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Here are the messages that users posted on the web site's Guest Book between years 2000 and 2005, before it was disabled because of spammers.

2000-08-30 12:21 - FLaZ
Hi Christophe!
Nice Site, keep up the good work! BTW, it is possible to add DM2?

CU, FlaZ

2000-09-01 14:27 - Jehan
This site is AMAZING !!
I own an Amiga and the original of DM and CSB, and I think
those two games are the best games procuced since now !
And this website has everything we want 'bout those 2 ;o)
Thanks a lot to the webmaster !

2000-09-02 22:00 - Ian Clark
Great site, keep up the good work. :D

2000-09-03 21:59 - Gambit
Do something with the intro graphic for gawd's sake - it's 224Kb!!! That's bigger than some websites I've built. Other than that, a good site.

2000-09-05 20:44 - zyx
Great site! Keep up the good work!
Maybe you should add some dungeon.dat to download?

2000-09-07 17:40 - Alex Passoni
KOOL&GREYTT!!! We need more sites like this. DM revolution!!!

2000-09-07 17:41 - DeckerZ
Cool site. I was once a Dungeon Master, and it was great to relive those days on my PC. Excellent editor also. Keep up the Great work.

2000-09-11 05:03 - Joshua Galun
I remember a while ago reading about someone planning on programming a DM clone in Java? Are there still any plans to do this? Frankly, I would love to give it a try myself if I had more time, but I don't. :-( I really miss this genre of games...Bard Tale and EoB too, for example. Of course, DM was the best! :)

Anyway, great site! Thanks for keeping it up!

2000-09-15 18:40 - Rajah Lone
Great and usefull site !!!
I have searched complete infos and links for my new program (for modern Atari machines) called D-GEM. 'Tis a project of DM clone. Walls, pits and stairs are implemented in the dungeon, but there are many things to do. And your encyclopedia is a blessing for the basic analysis of the original game.
Many thanks :)

2000-09-17 23:40 - Razorbak
Salut!!! Je suis un ancien proprietaire d'un Atari 520 ste(la belle epoque...) et Dungeon Master est incontestablement mon jeu prefere!!! Merci beaucoup pour ce site (d'ailleurs, je suis etonne que je sois l'unique francophone a venir ici enfin bon, me voila ;)) Et surtout bravo!

2000-09-22 04:36 - Shawny
Thank you for this beautiful site! Eleven years ago my brother sold my Atari ST, and everything that went with it, whilst I was out. Needles to say I haven't seen the dungeon since I was 13. Though my champions (Sonja, Hissssa, Elija & Gothmog) have often visited me in my dreams since, it has really been emotional seeing pics of them and the creatures, items etc that were so much a part of the adventure. Stumbling upon your site has restored a very important part of my memory and existence.

2000-09-23 00:10 - Alexander Grün
Hey, you did a great job with your Homepage !!!

I was searching the web, for getting information about my all-time favorite game Dungeon Master, and now i found a great one !!!


2000-09-23 22:09 - ExcelEd
Brings back fond memories.... good job & keep up the good work... I'll be visiting often!

2000-09-27 14:46 - HyDraXuS
Super cool ton site ptit gars ;)
et Dungeon Master 2 (PC) ou qu'il est ?? ;)

Bonne continuation et encore bravo

2000-09-29 11:03 - Fourniol Laurent
Tip top rien à dire.
Au premier jour l'homme créa les premiers peeke et poke suivis de leur cortége de quelques malheureu kilo-octets

Quelques cernes plus tard apres des nuits d'érance dans les donjons ce monde à disparus pour ne laisser place qu'à des machines hybrides d'une technologie "BILL" butiante.

Mais téré dans les abimes, se cache encore l'ancien pouvoir,celuis que seul de longues nuits à traquer les démons du dongeons peut encore réincarner.

Champions levez vous et reparter à l'asseau.

Thans to you to give us the lost kee of the dungeon.


2000-10-06 11:46 - Geoff
Hi there,

I'm putting Dungeon Master in as classic game of the month in Strategy Player UK magazine, this site helped with the info.

Thanks a lot


2000-10-07 09:22 - KEFERTH
Ce site est vraiment Excellent !
Félicitations !
Malgré une machine perfomante aucun Jeu ne vaut ce vieux Dungeon Master !
Mais très peu de sites en parle, alors encore MERCI !!

2000-10-13 13:38 - Neal Holton
What a fantastic site. I spent ages playing DM and CSB on the ST many years ago, and it was great to play tham again on my PC via emulation software. What has made even better is this well presented resource site, which I will be visiting regularly for more hints !!

2000-10-16 11:01 - 9DAN
Une époque unique, des ordinateurs uniques, un jeux unique...
Et peut etre un jour l'espoir de vibrer à nouveau ...


2000-10-21 12:40 - Otto Graudums
Fantastic site. Vraiment!

2000-10-21 23:04 - Trevin Beattie
What a surprise to find the original Dungeon Master!
I haven't been able to play mine since my Atari ST went
into storage. Now I've got an excuse to play it again!

2000-10-24 18:18 - H. Tom Byrne
This was my first Amiga obsession, now I'm reliving the experience one more time. Now how do I get the sound to work?

2000-10-29 18:05 - Yragael
Merveilleux site, du travail d'orfèvre qui restitue l'ambiance de ces formidables jeux.

2000-10-31 13:17 - Joe the Nipper
Oh yeaaahh! Great site, thanks a lot! This was my favourite game ever on Atari ST.
Those where the days...

2000-11-01 18:52 - Jukka Larja
Great! I have thought about creating my own DM web site, but nothing as great as this. Thanks a lot. And I finally got a change to play Chaos Strikes Back. Hmmm... I guess I should first return to Dungeons to create fresh party for bigger challenge. I'm going to need some YA-potion to stay awake...

2000-11-04 16:28 - The Dufus
At last I can get through "The Matrix" Room (said while stroking long white beard).

I have been locked in there for years!!

2000-11-07 01:07 - Jo Black
Hey .. I played Dungeon Master on my Atari St and I found it very uncool. But now after I have the manual and the spells it´s more and more fun.

Get ahead with that great site



2000-11-08 08:12 - B
Great site! DM is one of the greatest games ever made, though it is somewhat out of date. I still remember how I jumped when I met my first mummy.

2000-11-11 20:26 - Breetai
Holey cow this site is way cool!

2000-11-11 21:27 - VaultDweller
Dungeon Master is cool !!!

2000-11-23 13:38 - Stève

J'adorais ce jeu, avec ce site je fais l'aime encore plus.


2000-11-23 20:15 - MD Pontiac
This has to be THE single greatest and most extensive DM site ever. Well done!

2000-11-25 19:52 - Maugan-Ra
Oh mon Dieu j'en ai la larme à l'oeil !!!
Que de nostalgie, tant d'heures passées devant mon ST à casser du champignon à la main pour gagner des niveaux !!
Incroyable !!!
C'est génial ce que tu fais là pour le bonheur de l'humanité :) Du beau travail ! Tu mérites ta place dans le Hall des Champions !!!

Dungeon Master Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!

2000-11-28 03:13 - waveydavey
I thought i was the only person who could remember this classic, my eyes have been opened..

2000-11-30 00:02 - pappnase
Dungeon Master was my first PC-game, i played it on my Atari 520 ST when i was a 11 Year old boy.....hehe was a pretty cool time.
DM is an unbelievable game, something like roots, nice that there is a page like this on the web =)

2000-12-10 07:45 - Seb Cbien
The site i was looking for !!! I especially like the layout.

Ton site est vraiment excellent (que dire de plus :) )

2000-12-10 19:25 - Lee
Hi. Dungeon Master was and still brilliant, however on my emulator (latest Steem) when i configure keys i only have 4 choices; up down left right. As all DM players know, a turn left and turn right key is also required. However my emulator does not give me the option to define these keys hence i must use the mouse to turn which is annoying and time consuming in battle. Anyone know any emulators that do not have this problem?

2000-12-12 21:54 - Ken Tait
Dungeon Master is one of those games that sticks in your mind, a classic and there are not many classic games made now. This site does the game justice, not just becasue its a Dungeon Master site, but becasue its so well presented. Thanks for such a great and interesting site.

2000-12-13 07:13 - LordFox
Il doit me rester la disquette de DM quelque par dans mon grenier au fond d'une caisse , ce site me redonne envie d'y jouer :o)

J'espere que mon vieu Amiga500 fonctionne toujours ...
COOL sa fonctionne l'aventure va ouoir recommencer Youpieee !!!

Super cool le site !!!!

2000-12-13 12:34 - Lee2J
I just want to say that this is a brilliant site and you can find literally anything and everything you ever want to know about DM & CSB. Keep up the good work!

