spell. The procedure is equal to the case when you press Y in the 3D view and produce a spell (see page 31).

4) List of wizard's magic
A list of all the scrolls the magic user has read and understood so far, and all the magic he can use will be displayed.

5) Drink
Allows you to drink magic potions.
Select any item from the overview and press A. Then the hero who is currently the leader will drink.

6) Cancel
Return to the menu before.

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