Dungeon Master Nexus English Translation Patch


This patch replaces several original game data files to provide a complete fan translation to English of the Japanese game 'Dungeon Master Nexus' for Sega Saturn.
The only places where Japanese language is still present are:
- In the soundtracks of the 3 game videos, but English subtitles were added into the patched videos.
- On the screen to rename a reincarnated champion where you are can freely use Japanese or English characters.

The patched version is region locked 'For USA and CANADA' (the original game is region locked 'For JAPAN').
It also fixes these little bugs in the original game:
- 'Sabre' and 'Samurai Sword' item images (in inventory and on the floor), names and descriptions were swapped
- 'Staff Of Manar' and 'Yew Staff' item images (in inventory and on the floor) were swapped

Translation was performed using several online translation tools. Some texts were rephrased or adapted for a better translation or to fit under the limitations imposed by the game. The original Dungeon Master vocabulary was used wherever applicable (champion names, spell names, creature names, item names and actions, etc.).


If you just want to play the English version you don't need to build it yourself and may download the whole game instead. Otherwise you have two options to build your own CD image:

SSP Patch
You can download the file Dungeon Master Nexus for Sega Saturn English version patch.ssp from the Games folder in the DMFiles Shared OneDrive.
Then use Sega Saturn Patcher to apply the patch to a CD image of the original Japanese version of Dungeon Master Nexus.
Tool~Dungeon_Master_Nexus_English_Translation_Patch~PC~Version_1~Software.7z Tool~Dungeon_Master_Nexus_English_Translation_Patch~PC~Version_1~Software.7z
This archive contains the necessary files and documentation to build the English version of the game. It will build the custom files from bitmaps and text files containing the English translations, then it will build an ISO image of the game.