2000-12-27 11:48 - LST of LaserForce
I've just started a new DM game and was stuck at level #5 (despite I finished DM & CSB several times a long long time ago on my Atari), because I couldn't remember what to do... Hopefully, I've found dmweb and had a look at the maps! This is the greatest site about DM/CSB I've ever seen! Yeeehaaa!

2000-12-28 19:02 - Wizor
DM & CSB are still in my top 10 of best gaming experiences! Excellent site indeed!!!

Good games never die!!! (and Amiga;)

2001-01-03 20:12 - Soo D
Nice site - useful info, easily understandable (to a novice like me) .. Thanks

2001-01-05 14:30 - meynaf
Je savais qu'il devait encore y avoir, quelque part dans le monde, des fans du meilleur jeu au monde...

J'ai adoré autant le jeu que ses checksums et routines de protections planquées dans le graphics.dat

Si ça intéresse quelqu'un, j'ai désassemblé le jeu et j'y ai fait quelques modifs pour sauver sur le dur et
pouvoir quitter.
Le source fait qqch comme 44000 lignes d'asm (pour Amiga, bien que ce doit Dungeon Master 1.2 version ST),
si ça intéresse quelqu'un je peux lui donner...

J'aime trop ce jeu et je suis en train de chercher à l'étendre avec de nouveaux graphismes.

2001-01-13 06:50 - Hellspawn
Alors là, stupeur... Il existe encore des tarés dans ce monde sans âme ???? Fabuleux ET redoutable.
06h49 du matin, j'allais me coucher quand... je tombe sur ton site. Bah je me couche plus. TERRIBLE! LE site des accros de DM! Je n'en reviens pas encore. Donc, mailing list & tout le bataclan pour être tenu au courant. Fabuleux, vraiment.
Tu m'excuseras, mais je vais mailer l'adresse de ton site à quelques flingués du rpg & de... l' AMIGA!!! Et aussi du ST!!!! Je suis certain qu'ils auront la même réaction que moi.

Quoi qu'il en soit, continues comme ça, et ne change en rien ta motivation, on sera tous là pour te soutenir!

2001-01-16 12:22 - bIRDIE
Super page! I found many informations i missed (like for what is rabbit`s foot etc. :-) Maybe DMute should be listed here ( and downloadable new adventures made by DMute.

2001-01-18 21:00 - Andy
A super coool Site !!!
DM and CSB are my first and ever best Games.
I have played it x-times and it will never end (on uae+pc).
This Site is a must for every DM-Fan !
Greeteings from the Death Row ...
(have you ever seen it??)


2001-01-23 09:01 - J.K
I Don´t know how to install DM2 with Amiga emulator?! I want to see Amiga version of this game. I need good instructions how to install Dm2 with Amiga emulator?

2001-01-26 13:29 - John Cully
Hello there from Ireland.
I have been a big fan of Dungeon Master since it first appeared on the Atari ST as a demo disk a VERY long time ago. Some of the people I worked with were also fans, and we used to discuss tactics over tea/coffee breaks.

2001-01-30 10:28 - Arto Rissanen
Thanx! You really made my day.

2001-02-01 10:54 - Norse
I spent countless hours, endless number of nights and missed weeks of school playing these games. Its great to see someone taking it upon himself to honor them in a proper manner. My beret goes off to you mate, good job!

2001-02-03 18:50 - Dr. Ashen
What can I say? A superb site honouring some of the best games ever.

2001-02-09 11:30 - Crest
Fantastic Site.. haven´t had time to scan through complete.. have you got all spells anywhere... I´ll have a closer look when I get some time, if you haven´t I´ll post it to ya... Brilliant... I played this game when I was Coding on the amiga... Allways good game to relax the brain and kill some Creatures...

2001-02-09 18:53 - Swodah
Fun... Fun... Fun... It's been nearly five years since I finished DM last time. This site has brought lots of nice memories and seems like I have to play the game once again...

2001-02-12 09:43 - NEKROPSIK
Comment vous expliquer ce que j'ai ressentit en trouvant ce site ? Le jeu qui m'avait fait acheter un dictionnaire anglais, m'a fait battre des reccords (genre 24 heures sans dormir) et m'a couté des litres et des litres de coca, ENFIN retrouvé !Bon,y'a plus qu'a s'y remettre,on sort le coca et les vieux plans faits à la main...MAIS ou j'ai mis mes formules magiques ?BOH c'est pas grave,j'ai l'adresse du meilleur site sur DM : CELUI LA !bravo et continue comme ça!

2001-02-14 23:26 - Hulvaton Heikki

2001-02-15 17:10 - Roro
TERRIBLE !! Ca fait des semaines que je recherche la ROM de DM pour mon emulateur Atari ST
Et oui , je suis parmi les privilégiés qui ont joué dès leur plus jeune age a ce merveilleux RPG
jamais égalé ( meme les Might & Magic sont moins top ) sur son vieil Atari 520 STF qui mettais une plombe à charger !
Malheureusement , la version que j'avais plantais après avoir pété sa gueule Au Lord Chaos !!!
Merci d'avoir crée ce site car apparemment les fans de DM sont Nombreux !!

2001-02-22 16:58 - Gexpatri
How did FTL managed to achieve such a performance on 720kb in 1985?
How much time the webmaster of this site spent, capturing each sprite to create such a site ?
This is the site I dreamt about.

2001-02-23 12:37 - Roca 111
simplement FORMIDABLE!!! Le temps avait passé, l'oubli fait son oeuvre, mais à grace à ton site, je me souviens des milliers (centaines de milliers?) d'heures à explorer, tuer, trouver, etc.... Je me souviens du meilleur système de magie tout JDR confondus!!! Moi qui me fait chier pendant les réunions au boulot, plus de problèmes!!!

Je me dépèche de donner l'adresse de ce site à tous les gens que je connais!!!

encore BRAVO!

2001-02-24 20:59 - Jason Hoffman
This site is great. good job

2001-02-26 06:36 - Greg Day
ilove dungeon master and i have the one on super nintendo and i just can get into it and its like im really there and i have rented it before and then moved and i cant find it anywhere and they are not making them anymore and i love it so much and have it tnow from the video store and im going to buy it and say like i lost it because hardly nbody else rents it but me and i love the gtame so much and i wanted to say thank you for this web site about it and it is a cool game:-)

2001-02-27 02:00 - Gorkon
Great page. I want to play DM again and was looking for information - found everything here and more. Thanx for collecting all these tips, maps, etc.

2001-02-27 18:33 - Coffee
Wow! What a great website!!
Since I'm completely in love with Dungeon Master and have
been for then last 10 years I was absolutely thrilled to find this
great and very throughout page. Keep up the good work!!

2001-03-04 22:11 - Klaus Kerner
Hi pals,
I congratulate you to this site.
Many years ago I spent hours and hours to get used to every level of this incredible game.
This days I was able to walk through all the levels without watching the screen (nearby).
My friends and I raised rules of behaviour like "don't kill creatures that are not respawning" or "the red dragon has to suffer until it can be killed by throwing a coin at him".
This lovely days are all gone...
Thanks a lot for this window to the roots.


2001-03-08 23:34 - Havoc
I have wasted many of hours playing this game. Its been years since I have even thought about it. I am glad that
some one out there has the time to put a good site like this together for those of us that wish to replay this
clasic game.

2001-03-11 19:17 - Bohin
I have played this game many more then 10 times with different characters. Now, to see it again 10 years after is like see the fontain of youth.
A very great thanks to you.

2001-03-11 23:55 - Morax
I really like this site, and i'm glad to see it's still getting updated. Dungeon Master is my all time favourite game. I first played it when i was 9, back in 1990ish. It was too scary for me then though. I still play it now and again still. It brings back good memories.

2001-03-12 12:58 - Jonathan J.
Hello!! I've been playing games since 1977 (about) and feel strongly that DM changed a whole lot in gaming from a historic perspective! I just found this site and am blown away! I've always felt that DM and CSB were underrated. I feel that Eye of the Beholder was a fine game, but next to DM, it was a poor imitation.

I sorely hope we will see many more DM1 and CSB type games. I played both on my Amiga 500 back in 1988 and 1991(ish). They were soo scary and drew me in to the game so completely!

I think there are still lessons game developers can learn from DM! Look at Darkstone's inventory system! Looks like a DM clone to me.


