Dungeon Master Cheat 1.1 (for Apple IIGS)

by Vincent C. Andrews 1990-08-10
This program is a CDA (Classic Desk Accessory) that is available while playing the game to modify champion statistics and skill levels at any time. For example you may use it at the beginning of the game after selecting your champions to make them stronger before delving into the dungeon. It works with both versions 2.0 and 2.1 of Dungeon Master for Apple IIGS.
Press OpenApple-CTRL-ESC (Ctrl-Alt-Esc in emulators) to open the Desk Accessories. Before opening the 'Dungeon Master Cheat' CDA, make sure you configure the text display to 80 columns (in Control Panel / Display / Columns). Use uppercase letters to select which value to change and arrows to set the value. Press the N key to save changes. Pressing N without changing any value will restore your current Health, Stamina and Mana to their maximum values.
This cheat requires a cracked version of Dungeon Master (though the crack information supplied in the documentation is incomplete) and one more change to the DUNGEON.MASTER executable file so that it does not disable the Apple IIGS Control Panel when starting. The string to search for this last change is also wrong in the documentation, search for f4 12 00 d4 f4 d4 f2 a2 03 instead and change the 12 to 13.
The Merlin 16+ Assembler source code of the CDA was published in Computist magazine Issue #75 1990, Pages 10-13. Some typos in the article were fixed by Dan Sorenson who supplied the assembled DMASTER.CDA file.

Dungeon Master Cheat 1.1 (for Apple IIGS) - Screenshot