The Dungeon Master Hard Drive Patcher (for Apple IIGS)

(c) 1994 by John Fenske
This program allows running Dungeon Master from a hard drive. It consists of a patched version of the original START program and an Apple BASIC program named DUNGEON.PATCH to make the necessary changes to the original DUNGEON.MASTER program file. There is also a new DM.START file to clean up memory and start the game.
This works only on Dungeon Master version 2.0 and not on version 2.1 (the patch program does not perform any check and will corrupt the 2.1 executable).
The patch applies the ACS crack to the file DUNGEON.MASTER as well as some additional changes to allow the game to run from a hard drive. Therefore it can be applied to an original Dungeon Master version 2.0 executable or to an already cracked ACS executable.