2001-03-12 23:04 - Aries of M.O.A.K. society
If you ever imagined in your head a Web-Site dedicated to DM, this is the thing...
Simply marvelous... so much effort...
(btw. in my time there were no spell lists, so i had to write all combinations on paper and try one by one... the ones that said: "Priest (or Wizard) skill level low or something..." were spells, and those i tried & tried on higher levels to find what they do... he he)
...for ppl who never played this game: Forget all those new fancy Diablo, Baldur & co. , this is the real thing, the first & best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2001-03-17 10:16 - Frank the rank
Wow, grandioso, DM e' il gioco dei giochi. Complimenti anche per la completezza del sito, c'e' proprio tutto!!! Ritorno indietro nel tempo, Thanks a lot!!!!

2001-03-19 04:00 - Edward S. Baiz Jr.
I have always thought that Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back were the two best games
for the Atari ST. I finished both of them and had the greatest times on my Atari ST which
I still own and use. I plan to play them again as I have purposely forgotten alot of the
aspects of both games. Too bad more did not come out as I would buy them. I do have DM II
for the PC and I do plan to play that soon.

2001-03-19 04:59 - TheDodger
wow, i like the games and i play it under the grand old amiga!
i love the Dungeon Master episode!
and now .... i can play it under my new favorit (Dos-Emu under Linux *g*)

Thanks for the free Download!

2001-03-22 01:55 - Robert Karlsson
Dungeon Master 1+2, CSB are some of the best games ever made! This page is cool too, very interesting (although, you suck if you don't complete all games without maps ;). Keep up the good work! AMIGA RULES

2001-03-23 23:32 - george longden
my all time favourite game was dungeon master-chaos strikes back was not quite as good. you don't mention 'stonekeep' a game i enjoyed. i finished dm2 and all the eob's,i am looking for a good rpg but have not found anything i like nowadays.

2001-03-26 17:56 - Paul
Nice site.
Just started DM2, any tips appreciated.

2001-03-27 03:44 - Klipzig
God, i remember when i was 6 years old, the whole family gathered around the computer watching my dad play Dungeon Master one and two, watching him draw out his map on graph paper. This game is great and probably the best game ever. No matter how many times i play this game i never get tired of it, now thats what i call a great game. See now i thought they only made 3 games for Dungeon Master now i found out that there are 2 more versions!!! Theron's Quest's cover looks just like the first one, is it different? and by how? And DM Nexus looks GREAT!!! i wish that they had only made it for america though, i would have bought it at the drop of a hat. Why didnt they release it for America? Anyways, great site, i thought i would never get to see this game again.

2001-04-05 10:35 - Antonello Savaglio
I need a complete solution of chaos strikes back

2001-04-12 14:17 - Ken Tait
Second time I have signed this guest book although I have been here 100's of times. Great Site that just gets better and better.

2001-04-14 20:38 - DrJOE with Wuuf, Zed, Gothmog, and Tiggy !
Beau travail !

2001-04-27 14:52 - Steve Hall
This is an excellent site! For over 10 yrs I have been into DM, and CSB. They are still some of the greatest games of all time!!

2001-04-28 13:56 - Giuseppe
I've never thought that it would be a wonderful site like this. I've played (and finished) DM, CSB and DM2 for PC.

2001-05-02 15:41 - Atari
Wow... thanks for this site. I played DM with my father when it was released for Atari ST, I thought it would be forgotten... :)
It is really one of the best games ever, even today.

2001-05-04 14:33 - Nico-Europe
J'avais 11 ans quand j'ai joué pour la première fois à DM sur
l'Atari de mon père, je n'ai pas pu m'en décoller pendant des semaines.
Je n'oublierai jamais ce jeu.
Merci pour ce site, me voila nostalgique.

2001-05-07 01:59 - Andy.C
I've just spent the night remenicing with a friend of the years we all played DM et al and just had to check for stuff on the web. Spot on.

Fave memories were;

Screamers: being savaged by rampant cabages, marvelous.

Rat regeneration room (level 9). With the rat regeneration room supplying mundo drumsticks and a nearby water fountain you could level up like nobodies buisness. Punching doors for those sought after ninja levels. There's months of my life I'll never get back.

And the all time classic: Tiggy. What a fuck head. You'd go to sleep to heal up Hissa & Darou and the perfectly heathly midget would go and have a bloody heart attack or something. His health bar bouncing up and down like you always imagined Sonia's breast to. Alright, just me then.

2001-05-17 16:10 - Dave
This web site is excellent.
Keep up the good work Christophe

2001-05-23 01:18 - Guybrush
Bravo Christophe !! Ce site est vraiment grandiose, je n'en reviens encore pas. J'ai 20 ans et je jouais a DM et CSB avec mes 2 freres sur AtariST quand on etait petit. Ces 2 jeux etaient de loin mes preferes. Apres avoir passé plusieurs heures sur ton site une larme de nostalgie a l'oeil, redecouvrant chaque choses, je crois que je vais vite me telecharger DM pour PC pour m'occuper pendant mes nuits d'été :)
Merci vraiment d'avoir realisé ce site aussi complet, encore felicitations !

2001-05-23 19:04 - Lord Chaos
If anybody has a full working copy of Chaos Strikes Back for the Pc could they contact me at cos I want it! Thanks!

2001-05-28 22:59 - Princess of Darkness
Yeah, I'm with ya Lord Chaos. I want CSB for PC as well. I never actually finished it on the Atari, which really pisses me off! I downloaded DM for PC about 6 months ago, and played it day and night. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Even though I finished it in about 6 hours flat, it will be one that I save to Zip drive for all time. To finish...I can just see me in my room at the resthome, 97 yrs old, playing DM all day long on my own computer. LOL :)

2001-06-02 13:20 - Lord Chaos
Yeah princess! I downloaded Dungeon Master cos I also had it on the Atari ST. I had CSB too and I really liked the room you had to be in at the start (I think it was called Prison) with all those worms. Anyway if anybody has a copy of it please send it to me or add me to your msn and send it over that ( thanks!

2001-06-04 14:19 - old timer
v good site, nice to finally be able to play dm again after all these years.
one thing though, there's loads of items in your guide you say can only be got by hacking, not true! they're all there and some more too, a full set of lyte and darc armour for starters.

keep huntin peeps

2001-06-12 14:03 - Wildarms
Wow I couldn't believe it when I found this site. I was after some pics for DM for a topic I was writing about and look here. The topic was for my favourite game of all time and no candy for guessing that.
To be honest, I'm so pissed that with todays advance computers that not one single game in the vain of DM has been redone. Will it ever happen:( Great site by the way. Top stuff and most surly the best layout I have seen for a playguide:)

2001-06-14 00:12 - JR
wowow really impressive site =) this is the best game ever for sure. Anyone knows if there are a chaos strikes back version for pc ?

2001-06-14 06:17 - Roberto G. Bourbon
Keep the dream alive. DM is one of the addictive games. Maybe because you go through so much trouble, but you get rewarded at the end of the effort.

2001-06-14 13:12 - Ali
Excellent site. Many years later, there will be someone, somewhere still playing this game.

2001-06-22 13:20 - Bruit Bleu
Franchement, bien joué, il fallait le faire.
Après avoir cherché CSB partout à travers le Net, je finis par trouver ton site d'excellente qualité, parfaitement documenté avec une version PC de cette merveille du jeu vidéo.
Sans doute y jouerons-nous encore dans quelques dizaines d'années avec le même plaisir qu'il y a une dizaine d'année.
Grâce à ton site, cette fois-ci, je ne perdrai pas mes disquettes :)
Bonne continuation !

2001-06-22 15:05 - Norm Di Pasquale
You guys are just incredible for doing this! My brother has been searching for Chaos Strikes Back for such a long time and now I can get it for him. You made his millenium! Thanks for taking the time and creating such an excellent site for such an excellent game! You guys rule!!!!! I am forever in your debt.

2001-06-25 07:17 - Don Jordan
Wow! A *very* cool Dungeon Master web site. It amazes me that people still care about the game after almost 14 years! I'm glad I was a part of it in my own small way.

Don Jordan (the Apple IIgs programmer)

2001-06-26 00:47 - Matt Hill (Gambit)
Don Jordan! I hope you come back here again. I would be very grateful if you could get in touch with me. I'm building a web site about the history and development of FTL games and specifically the Dungeon Master games. If you feel you would like to be part of this site, please contact me. I have a copy of the interview you gave to the Unofficial Dungeon Master website two years ago but would welcome an opportunity to talk with you personally. Fingers crossed.... :-)

2001-06-26 11:05 - Tommo
Neat web page, it's brill to see the game still going strong.

2001-06-28 16:18 - Jimbob
What a great site, I used to play DM & CSB right thru the night and then go to work very square eyed. Keep up the good work.

