Conflux III: The Undercity

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2017, December 10
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2017, December 10

Upon decision of the Council,
you have been chosen, Sorcerer, to fulfill an important mission: to save our undercity.

As you know, Sorcerer, our town is built at the feet of the very mountain of the Heroes. Once a dwarven fortress, it was built and rebuilt dozens of times, though never defeated. But now the enemy comes from within. An expedition must be sent into the fortress, and the best would be its own dwellers. For the Council has decided to revive the Ancient Guilds, and you, Sorcerer, are the One who will choose which members are to be given life anew.
The magic of the Council won't afford more than four heroes...Council's orders... you’ll understand, Sorcerer, that old people, specially dead leaders, must make way for the young, living ones.
You will be presented to four guides. Each one has the key for the Ancient Guilds. You won't find any entrance if you don't pick at least one guide, Sorcerer. Choose well, as the Gift of Life alters the Loom of Destiny.
Learn our glorious past from the annals of the Guilds to make an accurate choice.

The Council of Laelith


Several endings can be reached.


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Custom Dungeon Conflux III - Screenshot 2

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