2001-07-12 11:28 - Monseigneur
a Great site for the best RPG ever created.
Ce site est vraiment extraordinaire. Cela ma rappelé les centaines d'heures que j'ai passées sur DM à entrainer mes personnages et à dessiner les niveaux. très bien réalisé, il nous fallait ça merci
(Italian) Sito meraviglioso, che finalmente rende giustizia a Dungeon Master, il più grande gioco di ruolo mai realizzato.

2001-07-12 22:08 - olaf vosskamp

it must be nearly 10 years ago i played dm on my amiga500 and i finished it :-)
then i tried csb and i failed. now i found this site, lord chaos i am coming to get you, after all those years...

did anyone know what happened to ftl?

i played dm 2, but it was not really as good as its precedors.
(not bad at all, but you know...)



P.S. If you know anything about FTL please e-mail me. THANKS

2001-07-19 20:47 - Kyriad
Nice work in here ! I began with a C64 with Giana Sisters, Skate or Die... and then an Stf/e with DM, CSB, Damocles, Tower of Babel... an Amiga 500 with Beast, Dragon's Lair... and thought all has vanished with my memories. No Baldur's Gate or Ultima Ascension can make me forget. This site prooves me I was wrong to think everything died. and it re-warms my heart. Hope it will never be cursed by lamers. Cya.

2001-07-20 15:32 - Bryan
Firstly: Top notch site!
..used to play DM on the ST way back as a nipper. I used to get scared half to death, running away frantically from some mummies only to round a corner and find a rock pile in your way...ARRRRRG. It makes you think tho - HOW crappy was the PC's capabilities compared to the ST back then? im playing the PC version now but the sound is aweful!
to give you an idea of how DM compares to modern games, i have just redescovered DM and after an hour I was getting through level four, then my mate came round with the newly released Gram Turismo 3 for my Playstation2 (eagerly anticipated) but I couldnt stop thinking about DM and had to carry on playing!! they dont make em like they used to..

Also, anyone remember BLOODWYCH on the ST, it was like a two player dungeon master. hey, im not saying it was better or anything! just worth a look for the fans of DM.

So theres no CSB for the PC then? seems a shame (id like to edit my portraits)...
Thanks for a very pleasurable site with lots of quality content.
DM will never die!!
Atari Rulez!

2001-07-26 14:04 - Daniel
Incredible site. I found everything I needed !!
Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back are two of the best games ever. Another favourite I had was Boulder Dash on C64.

2001-07-31 19:43 - Don Deibler
Just a note to congratulate you on this fabulous site. Am amazed to see the number of hits per week on this site! Keep it up!

2001-08-08 11:46 - Alan
Great site! I never thought I'd find a site as informative and well designed as yours dedicated to the game that started me off down that well travelled path!

It's a shame there's not a multiplayer version... now that would be fantastic!

Brilliant stuff indeed!

2001-08-11 22:55 - François-Xavier
A great site for the best RPG ever. I've finished DM on ST (I killed my power adaptor by playing 18 hours without stopping on DM), Amiga, PC & SNES. A shame that DM2 was so inferior than his model!!

2001-08-17 00:16 - Jove
Incredible site, congratulations, plus that download of chaos strikes back windows it's just awesome. Keep up the good work. Kick ass site for the best game ever!!

2001-08-17 14:34 - Le kavek
Fantastic,amazing...the words miss me !!
You've done a hudge work !!
In the name of all DM's afficionados :
thanksssssss !!!

2001-08-18 04:12 - ryan
what a fuckn supurb site!i wasnt going to bother to leave a message but this site is absolutly no.1and sdy said dont get my hopes up about dm! fuk him! i cant wait to through those chunks of worm shit on level 4! its been atleast 11 yrs, im due. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2001-08-21 18:28 - Luis Miguel Arrozeiro Gonçalves
this is a great site.........i imagine the huge work that must gave to u.
keep the nice work

2001-08-27 12:14 - Uwe Schoeneberg
Thanks for making such an excellent web site !

2001-08-30 15:14 - Mark Frazer
Congratulations Christopher!
You have fully captured all aspects of the Dungeon Master series of games and I will not leave the site till I have read it all! Thankyou also for the clones as since I got Millenium Windows I have not been able to plat my original. Must hurry though, as I have a date with those squeaky trees that give a nasty suck. (Honey I'm Home!!!!!!AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2001-09-08 20:44 - Thomas A. Compter
What a great site! Had just the information I needed to change this game from frustrating to fun! Thanks for tha great work!

2001-09-09 19:27 - Carlton
Great site for what I still think is THE original RPG/adventure game, few have come close to it!

2001-09-13 09:21 - Fabrice
Quel site web extraordinaire ! Je suis impressionné par la quantité de travail nécessaire pour arriver à ce résultat.

J'avais fini DM sur mon Atari ST (avec du mal) en y passant des nuits et des nuits. J'avais fait l'erreur de prendre un perso avec 0 de mana. Finalement, j'ai réussi à le faire progresser (avec du mal) grâce à des objets (Teowand) , et grâce à de nombreuses potions de mana. Je me souviens encore du message me disant que Halk (une brute épaisse) venait de gagner 1 niveau de wizzard... :-)))

CSB fut encore plus coriace que son petit frère. Quelle difficulté ! Que d'heures (et de nuits) passées les yeux rivés sur l'écran, à bondir dès le cri d'un monstre attaquant ! Pfff, ce "Diabolical Demon Director" m'aura donné du fil à retordre. Et comment peut-on arriver à mettre autant de difficulté dans une si petite salle ?
Mes persos étaient sur la fin ultra puissants, surtout en mana (ma principale source d'attaque). Je me souviens qu'ils arrivaient tous à lancer 6 ou 7 Fireballs puissance maxi d'affilée...

Que de souvenirs... :-))))

Encore bravo !

2001-09-22 20:07 - Krtinoh
Greetings from czech republic ! This is the best DM site I have ever seen ! Good luck with your good work. Mole

2001-09-23 00:30 - leon
been looking a long time for a DM site
well done guys (keep up the good work)

2001-09-27 09:44 - Geisz
This is great! It's been a long while since I played this, and it's all coming back to me now! Thanks for this great initiative!

2001-09-28 05:58 - Rathgar
One Word... Amazing.

All the info i needed for kicking this games ass all in one place.. truly amazing- 5 ***** Stars.

Refer to:
for a copy of the Pc version. They gave it SEVEN well deserved stars.

Thanks again for an amazing site!.

2001-09-28 17:51 - sykron
hi im from austria not australia ! your site is so cool and i'm a extrem fan from dm, i play it so mutch on my old atari 1040 st fm .
i'm23 years old and to day i play it agen, buy buy

2001-09-29 13:10 - Piotr Budner
Bardzo fajna strona. Wszedzie szukalem informacji o Dungen Master i znalazlem tutaj.
It's in Polish. Great site.

2001-10-09 21:19 - Steve
A fantastic concept - this man deserves a medal - DM forever. I thought it was just me that was an out of time nostalgic nutter.

2001-10-14 19:57 - Naz
Fantastic. Failed my GCSEs coz of DM. prob gona end up single afta this playing it again

2001-10-14 23:40 - Wakko
Gotta send out a HELL YEA! to you for setting up a site devoted to a classic game. Great work put into the site, very thorough. Best of all, its free, hehe. Keep up the good work

2001-10-24 23:10 - Gambit
Hi again Christophe. Just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday for the Encyclopedia. Congratulations on keeping this going for so long, and for continually updating and refining the site. It just gets better and better!

2001-10-26 04:52 - Regimontanus
If you liked Dungeon Master as a kid on Atari ST like me, you will LOVE the Dungeon Master Java!!!! Run it on windows! It comes with an Editor!. Re-life precious hours spent trying to defeat Lord Chaos! Good job on this site! Happy Birthday!

2001-10-26 14:47 - 'Karl'
Great stuf'. Glad you're immortalizing some of the most divine software to grace the net. I'll recommend this site to all my friend. Stick aroun'. Hope this site is aroun' when we are not.

2001-10-27 10:45 - DMaster
Nice site. I told 'em it was going to be a cult classic, but I never would have guessed it would still be going strong after all these years.

2001-11-03 10:12 - Zyx
Happy Birthday! May the site grow stronger!

2001-11-03 10:58 - OutCast
Happy Birthday for the Encyclopedia, Christophe! I really like your page an the job you're making on it. It's impressive. Thanks for one of my favorites sites of all the net!

Your Spanish Amigo,

2001-11-04 19:59 - Jimbo
Amazing. Simply amazing. A huge thanks. A great site dedicated to perhaps the finest game ever written. It really gets me that in a lot of the "greatest games ever" lists that I see, DM isn't even there - let alone at the top where it should be. No other game has had me playing it again 10+yrs after I first completed it. Thanks for putting a working version of CSB up. I have the original for the ST but my machine went to Atari heaven many years ago. I coulndn't find a version I could use on the PC anywhere - thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to (try) and finish it. Fab site. Cheers.

2001-11-04 21:40 - Ian
This website is AWESOME! I can't even begin to tell you how addicted I was to Dungeon Master on my Atari ST! I was the king of this game. The one thing that I left unfinished in this game was getting somebody to the rank of Arc Master. Oh well. This site is the most well done and complete archive of anything I have ever seen! Now if somebody would do something equally as complete for The Bard's Tale ...

2001-11-06 02:45 - luis arcos P.
felicitaciones por tan majnifico web site sobre uno de los mejores video juegos hechos hasta la fecha
El mejor

2001-11-15 01:04 - antimatter
wow what a site! ... great job, just wonderful ... DM deserves a site like this ... great great job

2001-11-15 07:10 - richard
wow i neverwould have thought that so many people like dugeon master two it make feel all warm and fuzzy inside

2001-11-24 04:08 - Hrss
Well Done.

Thank you.

2001-11-24 15:40 - Mark
I hope you got what I,m looking for

2001-11-26 02:36 - Princess of Darkness
I was just wondering if the font that was used in the DM book was available anywhere to download....

2001-11-29 10:59 - Grim
Great site. Its always nice to find sites related to Dungeon master and to find that there are so many people interested in it still. Even if I know that its never going to happen. I sure hope that a Dungeon Master 3 some day will se its first daylight

2001-12-02 18:43 - Matt
Love the site - its great to be able to play DM again.


2001-12-08 04:16 - Katz
If you love Dungeon Master, and I surely did, you might want to try Dungeon Master Java, it's free and it's the same game only with a whole new dungeon and plot/interactions. It plays great on a variety of platforms. The url is:

Hope this helps someone enjoy the Dungeon for much longer. Great site here too!!!

2001-12-15 11:23 - Nicco
Ya vraiment trop de choses a dire sur ce site :
Alors il est execellentissime, y 10 ans j'essayais de répertorier tous les objets sur un cahier et j'ai vite arrété vu le nombre impressionnant de trucs et la ils y sont tous, avec photo, poids, description .....
Même maintenant je trouve ce jeu toujours mieux que les trucs qui sortent en 3d et je ne pensais pas qu'il y avait des sites sur dungeon master, un CD sur le jeu, ....... ARGGGGG c'est trop génial.


2001-12-22 19:35 - Antony
I think this website is just SOOO fantastic!!!
I can't believe the site's only two years old, I remember getting scared when my brother used to play Dungeon Master when I was little ;)
I love this game so much, I even based my yahoo & MSN addresses on it: My own personal spell *LOL*
I hope this site wins loads more awards and stays around forever!

2001-12-22 19:38 - Antony
My addresses are des_brodain @ both Hotmail or Yahoo .com

2001-12-24 00:14 - Uffe Puffe
the best game ever made is The Dungeon Master.
It will live for ever...

2001-12-25 03:25 - Marstil
WTG! Dungeon Master forever!

2001-12-28 01:33 - JF
Bravo pour ce site très complet et qui m'a permis de rejouer
qq. instants à DM sur l'émulateur Amiga. Que d'émotions
qui reviennent tout à coup.


2002-01-02 23:27 - Einar jónsson
YYYYEEESSSS this is an old favorit, keep on the good work:)

2002-01-05 02:31 - Finn Espen Gundersen
What can I say, another DM-fan here. It's been 13 years since I played it with my mate Karl Todnem on the Atari ST. Incredible. Playing again now using the emulator. Not so scary now, but still a great game. So nice to see that others are also frustrated about finding good RPGs. When you have tried the best, nothing else measures up.

2002-01-08 02:17 - Jerome
Dungeon Master is not just a game.
It is a unique experience. What game today produces such a mysterious attract ? That particular, weird atmosphere that made you climb upstairs when you stumbled upon a giant worm for the first time ?
That feeling that the characters you play with are more than just characters. It may sound stupid but you really brought them up. You made them yours for the first time ever.

No 3-D sound needed. No GeForce. Just Talent. Or was it genius ?

Thanks, Christophe. I can see I am not alone...keep it up.

2002-01-09 21:28 - Wayfaerer
I played DM a long time ago, but then last week I dug up the good old Amiga, found the DM disks and started playing... It's still sooo much fun!

Then I thought, maybe I can get some hints on the web, and found this EXCELLENT site. I really like it!

Keep figthing, lord Chaos must not prevail!

2002-01-15 21:29 - Stuart Mackay
I found your website very interesting and informative
Keep up the good work!

2002-01-17 03:02 - Jason
I played the game 13 Years ago, I loved it. Played lots of games since then, recently Baldurs Gate 2. Now while waiting for NWN, I found the Old DM for PC. Its still great and amusing still knowing the levels after such a long time...

2002-01-23 23:20 - richard hardaker
hello found the site most interesting. I shall get the games out again

2002-01-25 00:30 - Frank
Thank for this great Site. One Evening seeing Worms at Level three, great.
I love this Game and this Site. Go on hunting, Partys!

2002-01-25 00:55 - Spencer
Great game (lost my first girlfriend to DM) Well i had to get past them spiders without being nagged, this site is a blessing for all of us people who still love this classic game....Thanks

2002-01-31 10:48 - Dario Marusic
This is the best ever game I ve played, and now I m playing this game again after i finished her before 7 years on Amiga!!!

2002-02-01 20:28 - Satish Patel
Hey thanks... is it that long ago? I used to spend hours, days, weeks and months on this game... love it absolutely, love it....!!!

Great website too!

If you guys can get it to work on Windows ME... that would be marvellous....

2002-02-06 09:05 - Dario Marusic
Now I m almost done to finishing DM for the second time.I also finished CSB, Eye of the beholder I and Eye of the beholder II.This site is the best ever thing on the net.SPENCER I also lost my first girlfriend ANA B. to DM.
If anybody has a full working copy of Chaos Strikes Back for the Pc could they contact me at cos I want it! Thanks!

2002-02-09 01:51 - David Richier
Well, it’s been almost 15 years now since I first played DM (I was 10 at the time). I can still see me playing it for months on my older brother computer the Atari 520 ST. I actually spent a year on it trying to reach the very last level of each skill. I finally attained the ultimate rank of achievement, being Archmaster. And then I remember hanging out in corridors and blasting all locked doors with fireballs that looked as big as a fifty cents coin on the 14 inches monitor. That was awesome…
But time went on, I grew up and I kind of forgot about the game until I found the DM and CSB bundle two years ago in an annual stock sale for less than 2 bucks. I know it may sounds stupid (for people who never had experienced DM and are not involved in the video games industry anymore) but my eyes got wet, not crying you know, just wet. It meant a lot to me.
So I rushed to my basement, got the Atari all set up and insert the DM game disk in the floppy drive… The magic took over once again.

Many Thanx to the makers of this GREAT site.

2002-02-13 03:59 - Farshad Mohimani
An Astonishing site! The most complete collection of all things DM-related that I have ever seen; not only reminds me of the endless nights in '89 sitting in the dark with headphones on and scared out of my wits, but it also makes me want to do it all over again! A recent article in Edge magazine's retro section had a fresh interview with the authors, I can scan and send if you guys want.

Don't u love sites like this, written by people who are absolutely 100% addicted to the subject matter? :)

Keep it going long as u can.

2002-02-13 08:03 - Marco from Germany
I think DM is one of the best games ever !!
Why nowadays must be everything in 3D ?
DM-look rules !!
I hope there will be a dungeon master III in 2D !

2002-02-15 18:23 - Lunever
Many years ago, when I was but a child, one of the few equipped with a computer at that early stage of home computering, I succumbed to the world of computer games when pacman entered the stage. For many years I was addicted to every kind of action-related game.
Then came Dungeon Master. Dungeon Master was not a game, it was a magic spell, one that enchanted me ever since and had great impact upon my life and spirit.
DM1 brought me in touch with role playing games, other computer role playing games like "The Bard´s Tale" or "Eye of the Beholder first", then with paper&pen-role playing games where I could share so much expiriences with friends, which in turn brought me into the world of life role playing games, which led to participate in reenactment, castle festivals, a world full of beauty and myth, a gateway to the worlds of imagination and dreaming.
I have been a stone doomed to rolling, an Dungeon Master set me in motion.

Finding this marvelous site has brought back the glamour of years past.

Thank for sharing your devotion to the one and best computer game ever created!

2002-04-11 17:08 - Peter
Well, I've spent the better part of two hours exploring this site and trying to explain this game's significance to my sims-addicted roommate. This was the first game that ever made me sweat and few have followed. Sad to say, after playing DM on our Apple IIgs for about 3 years, my brother and I never managed to beat Lord Chaos. He's gonna die when I tell him I finally found the answer. haha. Awesome site! Good to know there's a support group out there. heh.

2002-04-16 13:38 - Thyfate
Dungeon master was really a visionary game. I remember playing it on a friend's atari st and then I knew I had to buy that damn expansion pack for my amiga just to play this game. Not only did it provide very nice colorful stylized graphics and adequate sound FX, it was mainly the first complex games with such awesome gameplay. The real time processing, the possibility to choose your attack, to customize your spells, to quickly access your inventory, the timing of your steps according to your load, etc. were all new and contributed to a better game experience. Chaos strikes back did a very good job continuing the saga but I wish the uninspired Dungeon Master 2 were never published. Among the clones, Eye of the beholder 2 is one of the best contender to the legacy with Black Crypt from Raven Software but both of these games never did manage to get as good an atmosphere and gameplay. Even Captive which provided some quite innovative ideas was not that good. Thanks for this shrine to one of my fondest gaming memory ever. I love listening to the creeping noise of the screamers in the monster sections....

2002-04-19 03:22 - William D. Gustafson
This site is great. I got Fellow, etc about a month ago and just found this site today.

2002-04-30 08:13 - Der Watz
Great page!
Now i'll playing all the fine old DM-Games again!
Youth is back!

Der Watz

2002-05-02 01:38 - Kenny
Thank you for creating such an informative site. I'm very impressed. You even have a Dungeon Master Album section with WMAs. WOW! Can't wait to see more on that DM2000 project.

2002-05-02 04:04 - Raven Grey

2002-05-04 20:01 - GAGNON Renaud
Sympa ce site je suis francais c'est assez drole d'être si peu sur ce site.
j'suis fan de DM depuis sa sortie 1988 ou 1989 je crois et je l'ai recuperé il n'y a pas longtemps sur PC avec CSB. Depuis tout prtit j'essaye de commencer CSB mais je n'est jamais reussi a sortir de la prison. alors j'ai acheté DM2 sur Pc j'ai d'ailleurs été très deçu de l'avoir fini aussi vite ...
Sinon exelent site, merci...
else this site is great, thanks ...

2002-05-14 16:06 - bertrand POLLET
I'm playing at DM since I was 10. This site is really great!!!
by the way where can we find theron's quest?

2002-05-21 13:39 - Alain
mille merci pour ce site pour le plus merveilleux des jeux du monde

2002-06-06 00:13 - Skar
Wow, great page. Found it while searching some hints for DM. Started playing it again after I found a version on the web. Must be 10 years ago when I first hit the dungeon on my ST.

2002-06-06 08:12 - Larry
Hi I'm larry

2002-06-07 20:31 - Claude
Dungeon Master is my favourite game of all times... thank you for your wonderful page ! I am using some Dungeon Master sounds for my Desktop (error requestors, opening windows and the like ;)). Reminds me of the good old times of playing the game for months...

2002-06-09 15:06 - Marco
Real great work! I just hate i was unable to find this site earl than now! Really gratz!
I always wanted to make something like this, but time is never enough...
...Just to know, it is also possible to ask you some information about a point of the game Chaos Strikes Back?....Well if the answer is YES, can you tell me something about the DEATH ROW? For years I played CSB and I was never able to understand HOW TO OPEN THAT DAMN DOOR! :P
...Well, if you need some help with graphics let me know (but i see you don't need)...And gratz again :)

2002-06-10 17:55 - alain
Et voila, comme je l'avais prévu je suis scotché sur ton site, c trop remarquable , mais encore une fois
DOMMAGE QUE CE SOIT EN ANGLAIS... je n'y pige que dalle, à mon age(51 ans) j'ai pas envie de me remettre à l'école..
encore merci

2002-06-11 01:49 - frank gibson

2002-06-11 20:47 - yann
J' VAIS JOUIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-06-22 07:05 - radonix
Big thanx! Great Page !!!

2002-06-25 20:25 - Matthias
Hi, Dungeon Master friends! Really a great Page! I remembered my sleepless nights during playing this great Game! It's great to see and hear the old things again!
Many thanx!

The Vault Dweller

2002-07-04 19:20 - Sral
Thank YOU soooooooooooooo much for this BEST Dungeon Master Site Ever!!!!!!!!!

2002-07-19 18:30 - GREY LORD
thanks to created this site,
it's must complete than many i seen

2002-07-21 08:49 - james dollar
thank you very much

2002-08-07 01:27 - Oliver Goetzl
I found this site on Sunday the 4th of august! In the Past i`d a Atari STE and i had played Dungeon Master for a long time and in all the last years i´ve mist a game like Dungeon Master!!! I had downloaded Dungeon Master Back to Chaos from your Site: thank you very much, in the last 2 days i played the game all the time and i had arived in the 7th level! My English is not the best but i hope you understand me!!!
One question i had: What is with the Dungeon Master 2000-Project, the pictures i watch looks so great!!!
Rock on...OLLI!!!!

2002-08-28 09:11 - didikong
baldur's gate play guide

2002-08-29 23:29 - ichbla
this site is wonderfull . good job sincerely.

2002-09-08 01:52 - Andreas from Germany
This site rules !!!
I'm so happy to find "Chaos strikes back" for PC...couldn't believe this to be true !!! Thanks for the one who made this possible.
Let the good old Amiga-times roll...
This is an excellent site and I will come back often...

2002-09-10 16:11 - berrached
cool site

2002-09-22 10:47 - Zeke
I played DM II 5 years ago on a friends amiga and it has taken this long to get the full game and am i pleased to be back on it
oh and what a great site you guys have here keep up the good work

2002-09-30 10:53 - Birke
Hi Guys!!
This site is very cool, it helped me a lot to find through
the Dungeons of "Dungeon Master", one of the greatest RPGs ever made!
Thanks a lot, for the game,the site and the maps!!!
D.B.-the Dragon Slayer

2002-10-01 14:44 - Daniel
Fan-*******-tastic, found a link from the little green desktop atari site, and I'm now playing Dungeon Master again for the first time in 10 years. I was about 14/15 when this first came out and it was one of the best experiences of gaming ever. I don't think anything now comes close to the atmosphere present in this game (except maybe Aliens Vs Predator 2 on the PC which is scaring me shitless at the moment). It's amazing how well the game holds up even today.


2002-10-05 11:25 - Paddy H
Who'd have thought it? Dungeon Master still staying alive today! I used to play this game on my dad's Amiga when I was little and it used to scare me like you wouldn't believe, and still manages to do that to this day (the Dragon - Aaargh!).

Glad this sit's here to keep the game alive even longer,

Keep it up!

2002-10-13 20:23 - Space
I don't speak very well english but i'll try. Just to say i'm glad to have discover this site that remember me my 15 years old, and now i will maybe finish the great CSB with the maps.
I very enjoyed this site. Go on!

2002-10-30 16:25 - chris
salut! veux je suis aussi une salutation laisser par hasard ici atterri et maintenant! mon français est malheureusement très mauvais, sorry! salut, chris

2002-11-09 16:44 - aventurier
Je recherche un site ou quelqu'un qui puisse me télécharger le jeu DUNGEON MASTER II. Merci d'avance.

2002-11-16 11:06 - sue ruddock & mark chicot
100% quality site for crusty explorers.

2002-11-18 15:15 - Nathan
Played this game way back in the day on the old ST. Must have been 13/14. Great that someone has spent the time puting this site together.
DM was the first of its kind at the time.

2002-11-18 19:19 - Baggio
My prblem is that i cant download the therons quest and the nexus pls do something because i so want those games.

2002-11-20 11:22 - Stephan
Great site about a great game! I hope, this site will not disappear like so many other good sites. Keep doing this great work!

2002-11-24 16:19 - Chad Leal

2002-12-01 21:13 - Adie
I played this until my balls went blue, im a right sad gamer but since i have found the front door, i some times meet girls now but i rarely get anywhere, up the blades

2002-12-01 21:16 - Phil brother of leah
Also played this until my single sack was blue. I have yet to find the front door and seek out girls. maybe oneday the grey lord will grant me access to the pussy spell!

2002-12-04 13:24 - Sandro Zanello
Please, I need the schematics for the RGB cable connector of Atari ST 520. tx!

2002-12-06 14:06 - Bernd
Hi! Great DM page! I love this game!!!

2002-12-17 13:42 - Mario
This is fantastic. After all this years... DM will always be a milestone - and this site is more than a tribute. You collected everything worth knowing about this great games and its sequels. Furthermore, you made it possible for me to play DM the first time since 1991. Great!!! Thank you.

2002-12-25 20:53 - FLaZ
Merry Christmas to all the DM-Fans out there!

2003-01-01 15:25 - FLaZ
Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

2003-01-07 10:18 - Bob L. Durden
They just don't make classic games like this anymore.I played this and daggerfall alot.Hey don't open the door!!ahhh!!sunlight!!

2003-01-08 16:26 - Anton Zierer
gutes 2003 wünsche ich!

2003-01-15 23:11 - Jon
Thank you for making this site!! Anyone knows the best way of playing any of the Dungeon Master versions on a Mac OS platform? I got so happy when i understood that Dungeon Master still is "alive" today. It´s the best game I´ve ever played.

2003-01-29 16:54 - Klaus
hallöchen; hab mich grad auf die Seite hier verlaufen.Ist echt gut gemacht muss man sagen.Naja surfe jetzt mal weiter, aber ich komme bestimmt nochmal vorbei.schöne Grüsse aus Köln. Klaus

2003-02-01 09:24 - warlock
I used to play DM and CSB many times on my Atari, then on my Amiga and now on my PC. Always the same feeling : nobody has done a better game yet !
Good job guys for this website

2003-02-05 03:03 - Samantha Williams
Great, very informatiinformative site. I promise to come back. :)

2003-02-25 13:09 - Ali
Hello, you did a great work on your site! It's really nice :-)

2003-03-07 01:11 - Steve Betteley
Just discovered your great site thanks to a tip off. I *loved* playing DM back in my Amiga days. Keep up the good work !

2003-03-10 15:53 - Boris
Exellent site I'd give it a rating of 10/10

2003-03-19 06:03 - Luis Valenzuela
Hola, gracias por este espectacular sitio, Dungeon Master fue un juego que marcó una época muy importante en mi Atari ST, realmente cuando juego nuevamente, el sentimiento es el mismo desde aquellos años. gracias al equipo creador de Dungeon Master, por esta obra maestra de los juegos de rol para PC.

Feclicitaciones a los creadores de esta Página.

Saludos desde Chile

2003-04-10 13:03 - le bon
je voudrais télécharger dungeon master, donner moi le bon site
je vous en remercie d'avance.

2003-04-10 17:29 - Steve the monk
Goose, goose. Follow the master, see the rules!

2003-04-18 19:15 - oo

2003-04-24 11:47 - bombjack
tres bon site, vraiment DM c'est le top , à quand un DM3 ou DMx sur pc pour 2004.....arrrgggh

2003-04-27 13:08 - Dungeon.Master
Thank you for this TITAN work than keep alive a great game !!
I think you are a saint to make such a work...
Thank you for permit me to return to DM and CSB to remember such emotions !!!

Please continue your passion ....

2003-05-01 14:09 - Andy
Fantastic site, I cant believe Ive been visiting for about 3 or 4 months now and I havent signed the guest book, wicked work mate, keep it going.

Andy (UK)

2003-05-06 18:47 - Tobias
This page really roxx !!!
Its almost 15 years ago i that i played DM on my amiga.
And now it is still one of the 2 best RPG i know
and i tried a lot since then. (The other one is Might&MagicIII)
Lets keep it alive and forget all the "realtime3d"shit ;)

2003-05-11 22:29 - demoy
excellent.thank you

2003-05-19 07:18 - Appo Robtherich
dungeon master was the first game that really got me involved in computers and after nearly fifteen years i still consider it as the best game of all times
thank you for the amazing and tremendeous work it really astonished me
now i have a good reason to leave everquest hehe restart DM and CSB
again my friend be sure your name shall be added to the hall of fame

2003-06-06 13:29 - Sutter Kane
YES ! one of the greates games ever. just found the java version. The advantage of the java-version ? You can minimize the dm-window if the BOSS comes in...MUUUAHAHAAAA !!!

Kick some worms,


2003-06-09 09:45 - Pepe Alcala
Excellent encyclopaedia. I'd never though that my preferred game on Atari ST would be already on the Net. I'm impressed for the research involved in developing this page, and the huge information related to the DM saga. Ty for bringing once again the early night memories of RPGing with nothing else than my computer, a eager pen and guts/imagination.

2003-06-09 09:49 - Alessio
Great site for the best RPG ever. Keep the site alive, someone could still learn how an RPG is made even without Tflop capable CPUs.

2003-06-19 00:18 - Buff
This website is shit

2003-06-28 10:31 - Nina
my french is to bad, so i have to write in english! best regards from germany and have a nice weekend! salut, nina

2003-08-18 17:06 - paul smith
if anyone knows were to find a decent rom of dungen master for the snes emulator plz e-mail me about the where abouts of the site!!!!!!thank you

2003-08-31 07:51 - crazynudelsieb
COOL page man!!Dungeon Master was the first game i've ever played and i love it!Keep that side alive,coz a lot of newbs could learn something about nice RPG!
grütze crazy

2003-09-03 22:47 - AmigaKid
woooooooooooooow!!!!! THAT´S a great site! I love it!!!!
...already leeching everything :)

2003-09-05 14:10 - Torsten
Best Dungeon-Site ever !!!

I played Dungeon Master 3 times and that's 15 years ago. Never thought that there's still such a big community - WOW.

So the dungeon-fever was back again and the last 5 days I made one download after another. The best DM-MOD - for me - is Dungeon Master Java.

Is there anybody out there, who wants to exchange new Dungeon-Files?


2003-09-14 01:50 - KoldKadavr
Nice site... However, much more important realities await thee. Both God and I want you in the Great Beyond. How do you get there? Belief in the Trinity and frequent confession; We know you can make it if you follow our guidelines in this Finite Existence. Sign the Guest Book, too. God Bless You.

2003-09-15 03:23 - Cee
DM was one of my first computergames, and one I often remember! Surfing on this site, more and more I remember the details of the FTL games. Haaa...wonderful,I like this page and all the good old stuff...

Greets from Germany!
Bye, Cee.

2003-09-20 03:28 - Susan Stuve
I wanna play in windows xp

2003-09-21 10:39 - Smeggy
Hi Champions!

This site is THE best! Thanx for the work, u make millions of people lucky :-) .
That is called a perfect support.

2003-10-10 16:34 - DR
Your website is truly excellent! I have been amazed to discover the ports of the FTL games to the new machines, and to realize the number of people that are still playing with it. I played DM and CSB thirteen years ago, and I am happy to be able to see them alive again. Thank you for your work!

2003-10-12 13:53 - Eric

2003-10-24 05:40 - Zyx
Happy birthday

2003-10-30 18:00 - Albert-17
Your site really is amazing! Two weeks ago I restarted playing DM 1 in the Amiga emulated version on my PC and got stuck in level 9. Thanks for the help; I'm really glad that there still are some dungeon masters left in 2003. It's a nice descent into nostalgia. Gotta drop by again when chaos strikes back. See you "soon"!

2003-10-30 21:58 - xxxadam
I love DM (this was my first rpg's on Amiga) now I like play Dm II or DMJ (this free but non gpl licence :( but i like play it). Dugeon Master is a saga logaut.

2003-11-27 13:03 - Coffee makers Lover
Your site is quite interesting. I'm be back.
Coffee makers Lover

2003-11-27 19:24 - feufollet
This is probably the best site about dungeon master!
Very happy to see that this game is still loved by a lot of people!
Thanks to you!

2003-12-17 13:42 - Golem
(Bows) Please accept my unworthy thanks, oh great master of the dungeons, for selflessly providing your humble servants with this neverending plethora of illuminating gems of wisdom and knowledge. (Bows deeper still) I am indebted to you for all eternity, for you gave me the key and the dungeon and the scroll, without which I would have been nothing, nay, less than that. (Bows till head touches ground) Thanks, thanks, oh, neverending thanks. (Withdraws bowing)

2003-12-18 22:03 - Crazynudelsieb
Well,im a very big dungeonmaster fan and this page is the best Webside ever on the Whole net for this RPG!! Thx for making it and thx thx thx!!! really a nice Job done here :)
grütze by crazy

2004-01-14 06:14 - Padfoot
Thanks for bringing this game back to life. I thought it was going to remain a memory from childhood. It's the ultimate in RPG.

2004-01-16 15:33 - master of the universe
huh... dungeon master still rocks!

2004-01-18 12:16 - dino
Haaaa Dungeon Master master, que des frissons a l'angle d'un long couleur, que va t'il y avoir derriere la porte, vais-je encor tomber dans un trappe ??? §Je l'ai quand meme fini sur Atari ST, mais pas Chaos Strick Back et ni la version 2 sur PC :( Super le site en passant :)

2004-01-20 01:29 - Sheol
*sniff* so many happy (and painful) memories! A lovely site for my all time favourite games....Yay!

2004-01-23 23:40 - michael rogers
hey where can I play the dungeon master 1.05? I wanted to play it.

2004-01-27 03:54 - Todd Grant
I would REALLY like to know the exact location, (maps would be nice, wink wink) of ALL the stone items in the game "Eye of the Beholder for" SNES..

2004-02-12 15:15 - Martin
Those where the days! A guy and his Atari 520ST against Lord Chaos...
Thanks a lot for this wonderful website. As I originally had a misprinted manual, lacking most of Therons story, it was a pleasure to read the missing pages - 14 years later, here on your website.
Keep up the great work + all the best, Martin

2004-02-19 02:15 - Gary Calder
Just a note to say it gave me a nice warm feeling deep down inside when i first discovered and viewed this site. The attention to detail shows just how much of an effect this classic game has had on a number of people, including myself. At 38 years of age and still an avid computer gamer with a multitude of RPG`s under my belt I have to say that although games these days are items of great wonder and outstanding in their intricacy and size (as are the machines we now play them on) there are few if any that match the sheer suspense and tension that built up the first times I navigated that dungeon at 22 years old on an atari 520ST till god knows when in the morning, "wipes away a tear" if only we could go back eh?

Gary Calder

2004-02-24 06:59 - Fred Hiebert
WOW, was happy to find DMJ. For years I have extolled the pleasures of playing the original Dungeon Master and when I found this version I was ecstatic.

2004-02-24 11:02 - Rusty
Dungeon master rules!!!! It's and amazing game.

2004-04-18 02:32 - Carl Stuebner
Thank You.I DL this in 1987 or 86 and got hooked on it.Thanks for having this site!

2004-04-21 08:17 - José
Hi, I'm from Hungary!
The page's help for me to play Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back and Dungeon Master 2.
I like these games!
The page is very good!

2004-04-29 21:57 - Kelly
Hi. I haven't used DMJava for a nice while now, and I'm just getting back into it. I've found all my old utils that I DL but I can't seem to find the EOB Dungeons. I've tried searching but the link is broken. Can anyone help me out. I really only want the custom Mons file!

2004-04-29 22:03 - Kelly
It's okay. I've just found my disc!!! I've found every dungeon every made from when I first started downloading them, so if I can help anyone out, just send a email!!!

2004-05-18 21:17 - Usul49
Que de souvenirs resurgissent avec cet excellent site. J'ai testé avec bonheur la version pc (merci l'émulateur dos !) et me suis replongé avec délectation dans les labyrinthes de dungeon master. J'espère qu'un jour on aura une suite mais en 2D ! le déplacement par case est vraiment caractéristique et je vois mal comment on pourrait en faire autre chose qu'un clone de doom en le rendant en 3D...

Je constate aussi (et encore une fois bravo pour le travail de recherche) qu'en plus d'être un jeu mythique, tout avait été prévu dans sa conception, y compris les protections!, pour en faire le hit que l'on connait.

Si on réfléchit bien: 1 disk de 360 ko = dungeon master: un jeu beau, jouable, long, etc etc (on va pas passer la nuit sur tout ce qu'il y a de bien dans le jeu !) et maintenant nos jeux "d'aujourd'hui": très beau, 4 heures de cinématique, 1 dvd de 4.000.000 ko et.... à peine quelques heures de jeu ! il serait peut être temps de regarder en arrière et de nous faire de "bons" jeux et non plus de "beaux" jeux ! la 3D n'est pas une fin en soi...

2004-05-21 14:20 - Gothmog
It's great to see that people are keeping Dungeon Master alive.

2004-05-27 08:10 - Kevin Hackett
I have played DM2 for a long time, prob since I was about 13. I never knew that their would be people as cool as you to make such a collection of information and files for such a great game. Too bad their is not a good page for Master of Magic anymore... :P

Awsome work and Keep this site alive!!!

2004-05-31 18:32 - philip
i loved this game and hop I can get it to work on my pc

2004-06-10 13:35 - Bombjack
ha nickel ce jeu, j'ai toujours mon original PC (avec boite + notice ;))
j'ai decouvert ce jeu sur ATARI , c'est vraiment la SEUL VERSION de DM original!!
je voudrais remercier tous les gens qui pondent des projets de clone DM en 3D,
ou autres ,
vraiment top ce site de référence sur DM
LONG vie à DM

2004-07-18 17:51 - AkinoS
DM est vraiment le jeu que j'ai préféré depuis que je joue avec des jeux video !!! C'etait le premier jeu que j'ai eu avec mon ST. Je l'ai terminé sur ST, AMiga et PC plusieurs fois :D

Bravo aux auteurs de ce site !!!:))

DM is THE game of my life . Il loved it so much. I finished him on ST, AMiga and PS several Times:D

Congratulations for this site web !! It rules :))

2004-07-20 13:39 - THE Materializer
Awesome site! Great to see that Dungeon Master is always gonna be alive and kicking, with all you great DM fans out there!

2004-07-22 00:39 - demon slayer
nice site

2004-07-28 18:06 - Veritas
Its really good that someone with a big dungeon for a heart like you keeps this site alive, not just the site but the game will live on as long as people makes and keeps sites like this alive, you got my full support ever :)

2004-08-22 14:50 - sebastian
Thank you for this site!!

2004-08-31 07:15 - Cindy Payne
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I loved the DM2 game way back when it was new, and was looking forward to playing it again. I couldn't get it to run properly on any new PC, even with an old operating system. The sound card drivers just aren't compatible. Fortunately I happened upon your site and can now play ALL the DM and related games.
I just wanted to let you know you hard work is appreciated.

2004-09-14 13:41 - Mira
Hello. I used to play this game with my frien when we were about 10 years old. :) And now I would like to know that can I get this game and play it 'cause I have windows xp? Please help me!!

2004-10-14 19:56 - Gilles
I played Dungeon Master, Chaos and Dungeon Master II, starting from an Atari to an Amiga and now to a PC.
They were (are) the best games I ever played. Feeling the fear growing up when approaching the Dragon's Lair... No other games made me feel like that! That were only pixels on a screen and they were frightening me! Brilliant! Outstanding! A great revolution in video games. These games even motivated me to become a Programmer (which I am today)!
So, I'd like to thank you for your support and respect for these games. It's such a great pleasure to have a site dedicated to them.
Thanks a million for your hard work!
You're the best!

2004-10-25 17:09 - The Bard's Tale
The Ultimate Bard's Tale Resource!

2004-11-19 01:41 - chris
cool site, keep on the good work! :-)

greetings c.

2005-01-13 03:01 - Blogger
Saluti da scrivi blog

2005-01-20 14:39 - Neopolss
Simply an amazing site. This is how preservation is done right! Finally the Dundgeon Master series is getting its well-deserved respect! The best collection of high quality scans , maps, files, odds & ends to be found ANYWHERE! Please keep this site alive for another five years!

2005-02-06 14:31 - Septimus
I played Rome total war the other day, a game with top graphics that has been in production for years, and it didn't come close to dungeon master. DM is simply the best RPG ever made, no game before or since has combined food water and darkness as vital factors to the game, and no game is as atmospheric as this. Try completing it with only one characters it's terrifying!
All the best

2005-03-03 21:44 - Ian
When I was 12 years old I bought this game for my Amiga 500. I lived in CT but was down in Washington DC for Christmas, and I saw it in a mall there. I think it was $40, all the money I had but I knew I had to have it. I bought it and did nothing but study the manual on the drive home. I had visions of walking around a dungeon.
When we finally got home I installed it and the fun began. I spent countless nights up late playing the game. It would be late, dark, and I would be alone, and turn a corner and have a scorpion sting me. I would scream like a little girl. Soooo, many good times.

Thanks a million to all who put the effort into this site. And especially porting the game to windows. My floppy finaly went bad (I still fire up the Amiga sometimes) and I thought I would never be able to play it again. I can't believe I was walking around and picking Gothmog to start my adventure. I might have to play it all over again one more time...

2005-04-06 21:03 - lee
mia, this is a link to a site where the person has recreated DM and Chaos, and also his own version, it is a oerfect copy of both games, i have xp and the play perfectly, these are my fave games ever along with Captive, which i have just managed to get running on XP using DOSbox! where is that mummy?.........

2005-04-27 22:15 - Adamo
THANKS FOR THIS SITE!!!! it `s great!!! it`s the best site I was ever in! (this is not a joke!)

2005-05-14 16:13 - AxE
This site totally ownzzz !!!!
So happy to see all this DM material together.

Keep the site ALIVE !@!!

2005-05-17 20:27 - Ozental
For fans of RPGs, you might want to check out: